Why Dubai Is Better Than Turkey For Hustlers – Eyeh Chigozie

A Facebook user has narrated why Dubai is better than Turkey for Nigerians that wants a country where they can hustle. In his Facebook post, he mentioned that the currency does not have much value when converted to Nigeria currency.

According to him, he said Turkey is only good for business and also for those that wants to go there to buy goods and ship to Nigeria. He warned Nigerians not to allow the name of the country to deceive them as the country is not a good place for someone that wants to hustle.

He said

Hi All
There is a lady called Blessing Utta Olamilekan, she just posted recently about Turkish visas which I already commented under her post, and now she has just adjusted the post’s comments section so that nobody can be able to comment on that post again.

I will repeat it here, again and again, nothing is in Turkey, Dubai is better than Turkey in terms of hustling unless you have your money to go there and buy goods and ship to Naija or you want to go there and do ya*** work that’s all.

And also bear in mind that Turkish currency is rubbish, if you are lucky to get a job there and you receive your monthly salary when you will send it to Naija maybe it will be like #50,000 or #60,000 then is that not rubbish.

I have friends that are there, one of them couldn’t endure it and was frustrated then he decided to come back to Nigeria, be careful of all these wicked agents who doesn’t have human sympathy, they are only looking for their pocket money that’s all.

If you want to go there in the name of going to work you will regret it, don’t mind the name Turkey.

One of my brothers is there, when he came there new and stayed like 6 months there he asked for 150k in which he wanted to use it to buy laptop to start online work and which was sent to him.
He is surviving there by business, if people from Nigeria send him money to buy goods and ship to Nigeria then he buy and ship to naija and get his own commission. If you like believe it or not.

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