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UAE To Allow Some Categories Of Passengers In Nigeria, India, Nepal etc.

From August 5, 2021, The United Arab Emirates will allow passengers in categories approved to enter the country. 

The National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) and General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) on Tuesday announced that the passengers in the categories mentioned below that are in countries where flights are banned will be allowed to enter the United Arab Emirates. 

The Categories of Passengers

The categories of passengers and the conditions are listed below. 

Passengers With Residency Visas

  • Passengers with the United Arab Emirates Residency visa will be allowed to enter the emirates. Before a passenger with a resident visa will be allowed to enter, the passenger must have received the two doses of vaccine in the UAE, and that 14 days passed since receiving the second dose as well as having vaccination certificates approved by official authorities in the country.

Medical Personnel

Doctors, nurses, technicians working in the UAE will be allowed to enter the country. The Medical personal does not need to be vaccinated before they will be allowed to enter.

Educational sector Workers

Workers in the educational sectors are another category of passengers that will be allowed whether they are vaccinated or not. These educational workers include those that are teaching in universities, colleges, schools and institutes.


Students studying in the country will be allowed to enter irrespective of their vaccination status. 

Other Categories 

Another set of passengers that will be considered irrespective of their vaccination status are people who deserve humanitarian consideration with a valid residency visa, workers in federal and local government authorities, and cases of those completing treatment in the country.

What To Do Next

  • Passengers in any of the above categories need to get approval from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. To get the approval, passengers need to submit a request on the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship website.
  • Those required to take vaccines will provide vaccination certificates certified by the concerned authorities in the country.
  • The exempted passengers must present a negative PCR test within (48) hours from the date of departure. The test must be from accredited laboratories and carry a QR Code.
  • Upon arrival, the exempted passengers must adhere to the covid-19 rules in the country. The rules including quarantine and PCR checks upon and after arrival, in addition to follow-up and health monitoring.

Countries Where Passengers Will Be Lifted 

Below are the countries where the exempted passengers will be lifted from. The eligible passengers will be able to travel to and from the countries. 

  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Nepal
  • Nigeria 
  • Uganda

If you’re in any of the categories and need assistance kindly contact us for assistance.  

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