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Olumirin, meaning “ANOTHER LORD”, is the apt name, given to this unique making of nature, in exclamation at the cascading wonders before the eyes of the migrating hunters led by Yeye Akinla the granddaughter of Oduduwa, a skillful courageous woman. The waterfall is a nature resort per excellence with a distinct character, with an abundance of lush natural forest.

A trip to Olumirin must surely give you a sense of appreciation to God for how wonderful he is in all his creations. One good thing about the waterfall is its nearness to the host community. You will never like someone going on an adventurous trip to the forest, instead, you will continue to see people around who are willing to interact with you and give you a touch of hospitality.

How the journey began right? Yeah! I set out for the journey from Osogbo town heading towards Ilesa; the trip lasted for about 30minutes. When we arrived Erin Ijesa in Oriade LGA of Osun State, we proceed to the sloppy road. The whole experience began with the change in humidity.

Christiana writing her travel experience

Erin garden is a thick forest, which houses Olumirin waterfall. It was first discovered in the year 1140AD, during the migration of Ife people to Erin Ijesa community. The water flows among rocks and splashes down with freak force to the evergreen vegetation around. The area can also serve as mountaineering exercise.

The breeze at the waterfalls is cool and refreshing. The whole scenery is fascinating and idyllic. The waterfall is good for drinking and as medicine by indigenes and tourists alike.

The waterfall comprises seven levels, each with its unique characteristics.
Level 1 features the iconic scenery of the rushing of water from 10metres above into a natural pool that is the classic Olumirin waterfall photos you see in postcards, magazines or web.

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From level 1 to 2 is long, steep and full of expectation, you can never be disappointed when you finally get to see the cascade of plunging water descending 40metres from above, a captivating scenery that can be fully appreciated only descending 5metres to meet the Misty flow as it pours into a big wading pool that is everyone’s favourite.

Climbing from level 3 to 4 is rugged and demanding and fit for the adventure seeking tourist.

Then, because of the elevation from the 5th level, there seems to be a drop in temperature all the way to the 7th level. At this level, you begin to feel like you are moving towards the sky.

Christiana With a friend at Olumirin waterfall, Erin ijesa

Climbing the stairs upwards reminds me of the story of Jesus on his way to Golgotha. Stepping up is quite strenuous but be rest assured that the fun up there is really worth it.

Christiana feeling the water as she touches it

From the cooling effect, you will get from swimming to the excitement you will have from watching the water fall with a thunderous sound. All this makes up the experience, but don’t forget to stop at the “Akara junction” (Beans cake) to get a full pack of your local sandwich (Akara & Bread) while going and be ready to buy ukpa (African walnut) when coming back.


Olumirin Waterfall is located in a safe and peaceful place.

What You Need

  • Flip Flop
  • Hiking Boots
  • Shorts
  • Extra Clothes (Changing)
  • Swimming gear

What To Do

There are different kinds of activities tourist can engage at Olumirin Waterfall, Erin-Ijesa like

  • Climbing to the last tier of the waterfall
  • View the scenery

Where To Stay

  • Silver Grandeur Hotel – 4.67 KM Away
  • Pinkron Hotels – 3.38 KM Away
  • Afrikaanse Guest House – 3.70 KM Away
  • Blue Seasons Hotel – 1.56 KM Away
  • Habitat Apartment – 4.42 KM Away

Olumirin Waterfall, Erin-Ijesa is a clear waterfall with seven levels and it is known for its ambiance and breathtaking scenery.

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