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Nigerian’s Jollof rice has been ranked over Ghanaian’s Jollof rice in a competition held at the Akwaaba Travel Market this week.

The Jollof rice competition was organized by the Akwaaba Travel Market, where Nigeria’s Jollof emerged the winner of the competition.

The competition featured representatives from Nigeria and Ghana only because Gambia pulled out of the competition. The Nigerian Jollof rice which emerged the best was prepared by Chef Idowo Olajide Michael as he won a weekend trip to Ghana while the Ghanaian chef won a trip to Calabar.

Ghana chefs at Akwaaba Jollow rice competition
Akwaaba Jollof Rice War: Nigeria Beats Ghana In Jollof Rice Competition
Ghana chefs at Akwaaba Jollow rice competition

The judge of the competition selected the best out of the rest based on presentation, aroma and test of the Jollof rice.

They have been a major argument on the best Jollof rice between Ghana and Nigeria. Although the origin of Jollof rice was traced to Senegal, it is a common dishes in West Africa.


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