Travelling From Nigeria To Dubai Via Ghana Cost Estimate

Since the suspension of flights operations between Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates, many travellers are exploring options on how to travel to Dubai or any of the United Arab Emirates states.

There are pressures everywhere especially those their job is on the line and those their visa will expire soon. Many of these people are considering travelling through Ghana as an option.

I am writing this to educate all on the best way to travel as someone that is staying in Nigeria. I know many want shortcut but the safest way is what I am going to discourse below. 

When the United Arab Emirates banned flights from Nigeria, they said that passengers that have been to Nigeria for more than 14 days will not be allowed to enter the UAE.

So, in other to enter the UAE as someone that has been to Nigeria for more than 14 days, you have to stay outside Nigeria for more than 14 days. Staying in Ghana for 14 days is one of the best things anyone can do.

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Type of Transportation

I know due to the cost of a flight ticket from Nigeria to Ghana, many are considering road transportation. Here is the thing, road Transportation is complicated & is not advisable because your passport need to be stamped by the immigration officers at the Nigeria airport (stamp showing you’re leaving Nigeria) and another stamp at Accra, Ghana airport (a stamp showing the date you entered Accra, Ghana).

Many people that are using road transportation liaise with fake agents that will promise to backdate the stamp on the passport for a fee. 

That act is dangerous and we don’t encourage that. Many have been denied flight boarding at the airport because the stamp does not reflect on the airport immigration system.

Don’t be a victim. Use the right means of transportation which is Air transportation (flight).

You need a flight from Nigeria (Lagos or Abuja) to Accra, Ghana. The cost of Flight on Air Peace starts from NGN 80,000. Africa World Airline (AWA) flight cost from Lagos starts from NGN 100,000 while Abuja to Accra starts from NGN 90,000.

The cost of this flight depends on the date you booked your flight.

COVID-19 Test

You will need 3 Covid-19 tests.

  1. When you’re leaving Nigeria for Ghana, you need a covid-19 test. The cost of the covid-19 PCR test in Nigeria starts from NGN 29,500 depending on the lab you want to use.
  2. When you arrive in Ghana, you need another covid-19 test. Ecowas Citizens will pay – $50 while All Other Passengers – $150. Click here to pay online.
  3. When you want to travel to Dubai from Accra, Ghana, you need a covid-19 test. Click here for more information. 

If your test is positive, you will be quarantined and treated at a designated health facility or isolation centre in Ghana and the bill be on you.


The cost of where to stay in Ghana is on you. You can stay with friends & family or book at a hotel for 14 days. The cheapest hotel in Ghana is 5k & above.

Accra to Dubai Flight

When you arrive in Ghana or before you arrive in Ghana, you need to book another flight from Ghana to Dubai. The cost of a flight from Ghana to Dubai will depend on the airline you want to use and the date you booked. Ethiopian Airline fare is ₦293,377 and Kenya Airways fare is ₦296,681

The cost above is just an estimate. the price can change anytime. 

We advise you to book early so that you can get a cheaper fare. You can book online or contact us to handle the book for you.  

We are available to help you with Flight Change and Flight Bookings. Feel free to contact us – 08135146188 or 08167650848 (Call or WhatsApp). We are available 24/7

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