USMAN DAM: An Evidence Of God’s Wisdom In Man

Some years back when I first visited Usman Dam, I went straight up to staff school to pick my cousins. Then I was wondering what exactly was happening in there, I kept asking myself why people would just decide to settle there. Little did I know that there is more to what I saw on my first visit.

Yeah! Now I know what it’s all about on this my return trip. Usman Dam is a man-made dam which supplies the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria with both electricity and water. Its owned by Federal Capital Territory Water Board (FCTWB) and located 25km from Abuja on the way to the Kaduna highway and 6km up the Bwari road.

A visit to Usman dam will surely get you excited. a view of the still and very clean water body, the fishes dancing and gently stirring the water, the serenity and peaceful nature of the environment and finally the site of an island within the water body was far beyond what I would normally imagine. What a beauty!

It’s a good place for hiking and breathe taking along the undulating slides that lead to the dam itself. Other activities may include fishing, mountaineering and picnicking.

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