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+2348135146188 +2348167650848 [email protected]

You Can Change The Name On Arik Air Ticket

Good news to all passengers that their tickets were canceled due to Coronavirus. Passengers can change the name to another name on the Arik Air tickets canceled due to coronavirus (covid19). 


To change the name on the Arik Air ticket to another name, passengers are required to provide all the following:

  1. An application letter. (A letter to Arik Air authorizing them to change your name to another traveler’s name)
  2. Acceptable Identity Card. The passengers involved need to provide means of identification. National ID card, Voter’s Card, etc is acceptable. Contact Arik Air for the acceptable ID Cards.
  3. Five Thousand Naira only (5,000) for the name change. You will pay 5,000 to change the name. You will pay an additional fee if you want additional services like route change, date, or time change. 

How To Change The Name On Arik Air Ticket

If you have all the requirements, and ready to change the name, all you have to do is to visit any Arik Air office close to you or go to the airport for the name change. 

Note: Ticket name change can only be done at the Arik Air office or Airport only not ONLINE. 

You can only change the name on tickets canceled due to the coronavirus. Other tickets canceled may be due to #EndSars curfew cannot be changed. 

If your ticket was canceled due to the #EndSars curfew declared by many states, kindly contact us for assistance on how to change the travel dates, time, or route. 

If you are having issues contacting Arik Air or you want to BOOK a Flight or change/reschedule a ticket, kindly contact us today for assistance/inquiry. 08135146188 or 08167650848 (Call or WhatsApp). 

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