PhotoOfTheDay: Kwa Falls, Cross River State

The Kwa Falls (also known as Kwa Ibo River or Kwa River) is in Cross River State, Nigeria. The river starts from the Oban Hills, in the Cross River National Park, and flows southwards to the Cross River estuary. Kwa Falls is an ideal destination for nature lovers. If you are the type of tourist that love visiting a natural attraction, Kwa fall in Calabar should be your next destination.

Kwa fall offers lots of activities comprising water sport, hiking, and sightseeing. If you want to see monkeys in their natural territories (habitats or environment), take a quiet walk along the bank Kwa Falls.

Photo Credit: RapidFotos, Ibom Tourism

PhotoOfTheDay: Kwa Falls, Cross River State
Tourists at kwa falls
Tourist having fun at Kwa Falls
PhotoOfTheDay: Kwa Falls, Cross River State
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