Why You Should Visit Obudu Mountain Resort

11 Reasons You Should Visit Obudu Mountain Resort

If you have been wondering if going to Obudu Cattle Range is worth it, relax, I am going to 10 Reasons You Should Visit Obudu Mountain Resort anytime you are looking for a gateway destination in Nigeria.

Obudu Mountain Resort, also called Obudu Cattle Ranch is a well-liked tourist in Cross River State, Nigeria. It is located at an altitude of roughly 1,600 meters above sea level on the Obudu Plateau. Obudu Mountain Resort is a choice destination for travellers seeking a unique and memorable experience.

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Here are the reasons you should consider visiting Obudu Mountain Resort (Obudu Cattle Ranch).

Stunning Natural Beauty

Obudu Mountain Resort features breathtaking natural beauty, including lush vegetation, a gushing waterfall, and sweeping views of the neighbouring mountains. For photographers and nature enthusiasts, it is heaven. The natural beauty of the Obudu Cattle Range is beyond description. It’s something you need to experience all by yourself.

Cable Cab Ride

The cable car ride is one of the primary attractions at Obudu Mountain Resort. It transports you on an exciting ride above the treetops and provides a distinctive viewpoint of the surroundings below. Aside from being part of the activities at the Cattle Range, the cable car is also one of the modes of transportation. You can climb the mountain using road transport, trekking and cable car.

Cool Climate

Obudu Mountain Resort, which is situated at an elevation of roughly 1,600 meters, enjoys a cool and pleasant climate all year long. It’s the ideal getaway from the lowlands’ heat and humidity. Sometimes, the weather looks as if you are in Europe. The range is always cold.

Don’t forget to travel with your sweater anytime you are going there for a vacation.

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Hiking & Trekking Activities

The resort is a fantastic location for those who enjoy great outdoor activities like trekking and hiking. Several hiking and trekking routes let you take in beautiful scenery and clean mountain air.

As you plan to tour Obudu Mountain Resort, also buy a hiking boat if you don’t have any.

Bird watching

A wide variety of uncommon bird species, monkeys, antelopes, and more, may be found at Obudu Mountain Resort. To see and learn more about these amazing species up close, you can take a guided tour around the mountain.

Accommodations and Amenities

The resort offers a variety of luxury and comfortable lodging options, from inviting chalets to tastefully furnished apartments. To make your stay more enjoyable, there are additional amenities like swimming pools, dining options, and a golf course.

If you want to stay close to locals, you can rent local hotels.

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Adventure Sports (Canopy Walks, Horseback etc)

Obudu Mountain Resort has all you need if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush. You may add excitement to your trip by participating in activities like canopy walks, horseback riding, and mountain biking.

Observe Quiet Time at the Holy Mountain.

There are so many stories about the holy mountain at the Obudu Mountain Resort. Locals believe it’s a place to render prayers and supplications to God and get responses. As the name suggests, praying on the mountain draws you closer to God. Missionaries also go there to pray.

Aside from the religious activities, the Holy Mountain is a place to observe quiet time. It’s a perfect place to meditate, think and reflect. You can also have a view of the Nigeria and Cameroon border.   

Security and Safety

Obudu Mountain Resort is very much safe and secure. There is nothing to worry about when you are at the resort.

Wellness and relaxation

The resort provides a tranquil environment so that you can relax and re-energize. Practice yoga, have a relaxing massage, or just take some time to yourself in the great outdoors.

Memorable Sunrises and Sunsets

The Obudu Mountain Resort is home to magnificent sunrises and sunsets that fill the sky with brilliant hues. You won’t forget the thrill of being present for these extraordinary occasions.

Visit Obudu Mountain Resort to take advantage of its breathtaking scenery, exhilarating excursions, cultural encounters, and a chance to get back in touch with nature.

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