Nigeria is a country blessed with abundant natural attractions ranging from hills and valleys, waterfalls, even flora and fauna located in various National parks and Game reserves, but this “man-made” location has its own appeal.

It is located in Mpape, which means “rock” in the local Gwari language; hence the name Mpape Crushed rock was derived.

Mpape is a large, well-populated district within the Federal Capital Territory Abuja. It is a hilly area located opposite Maitama, across the expressway linking Asokoro and Kubwa. Mpape falls under the administration of the Bwari Area council.
Although largely undeveloped, Mpape has lots of potentials. Its excellent location near Maitama, hilly nature and plains for future development makes it attractive to visitors.

Mpape crushed rock has become a must-visit for Abuja residents, tourist and visitors because of its scenic features. The Crushed Rock is the source of most stones used to transform Abuja from a small village in the 1980s into the country’s capital city.

To be able to get to the point of attraction, tourists/visitors go by a small winding footpath to the top terrace, where the grass is an ideal picnic location. There is also a lake-like water body formed as a result of the Quarry activities over the years. But visitors are strictly warned not to swim in it and the locals say it is full of abandoned machinery.

The rocky cliffs climbing into a blue sky, a moss-lined footpath, small green hills and a lake that shimmers in the sun are a quite breath-taking and absolutely great destination for hiking.

The location can be used for a weekend getaway, picnics and so many more.

It is such a beautiful place.
Join us this weekend and explore Mpape crushed rock.
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