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Travellers Criticize Akwa Ibom Airport 1,500 Service Charge

It can be annoying and depressing after buying a flight ticket (Assuming you bought the ticket when the cheapest fares are no longer available) and maybe you were also charged for excess luggage. After all the expenses, someone will ask you to pay another N1,500 as Airport maintenance fee. How would you react?

For record purposes, Victor Attah international airport, Uyo, Nigeria is owned and operated by Akwa Ibom state government. The Airport is managed by Ibom Airport Development Company Ltd. (IADCL). The N1,500 service charge is used to maintain and operate Victor Attah international airport, Uyo.

One of our passengers described the N1,500 service charge as “Victor Attah international airport Surprise Package”. All passengers pay the same fee including children. After payment, they will place a sticker on your boarding pass. The sticker shows that you have paid the airport maintenance fee. You will enter the hall after payment

There are lots of questions here like what if a passenger went to the airport without cash/debit card or any means of performing financial transactions at the airport, what would happen?

This is an important question because some the passengers are on a sponsored trip. Someone paid for all the travel expenses. If such passenger shows up at the airport without cash would they allow the passenger to fly? Well, I will leave this question for Ibom Airport Development Company Ltd. (IADCL) management or a frequent traveller to and fro Victor Attah international airport, Uyo to answer.

What about including the 1,500 on the ticket? This is also an important question that needs an answer. Including the 1,500 on the ticket so that passengers can pay once will make more sense. Some said the Ibom Airport Development Company Ltd. (IADCL) decided to collect the 1,500 cash because of non-remittance by the airlines.

I think they have a good reason they are collecting cash. What about implementing a law that will sanction any airline that refuses to remit the 1,500?

Someone asked whose account is the 1,500 going to? Well according to sources, the money is going into the Akwa Ibom state government account. The big deal here is accountability. Will they remit the money collected to the government account?

See passengers’ reactions below.

Dr Joe Abah @DrJoeAbah

Just tried Ibom Air. Great service. Punctual, courteous staff, clean cabin. I didn’t realize that Akwa Ibom holds a Guinness World Record for Christmas Carol singers! Uyo Airport is certainly not “International” though. Worse still, you have to pay N1,500 EXTRA to fly from it!

Jane Chima @JaneChima1

I was disappointed when they asked me to pay N1,500 CASH before flying from their airport. Whose account is that going to? What purpose is it for?

kekere nkop @kekerik

Passenger’s service charge. Most Airport include it in the ticket. Due to non-remittance by airlines they collect themselves.

Ibom Air @ibomairlines

Ibom Airport Development Company Ltd. (IADCL) manages Victor Attah International Airport. The fee is used by them for maintenance of the airport.

jae pete @greatermann

Victor attah international airport Uyo, Nigeria is owned and operated by Akwa ibom state government, the N1500 is the service charge that the state uses to maintain and operate its airport. When FG builds an airport in AKS that one might be free.

Engr. Jamil Musawa @eljameel202

Most airports (if not all) in Nigeria charge airport tax. It is either paid directly at the airport or paid for with the air ticket fares to be remitted to the airport authority. It all depends on the agreement between the airline and airport operator.

Anne Agi @uruegi

There say it’s for airport maintenance, since the airport is not being maintained by FAAN. Fine! But why not tell me that while I’m purchasing my ticket online ir bill it into the fare? What if I dont have 1500?


The N1,500 is what I do not understand. I was there last two weeks with my colleagues and during our return,we were asked to pay 1,500 boldly written before the security check. We tried to argue it but we didn’t have the luxury of time. Can someone actually explain it?

Afolayan Blessing @berachah_beulah Sir, why do you think Akwa Ibom state can birth the vision of having a carrier, but Nigeria as a nation isn’t successful in its strive to have a national carrier? Is it just due to corruption and the drive of some elite few to frustrate the system?

Dr Joe Abah Tweet

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