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The True Story Of The American Airlines Flight That Ran Out Of First Class Snacks

A Top Travel expert and a Blogger Gary Leff, recently reported about American Airline flight that ran out of snacks for first class passengers. He disclosed how a passenger [Bill H.] on the first class seat was told by a flight attendant that they had run out of snacks.

In response to the claim, Lisa an American Airline flight attendant explained what really happened. According to Lisa, the basket of snacks spotted in the cockpit was a leftover from the previous flight.

I’m a flight attendant for American and on snack basket provisioned flights, we generally have at least 2 baskets worth of snacks that have been stashed in compartments “just in case” so I am calling BS on this post. Also, that snack basket in the flight deck was probably the remnants from an earlier flight. We typically offer the pilots the leftover snacks as they are behind a locked door the whole flight and don’t have ready access if they get hungry. Check your facts before letting the negativity flow…. Makes me question your overall credibility! Lisa Barnes said.

Another flight attendant on a domestic flight disclosed that the leftover snacks are offered to pilots since they don’t get a meal on short haul flights.

Ok, I work in the industry. Usually, in the BC cabin on domestic, you will receive two baskets. That basket looks like it was a left over from a previous flight. That happens often on flights with shelf stable snack crews will leave leftovers in a galley compartment. As a courtesy, we offer leftovers to the pilots. Usually, they don’t get a meal on these short hauls. Don’t know why passenger wasn’t reoffered a snack unless the snack he requested was already eaten. But when these baskets are offered is on a flight with short flying time and off hours. Maggie added.

Have you ever been told by a flight attendant that they ran out of snacks or meal? How did you react? How would you react if a flight attendant tells you that they have run out of snacks or meal? let us know your response via the comment section.

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