Before planning your getaway to Vietnam, you may be wondering the best time to visit. The best times to go will depend if you are planning to travel to the north or south of the country. Furthermore, there are many holidays and festivals throughout the year that will make your visit to Vietnam a little less calm and peaceful – this article is here to help you narrow down the best times to visit for the most relaxing and enriching experience possible.

The Climate In Vietnam

The country of Vietnam has a uniquely long and narrow shape with three regions, the north, south and central. Each of these regions experiences different climates and weather conditions throughout the year. Checking out the average climate tables will allow you to plan a visit for a time that you will feel most comfortable, and it will also help you know what to pack.

Generally, the south experiences more rain and tropical temperatures, while Hanoi (in the north) has colder winters. However, Vietnam is a country that can be enjoyed all year round.

Those planning to visit the north of Vietnam usually choose the spring and autumn months for the most pleasant temperatures. This means one of the quietest times to visit this region is in the winter, but travellers should be prepared for cold temperatures that require a coat. Halong Bay also gets particularly chilly in the winter.

The driest months for visiting south Vietnam are between December and April. This can also be a particularly quiet time to visit, due to many choosing to go in the summer instead.

Halong Bay, Vietnam
Halong Bay, Vietnam

Yearly Events And Festivals In Vietnam

Vietnam’s biggest national holiday is the Lunar New Year celebration, known as Tet. Tet is a very busy time and prices for accommodation and transportation can soar. Many tourists choose to visit Vietnam during this time to immerse themselves in authentic Vietnamese culture.

The dates vary year to year so have a look at an up to date Vietnamese holiday calendar before booking your trip. Other big national holidays in Vietnam include Reunification day on April 30th, International Labor Day on May 1st, and National Day on September 2nd.

Saigon, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Saigon, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

What The Seasoned Travellers Say

Due to the varying geographical circumstances, it can be difficult to narrow down a specific best time to visit Vietnam. However, seasoned travellers would generally recommend visiting during the dry season. This will lead to the most enjoyable trip without constant heavy rainstorms or even a typhoon! The temperatures also tend to be comfortable during this season, with a reasonable humidity level. Just research what month the New Year celebrations are and avoid the weeks before and after for a quiet and tranquil experience.

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