The Do’s and Don’ts for Tourists visiting Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the untapped tourist destinations in Africa. Nigeria is blessed with the aquatic splendor of Lagos, the wondrous landscape of Obudu Mountain Resort in Calabar, the sacred groove of Osun, the implausible beauty of the Yankari National Park and much more. Nigerians are the most hospitable and friendly people in Africa. However, when you visit Nigeria, it is advisable to be culturally sensitive and environmentally friendly.

Like every other country in the world, there is rules and regulation guiding them. That is to say, there are things one is allowed to do and things that are prohibited. The same is applicable to Nigeria. Below are the Dos and Don’ts for tourists visiting Nigeria.


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Okposi Salt Lake, Ebonyi State, Nigeria

Visit The Tourist Attractions

The main thing to do when you visit Nigeria is to visit the tourist attractions close to you. Nigeria is blessed with lots of tourist attractions. All the states in Nigeria have a unique thing that differentiates them from other states. Explore the Yankari National Park to view wildlife; the oldest building in Nigeria is in Badagry, Lagos. You can also have a clear view of the golden sand beach in Unwana, Ebonyi state. If you love ecotourism, Obudu mountain resort is another haven in Nigeria and among others.

Dress Properly (Dress to be addressed)

The way you dress is the way you will be addressed. Whenever you are visiting Nigeria, be mindful of your mode of dressing. Nigeria is a multi-religious country (Muslim, Christian, traditionalist etc.). It is not appropriate for a lady to wear short skirts, bump short, spaghetti top, etc. in public.

Change Your Currency

Nigeria currency is called Naira. So when coming to Nigeria, you need to change your local currency to Nigeria Naira. Almost all the cities in Nigeria are operating cashless policy. That means you don’t need to carry bulky cash around. Come with your master or credit cards for transactions as almost all the hotels, eateries, etc. accept credit card and there is a limit of withdrawing a day.

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Nkwobi Enugu

Taste The Local Delicacy

I bet you, if you taste the Nigerian local food you will ask for more. When you come to Nigeria, try the local foods they are delicious. If you are in Lagos, try the Amala and Ewedu soup. If you are in the Eastern part of Nigeria, don’t go without tasting the Oha soup, Ogbono soup, Ofe Owerri, Nkwobi, Isi ewu and Palm wine. Thank me later.

The Dont’s

Don’t Discuss Nigeria Politics

I would advise you to do more of listening than talking about Nigeria politics. The Nigeria politics is like the more you look, the less you see. What is written on the pages of a newspaper is different from the politics on the ground?  If you are in the same environment where locals are discussing politics, do not comment unless you are asked to do so.

The Do’s and Don'ts for Tourists visiting Nigeria
Taking Pictures

Ask For Permission Before Taking Pictures

Though Nigerians are hospitable and friendly people, it would be considered rude and disrespecting for taking pictures of the locals without their consent. To be on a safer side, courtesy demand you should, first of all, take permission before taking pictures. Don’t be surprise the locals will even like to take as many pictures as you want.

The Do’s and Don'ts for Tourists visiting Nigeria
Kissing In Public

Mind What You Do In Public

Nigerians are conservative people. So, therefore, mind the kind of things you do in public like smoking, displaying affections such as kissing or romancing in public.

Do Not Make Troubles

One of the best ways to enjoy Nigeria is by minding your own business. You can make friends but don’t offend anyone. Don’t be upset if they are asking you too many questions.

If you are looking for a cheap destination in Africa to enjoy your holiday, chose Nigeria. Come and feel the vibe of the giant of Africa.

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