How To Travel At A Discounted Rate And Also Earn As You Travel

Travel is synonymous to expenses. When people talk about travelling, the only thing that comes to mind is expenses. Travelling does not always mean you have to spend. There are ways on how to travel at a discounted rate and also earn as you travel. There was a time I asked a friend of mine who travel often how he gets to fund his trip. I actually thought he dug some goldmine until I discover his tricks.

Do you want to travel at a discounted rate? Do you also want to make money while travelling? Then consider the below tips.

Join Airline Cabin Crew or work for an airline

Cabin crew job is a dynamic and professional job. For does that love travelling from one place to another, why not join cabin crew. Turn your passion for travelling into a profession. Cabin crew job will give you an opportunity to travel to different parts of the world and discover the new destinations around the world.

You might not get Cabin crew job because the job is competitive. Working with an airline will give you an opportunity to travel at a discounted rate. That’s one of the privileges of working with an airline. You get discount anytime you want to travel.

Monetize your photos and videos

Do you know you can make cool cash with your travel photos and videos? This is the 21st century, wake up, and thank God for social media. This is not about sharing your pictures on Facebook, Instagram or even uploading your videos on YouTube. There are top websites (Like Alamy, ShutterstockIstockphoto, Photoshelter etc) where you can sell your pictures.

You can also submit your photos and videos for a contest. Websites like Pixoto conduct weekly photo contest. You can win up to $150 if your picture is the best.

Become a tutor

The demand for the English language is high in some countries like Japan, China etc. This is a goldmine; there is no need for certificate here. As long as you can translate you’re good to go.  Utilise this opportunity and earn some cash while enjoying your trip. All you have to do is to search on the internet to find those that will be need your services (Those that want to learn English).

Be a tour guide

This is how to travel at a discounted rate and also earn as you travel. As a frequent traveller, this is an opportunity for you to make money. You can package a tour to some of the places you have been to, advertise it and get people that will join you.

During peak period some travel and tour agency may need some casual worker to cater for their numerous clients. You can take up the job, travel with them and earn your money.

Apply for a resort casual worker

During peak season, due to the high influx of customers, many resorts usually employ casual workers to cater for their additional customers. Utilise this rear opportunity by applying to work with a resort. You can enjoy yourself at a discounted rate during your off days.

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