UK Opens Visa Application Center in Port Harcourt

UK Opens Visa Application Center in Port Harcourt

The United Kingdom (UK) has opened a premium visa application centre in one of the South-South states in Nigeria, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The center is expected to serve people in South-South and South East Nigeria.

The Port Harcourt Visa Application Centre is located at Présidential hôtel, 5141 Aba Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. Applicants using the center are expected to pay more. 

According to the information on their website, all customers using this location will pay a fee of GBP 250.00 / NGN 246,250.00, which includes a Premium Lounge appointment, courier return and SMS notifications.

The Port Harcourt visa application center opening days and hours are Wednesdays and Thursdays. The time is 8 am – 2:30 pm. The office will not open on public holidays.

What You Need To Know About The Port Harcourt Uk Visa Application Center

  • It’s a premium center, meaning anyone using the center for visa application will pay more. The applicant will pay a fee of GBP 250.00 / NGN 246,250.00.
  • The fee includes a Premium Lounge appointment, courier return and SMS notifications.
  • The Port Harcourt Visa Center does not return processed passports at the center in person.
  • All processed passports will be returned via courier service.
  • There will be no extra money for the courier service because it is part of the application fee of GBP 250.00 / NGN 246,250.00.
  • You will be notified by email when your passport is dispatched, along with information on how to track the delivery.
  • You can track passport delivery on their website.
  • The United Kingdom (UK) visa appointments can only be booked through TLScontact. Beware of other websites and channels selling UK Visa appointments.
  • Cash payment is not allowed. They don’t accept payment via social media like Facebook, Instagram, X, etc. or transfer to a personal account.
  • There is no parking lot at the Port Harcourt Visa Center. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Please ensure you do not arrive much earlier in advance because you may not be admitted to the premises and will have to stay outside in the queue.
  • New visa appointments start on August 3.
  • The visa application center will serve applicants in the South-South and South East and anyone that wants a premium service.
  • Access to the Visa Application Centres is restricted to visa applicants or those deemed to have a legitimate reason to accompany the applicant. This includes: Escorting a minor, assisting an elderly person or someone with a disability or learning difficulty.
  • Non-applicants will be required to submit contact details, ID and declare their connection to the visa applicant. Failing to provide the requested details may result in access being denied to non-applicants.

Nigeria UK Visa Requirements

Below is the requirement for a UK (United Kingdom) visa application for anyone from Nigeria.

  • An application form for a UK visa
  • The appropriate visa fee
  • A valid international passport with a page blank on both sides
  • A recent passport-sized photograph that is coloured and taken on a white background. Its dimension should be 45mm by 35mm.

For non-Nigerians, you must present proof of permission to be in the UK. You may employ a residence permit, green card, and others including the following:

  • An invitation letter
  • A copy of the page of your passport data
  • Original copy of marriage certificate for people who want to travel with their partners
  • Original copies of the birth certificates for parents that intend to travel with their children.
  • Financial proof via a recent original statement of account
  • Details of hotel bookings as well as flight bookings
  • Recent utility bills.

Business travellers or those on official duties are required to provide the following documents:

  • An invitation letter
  • Phone numbers of your company
  • Physical address
  • Complete details of the authorized company rep.

How to apply for a UK Visa in Nigeria

You can apply for a UK (United Kingdom) visa by completing the visa form online or using the service of a travel agency like ours (Chrisage Travels And Tourism Services). 

For more updates, feel free to contact us for assistance/enquiry. 08135146188 or 08167650848 (Call or WhatsApp)

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