8 Tips for enjoying your trip to Abuja, Nigeria

Welcome to Abuja, the Nigeria capital city. I call Abuja the huge, coolest and confusing city. Every day people are always striving to make ends meet. This is where colourful events like carnival exist. Pristine Jabi lake, beautiful Aso rock, the katampe hill summit (The center of Nigeria), unspoiled ambiance etc. are all features defining Abuja.

If you have not been to Abuja, it’s time to start planning. Climbing the Katampe hill which is claimed to be the geographical center of Nigeria to have a clear view of Abuja city is no doubt a lifetime adventure. Well, let me assume you have made up your mind to visit Abuja. So let me present these 8 Tips for enjoying your trip to Abuja, Nigeria.

Make friends with the locals

Abuja residents are the friendliest and hospitable people in Nigeria. Welcoming people is like a lifestyle, all you have to do is to show some respect. I can agree with you that with Google map, you can go anywhere you like but getting directions from locals is simply the best because they know every nook and cranny of the city.

Don’t guess

Yes, I mean it when I say do not guess. Abuja is another city and different terrain. Things might not be as you expected them to be. Get ready and prepare your mind to embrace whatsoever thing that may come your way.  Instead of shouting, nagging and being angry when something goes wrong, just calm down and laugh at it.

The first day I came to Abuja, I was actually hoping to see heaven on earth but I was disappointed by the things I was seeing. Instead of shouting and nagging, I found one reason to love Abuja more than any other city in Nigeria.

Go with your first Aid kit

This is one thing I never stop to emphasis on every time I advise travellers visiting a new destination. Just the same way you check your car before embarking on a long journey that’s how you should also check your health status. Though I am not a physician, I would advise you visit Abuja with medical kits or some basic medicine like Paracetamol, painkiller, Ibuprofen etc.

Pack less, pack light

Sometimes I wonder what some people especially ladies are doing with big luggage even during a short trip. You don’t need to inconvenient yourself with big luggage just to visit Abuja. A backpack with necessary items will do. You need to learn the art of packing light.

Bargain before payment

Just like every other market in Nigeria, Abuja market is no exception when we talk of bargaining. In Nigeria, the price tagged on a commodity is not always the selling or last price. In Abuja market, once they noticed that you are a foreigner or newcomer, they will increase the prices of their products and services. There are two tricks on how to buy any products or services in Abuja. The first is to go to the market with a local. That is you need to make friends with the locals so that the person will do the bargaining with locals using the local dialect or broken English.

Another method is to start a conversation with the seller and try to be friendly with the seller. By so doing, the seller may tell you the real price. You may decide not to buy from the seller. Go to another seller that is selling the same products or services you’re interested and you may get a better price.

Protect your money

Despite the fact that Abuja is a cool and peaceful city that does not mean you should not be security conscious. I would advise you spread your money by putting them in 2 or 3 different places in your pocket so that you don’t bring everything out at once especially when you are bargaining.

Try the local foods

Abuja has one of the best local meals in Nigeria. The local foods are so delicious that you will ask for more. Do not just eat continental foods alone. Try the local meals and thank me later. One of the advantages of the local foods is the nutritional value and they are also cheap and affordable. Try the popular one Zhepo.

Visit the tourist attractions in Abuja

Abuja is blessed with lots of tourist attractions and recreational centers. Abuja has the highest number of parks and recreational centers than any other state in Nigeria. The attractions in Abuja incudes; the Jabi lake, Aso rock, Millennium Park, dunes, Wonderland, and much more. If you want to have a clear view of the Abuja city, visit the katampe hill (The geographical center of Nigeria).

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