Why You Should Not Check-In Flight Online

I know you’re probably wondering why I said you should not check-in a flight online when every airline always encourages passengers to check-in online. 

The reason is not far from the fact that when you check-in online, you have the opportunity to select any seat in the class of service of ticket you have before someone else does at the airport or online too.

When you check-in online, you know you have a seat and your seat is secured in case of over-booking you won’t get bumped. 

You don’t have any business with a long queue at the airport. Some airlines have a separate line for passengers that checked-in online. As soon as you arrive at the airport, indicate you checked-in online and you will head straight to the security section for screening and you’re done. 

If you’re with luggage, online check-in can also save you time. You will only check-in your baggage and pay for the extra baggage if there is any extra baggage.

When you check-in online, you have the opportunity to reprint your boarding pass in case if you lose the first print out.

To the airlines, online check-in saves them paper and personnel.

You see, the benefits of online check-in are enormous but there is a problem when you check-in a flight online.

There is always a consequence for every action you take. Some are good while some are bad. So, when you check-in online, it means your set and ready to travel. This brings us to the reasons I said you should not check-in online. No jokes don’t do it. It’s a trap, especially on domestic flights.

Why You Should Not Check-In Flight Online

Flight Change

Flight change is one thing that can happen anytime and any day. People still call me on daily basis to change a flight for them and I do it. They were sure of the travel date but then things happen and they decide to change the date, time or destination. Now, if you check-in your flight online, you cannot change the flight online again.

The only option is to contact the airline. The crazy part is some airline will tell you the ticket can only be changed at the airport. At the airport, the airline will offload you from the plane and change the ticket. 

Now, imaging the stress of going to the airport. What if you’re in another state and the reason for the change is because you cannot meet up. What would you do?


No show is when you didn’t use a flight ticket on the travel date. The airline will charge you a no-show fee before the flight can be changed. This is where everything becomes tough and rugged.

After online check-in and you did not travel with the flight, if the airline mistakenly counts you among the passengers that travelled, that ticket is gone. Yes, the ticket will be marked used except if you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you did not travel on the plane else, you have lost the ticket.

When You miss a flight, you will pay a no-show fee. 

The Off-loading issues?

One major issue about off-loads is, it can only be done at the airport you’re travelling from. Now, if you’re not at the airport, you won’t be off-loaded from the plane. So, you need to be at the airport or send some to do it for you.

Do you still want to check-in online? Lol. A passenger checked-in online and called later for a change. We were unable to offload the passenger before flight time. Since we were in a different airport, we have to wait for the flight to depart so that we can change it.

When the flight departed, the airline offloaded all online checked-in passengers. We waited until the airline offloaded all the passengers. 

Guess what? the airline said the passenger used the ticket. We didn’t know who to believe until we booked another airline ticket for the same passenger, same route and same date. That’s how the passenger lost the ticket.   

Our Recommendation

We advise you to check-in at least 5 to 4 hours before the flight or when you’re sure that you won’t change the flight. 

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