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This is not to discredit or discourage refund but to show you what is better than a refund. Though, my suggestions below may not be what you need but try and consider it. If you do a simple Google search, you will see 1001 reasons to believe why you should avoid Arik Air refund.

I read a story on Nairaland where passengers shared their experience on the Arik air refund process. It was not funny at all. One of the aggrieved passengers said he booked Arik flight, unfortunately; the airline cancelled the flight due to operational reasons. A ticket of  £1320.66 the airline said they will charge him £598.8 and refund £721.86. that means he will lose £398.8. That’s too much to waste. (This was an international ticket from London to Nigeria when Arik was still flying internationally.)

The question is why and how did Arik arrive at that amount. What mathematical formula did they use when it was stated in ticket rules that refund fee is £200. Charging him almost half of the ticket price is not the only challenge. Communicating with the airline was another big issue here. He sent several emails, copied many people yet no response. Finally, the airline decided to pay him the actual refund fee but to pay him the refund money, it was taking forever.

Below are some of the reasons you should not apply for Arik Air Refund

The Arik Air Refund Long Process

The Arik air refund process involves lots of things and it takes forever to get a refund from Arik. According to Arik Air, if you book a flight and you decide to cancel your trip for reasons best known to you, to get Arik Air refund, you will go to the Arik Air office, fill the refund form and your refund will be made in 21 days.

21 day??? That’s not 100% true. The 21 days can turn to 4 months, 2 years or more. Someone said if you want them to attend to you, go to their office and create chaos in the environment they will listen to you. If you visit any of their offices, you will see people shouting and threaten the Arik Air customer reps because of Arik Air Ticket refund.

So, before you apply for a refund, ask yourself if you are ready to wait.  

The Refund Value (The Amount of Money You Will Get As Arik Air Refund)

If you see the refund value (the money you will get as a refund), you will be forced to ask Arik Air the kind of mathematical formulae the refund audit section used to get the amount they are giving you. When you apply for a refund, Arik Air will deduct administration charges and cancellation fees from the unused ticket.

Arik Air did not state the percentage or amount that constitute these administration charges and cancellation fee. That means it could be any amount. I have done a refund on several occasions and I can tell you the amount I got was not encouraging.

A multiple trip ticket that cost me NGN 105,213, I got 58,324. You can see, I got almost half of the money I paid. Though it didn’t waste to get the refund because it was booked through an accredited travel agent. The money returns back to their portal immediately.  

If you have used any segment of the ticket, the administration fee and cancellation charges still apply. If you missed the flight and want a refund. No-Show fee (3,000) will be deducted. If you missed all the flights, that means 3,000 will be deducted from each segment. 

Time To Get The Refund

As I noted earlier, the time to get the refund money back is not always immediately. It takes lots of time. The Airline will give you 21 day and it may take up to 4 months to get the money. Are you ready to wait?

Restrictions on Ticket

Not all ticket is refundable. There are tickets that are not refundable and there are mostly discounted and promotional tickets. There are the cheapest tickets. Before you book Arik Air flight, Make sure you check the ticket rules to know if the ticket is refundable or not.  

What you need to do instead of asking for a refund.

Since ticket name cannot be changed or transferred to another traveller (not all airline), below are the things you can do to your Arik Air ticket instead of applying for a refund. 

Open The Arik Air Ticket

I think it’s better to open the Arik Air ticket instead of asking for a refund. I have talked extensively on how to open a ticket. You can read it for more details. It will not cost you anything to open a ticket. Opening a ticket means to keep a ticket active for future use though it has a timeframe.

You can open a ticket in two ways either through the airline by contacting them to open your ticket or you do it yourself. You can do it yourself by extending the ticket date to future date. Use the same ticket class of service when opening a ticket. This will prevent the airline from charging you.

The last refund I did, the customer lost almost half of the money. Guess what? In less than 7 days, the passenger called me to book the same flight and same route for her. If she had opened the ticket, it will not cost her much to do Arik Air ticket change.

Change or Reroute The Ticket

If you will travel anytime soon, it’s better you change or reroute the ticket to the new date or destination you want to travel to. You can learn how to change Arik Air ticket here. I have explained how to change Arik Air Ticket before in one of the articles I published here.

Changing Arik Air ticket may require you to pay for the fare difference (if there is any fare difference) and a no-show fee if you missed your flight. Believe me it better to change date or reroute your ticket than to ask for a refund. The amount you will pay for a change cannot be compared to the refund you will get.

Have you applied for Arik Air refund before? Do you have any challenge regarding Arik Air ticket refund?  Kindly share your experience below in the comment box.  

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