Travel Secrets Exclusive Only To Airline Workers – Some Passengers Don’t Know

In my few years of working with a travel agency, I have come to realize that traveller are always looking for impartial, candid advice, honest and any other travel tips that can help them save cost and make their journey less stressful.

In the quest of find answers to some of the unanswered travel questions, many travellers visit many blogs and websites. Sagetravels has rounded up some of the shocking travel secrets exclusive only to airlines workers – Some passengers don’t know.

The Headphone Is Not New

That headset airlines provide is not new. Don’t be deceived by the way it is shining and packaged. A formal staff of a company that used to supply a particular airline items reviewed to Sagetravels that the headphone was removed from the flight, clean and repackage for another passenger to use. What they are actually doing is repackaging old headset. You see why you need your own headphone.

Couple with their pet

Label Your Pet With Their Name

If an ordinary human being is terrified even before boarding a plane how much more about animals. There is approximately 30% chance that pets get terrified even before that approach the airplane. One of the airline’s crews reviews that the agents at the bag room try they possible best to comfort some of the pets frightened by talking to them. And to make the work easier, they try to console the pet with their name. So, when next you are travelling with a pet, try as much as you can to write their name because it’s going to go a long way to save a soul in the bag room. Wink

There Is Something About Tuesday

The issue of the best day to buy cheap fare has been over flogged on the internet. Different people have a different claim. A Revenue Management department worker in one of the airlines Drama Liama said, “On average, the cheapest time to buy a ticket is Tuesday afternoon. The cheapest time to fly is Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday. This applies to US flights in my experience.” You can try it in your own country and report your findings.

The Old Luggage Tags Have Negative Impacts.

This is just a reminder because it is no longer a secret. One might just be wondering how airlines misplace passenger’s luggage despite the presence of security personnel and the advanced technology used in luggage handle. A baggage handler at the airport explains to Sagetravels that, old luggage tags usually confuse baggage handlers and the conveyor belt scanners.

When passengers forgot to remove old tags, the bags may miss their flight or get misrouted.

There Is No Tracking System

As you are flying on 30,000 feet above sea level, you may go off the grid completely. Some experts review that, there are no systems anywhere that track the movement of the aircraft. You might go thousands mile missing. Well, this is not to make you fear but to let you know what is real.

Thank you for reading. I would love to read your comments.

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