Travel Now Pay Later: Etihad Airways Introduces Pay Later After Flight Option, Up To Five Years

The award-winning airline, Etihad Airways has introduced a pay later option that will allow passengers to plan their trip. The United Arab Emirates-based airline is using a payment provider called PayFort which allows passengers to spread payment from three months to 5 years (60 months).

In a statement signed by Etihad Airways vice president for digital strategy and innovation, Justin Warby, he said “We understand travel can be a significant expense, especially for families and those on a tight budget. “This new initiative is a great way for people to book and enjoy their travel without having to worry about paying in one large sum.”

Justin Warby also noted that the new pay later option will encourage people that would love to business class to flight class to do so since they can pay up in the next months.

“When we were designing this product, we were really looking at how we can assist those low-to-medium income travellers and families,” he said. “Of course, spreading the payment over a period of months is also a great way to indulge in premium cabins.”

The “fly now pay later” option is only available for passengers from UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

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