How To Travel Cheaply As a Nigeria University Student

Going on a vacation is one of the hardest things Nigeria University students do. Many will complain of time while others will be complaining about money. Since most students don’t have money, how do you expect them to travel? Every Nigeria university student believes travelling is expensive and they cannot afford the bills as a student. I will be revealing how to travel cheaply as a Nigeria University Student.
You don’t need to break the bank before you will travel. There are ways students can travel without spending much.


Planning is everything. Many fail due to inadequate or lack of proper planning. As a student going on a vacation, either abroad or within Nigeria, planning is one thing you should not do without. Proper planning should be done on where to go when to go, where to stay and what to eat.

Prepare a budget. A budget will help you to save money. You don’t need to go for luxury stuff like hotel accommodation or first class flight ticket. Prioritise and make some sacrifice. And also make your plan flexible.

Book in Advance (If there is a need)

For those that want to travel abroad for vacation, endeavour to book your ticket in advance. At least 3 months in advance is advisable. You don’t really need first class. You can go for the lowest or discounted economy class. After all, you will be in the same plane with first class passengers. Lolz

Hostel Sure Pass

I stayed in the school hostel back then, it was fun and cheaper too *Wink*. I have my own kitchen, Water and steady power supply every night. Don’t be scared of hostels. Staying in a hotel is not a necessity for someone who is on a vacation. For instance, the same amount of money you will pay for a night in a hotel can be used to pay for 30 days in a hostel. Lolzzzz.

Hostels are not only fun, they offer great opportunity too. If you stay in a hostel, for example, you will be opportune to meet new friends. Some hostels will give you breakfast. A hostel is safe and clean.

How To Travel Cheaply As a Nigeria University Student
Group Tour To Obudu Mountain Resorts
Travel In Group

Group travel is less expensive and you can save money. The money for accommodation and food would be shared among yourselves. You can organise a group tour or field trip with your course mates or your school friends. That’s how to travel cheaply as a Nigeria University Student.

When To Travel

When to travel is very important. Off peak season is recommended because it’s cheaper and affordable than peak period. Study your destination, know when to travel. Things are usually expensive during a festive period like charismas, summer etc.

Public Transport Rock

Explore your destination like a local. Forget Uber, charter taxi or drop, you don’t need them. Go with public transport. If you are in Lagos, Nigeria, BRT is the best. It is cheaper and super comfortable. The have they own lane and also move fast.

Visit Free Attractions

Don’t bother spending a huge amount of money on attractions. There are many cities in Nigeria or Europe that offer a free tour. Tinapa in Calabar, for instance, does not charge an entrance fee, admission is free. There are some places that will ask you to pay any amount you have.

How To Travel Cheaply As a Nigeria University Student
Buying Local Food
Eat Out

As a student who wants to travel cheap, there are some things that are not necessary like eating in an expensive hotel or restaurant. When I travel, I eat local foods. There are parts of the experience.

Don’t Call, Chat

For those that will be travelling aboard, the will increase in call rate. There is need to stay connected with your family and friends. Why not chat instead of calling them. There are mobile apps that you can use to chat. Apps like WhatsApp, Skype, IMO etc. Find a place that has free Wi-Fi and gets connected online.


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