#ProudMummy: Moha Madugu, Air Peace Pilot Flies Mum For The First Time

Imagine that lovely moment as a pilot when one of the passengers aboard your aircraft is your own mother. Aah c’mon the joy is unspeakable especially if that was the first time she is flying with you.

Formal Air Azman pilot Moha Madugu who is now a first officer with Air Peace shares lovely photos he took the day he flew his mum for the first time on Air Azman Flight from Lagos to Kano.

#ProudMummy: Moha Madugu, Air Peace Pilot Flies Mum For The First Time
Air Peace Pilot flies mum for the first time. (African Aviation Group)

The proud Mum who could not contend her joy was spotted in the cockpit smiling to the camera. The pilot son who shared the pictures disclosed that his Mum shed tears of joy as he went over the moon to describe the moment in a Facebook post as the “Best Flight Of My Life”.

Just had the best flight of my life. Had the opportunity to fly my Mum from Lagos to Kano! She actually cried.” I really love this. This is one of those moments when you are really very proud of being a pilot. Can anyone relate? If I ever had to fly my Mum, the whole world would hear it. No be small thing! Moha said

Credit: African Aviation Group

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