Zuma Rock Human Face, Mystic, or Fact?


If you live in Nigeria, you will agree with me that Zuma rock is a household name. As for me, way back in primary school, I learnt about it as one of Nigeria’s famous landmarks. It appeared in social studies textbooks and being a teacher’s child, I could remember mum teaching my class about it.

Now, I live in Abuja, and I have become a Tour Operator, Zuma rock is now one of the selling points of our Abuja city tour. Needless to mention that I have visited the attraction countless times. But one thing that amazes me is its WOWING EFFECT. There has never been a day I visited without seeing it differently. And trust me, if your spiritual eyes are not open, you will only see it as a mere Rock. But this rock is beyond an ordinary rock.

Selfing with Omotosho Hakeem and co

Some facts about Zuma Rock

  1. The rock catches fire during the rainy season. Locals believe the gods are responsible for the fire.

2. It served as a hideout against external forces in the olden days. When enemies attack, the early settlers use the rock as a refuge.

3. It protects against a disastrous outburst. You can call it an Immune booster or a local vaccine

4. Zuma Rock is featured in Nigeria’s 100 Naira currency banknote. What a beautiful picture

5. It has facial features (natural contours) on it. If you look very well, you will see a human face on it. The human face is well ugly and aged. The shocking part is that it acts like it keeps following you looking at you eyeball to eyeball as you walk past the rock

6. The locals believe that the gods within the rock do not allow development around the road. Hence there’s an abandoned project around the rock. One of them is the Zuma Rock Hotel which was built very close to the rock.

7. The rock is also known as the Largest in West Africa and more prominent in Abuja as compared to the famous Aso rock.

One of my Visits with Naija Explorers

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Christiana is a member of Hospitality and management Association of Nigeria (HATMAN) with a recognition of her achievement as a female Youth Ambassador of Association from 2015 to 2016.
She hashad a series of work experience among which is with Osun State Tourism board and presently a tour executive at Sagetravels.com

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