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Lots of questions have been asked concerning the ways of booking Abuja – Kaduna train. I have also received calls and messages concerning how to book a train in Nigeria. I think its time I put the process and everything concerning the train booking in writing.

How to Book Train In Nigeria

The only way to book a train in Nigeria including the Abuja – Kaduna train as at the time of publishing this article, is by going to the train station and make a cash payment or via a POS machine. Kindly disregard any website that promises to sale a train ticket to you. Recently, the Nigerian Railways Commission (NRC) declared one website that prides itself as the first website that sale train ticket in Nigeria scam. Nigerian Railways Commission (NRC) strongly warn the general public to avoid buying a train ticket online.

The Abuja to Kaduna train ticket is not for sale online. You must go to the station, make payment and get a hard copy ticket. Do not pay anyone to buy it for you except if you know the person else you will be a victim.

Currently, the train online booking platform is not working. So, you cannot book online. Although the Nigerian Railways Commission (NRC) representative said, they are putting a finishing touch to the online train booking platform as they hope to start using it soon.    

When To Book Abuja – Kaduna Train

In some countries, passengers book train weeks or months ahead of the departure date. Here in Nigeria railway industry, to book a train you must book it on the day you want to travel. You cannot book a day ahead. That option to book days or weeks before your travel date is not available yet.

I think the reason there is no reservation option is because of the high demand for train services. Due to the high level of insecurity along Abuja to Kaduna road, many travellers prefer to use the train which is more secure and safe for all passengers.

How much is the ticket

As at today, 4/4/19, the price is 1,500 for the economy class while the Executive/first class is 2,500 ordinary and 3,000 for express.

To get the ticket, it is advisable you arrive at least 1 – 2 hours before departure time. You can check the train schedule here. Plan ahead and avoid rush hour.  

If you have used the train before, kindly share your experience with us.

If you have any challenge, please comment below. We will respond as soon as possible.

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  1. please I will need the working contact of zaria train station. will be very grateful if that help can be rendered. thanks

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