UAE: Dubai Suspends Work Permit Visa For Nigerians

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The United Arab Emirates authorities have suspended the issuance and renewal of work visa permits for Nigeria until further notice. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation in the United Arab Emirates confirmed the permit suspension when Sagetravels contacted them.

Amer, a Semi-Government Organization which allows residents to complete all Visa and Residency Transaction, confirmed that the permit has been temporarily suspended until further notice. 

Amer referred us to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs when we asked them the reason for the permit suspension.   

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation in the United Arab Emirates on-the-other responded to our enquiry on the visa suspension. According to the ministry, the suspension is part of the precautionary and preventive measures. The ministry did not mention what they are trying to take precautions against in the United Arab Emirates.

Kindly be informed that as a part of the precautionary and preventive measures, the issuance/renewal of permits by the competent authorities has been suspended.

What Does The Suspension Mean To Nigeria?

This is a tough time for Nigerians planning to go to Dubai for job purposes. It’s difficult to get a job in Nigeria that’s why many are moving to other countries like the United Arab Emirates for green pasture. 

If this suspension lasts longer than it should, it will affect the youths that are planning to migrate to Dubai. You can see how long it took Emirates to restart flights from Nigeria. Although, they have agreed to start from 6 July 2021.

Advice To Nigerians

We advise Nigerians that want to travel to Dubai for work purpose to suspend all travel arrangements until when all the pending issues are resolved. 

We asked Amer if the issue is something that will be resolved as soon as possible, they said “Inshallah” – if Allah wills it.

If your intention of going to Dubai is not for a legitimate business or real hustle, kindly suspend your trip. Let us be a good ambassadors of our country. Don’t spoil Dubai for people that are genuine hustlers.  

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