Top Places To Visit Near London - London Bridge, London

Top Places To Visit Near London

London may be the most recognisable city in the world due to its long history and status as the Royal Family’s home. The city’s modern vibe is adored by visitors, but they are equally mesmerised by its old-world charm, which can only be felt firsthand. Naturally, you shouldn’t overlook these must-see London sights if you’re planning a trip to London because if you do, you’ll certainly return home with a trunk full of regrets.

There are numerous places to visit near London that have a royal aura, a fascinating past, and incredibly unusual settings, and will provide you with a tonne of treasured memories. There is a tonne of beautiful attractions in London, from the vibrant town of Liverpool—a football fan’s paradise—to the academic centre of Cambridge. Rye should be your ideal vacation destination if you want to appreciate nature. Cardiff should be your best layover if you want to tour the land of castles to enjoy a magical experience. If you’re looking for a break from the grind of daily life, weekend trips from London to places like Bristol and Bath will provide you with the much-needed dosage of enjoyment and relaxation. You can enjoy a kaleidoscope of experiences here, from the ancient city of Edinburgh to the imperial city of Windsor. You can even go to Bexhill-On-Sea, which has some award-winning beaches, for the ideal seaside getaway.

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1. Stonehenge

The world’s most well-known prehistoric structure is likely Stonehenge. It was constructed in multiple stages, starting out as a straightforward earthwork enclosure and is known to be one of the popular places to visit near London. Around 2500 B.C. during the late Neolithic era, a special linteled stone circle was built. Your timed entrance of Stonehenge tickets grants you entry to a location that has drawn visitors for decades. The prehistoric monuments at Stonehenge and other related sites make up a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is now open to the public. Since at least the early Middle Ages, Stonehenge has been the focus of rumours and intrigue. How did Neolithic people build this engineering marvel with only the basic tools and technologies at their disposal? The tourist centre features hundreds of ancient artefacts from the Stonehenge World Heritage Site. An outdoor gallery with a number of preserved Neolithic homes is one of Stonehenge’s new additions. These structures offer an understanding of the way of life of the Neolithic people who constructed Stonehenge by utilising real materials and archaeological information. Today’s culture has many distinct interpretations of Stonehenge. It is a symbol of Britain, a natural wonder, a holy site, and a source of inspiration.

the windsor castle
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2. Windsor Castle

The oldest and biggest occupied castle in the world, Windsor Castle was built in the eleventh century by William the Conqueror. Henry II, Charles II, and George IV are just a few of the monarchs and queens that have renovated it. The majority of the Queen’s private weekends are now spent in Windsor Castle, which is also frequently utilised for ceremonial events making it one of the top places to visit near London. The exquisite State Apartments, which are adorned with some of the best artefacts from the royal collection, are included in your admission to the Castle, which is made possible by your Windsor Castle ticket. Rubens,  Holbein, Rubens, and Van Dyck paintings as well as exquisite English and French furniture are included in the masterpieces. The luxurious private apartments built by George IV referred to as the Semi-State Rooms, are erected in the palace over the winter. In addition, St. George’s Chapel is accessible as part of your ticket. Ten kings, including Henry VIII and Charles I, are buried here, making it one of England’s most exquisite religious structures. Windsor Castle has a lot of things to see and do, so plan ahead to get the most out of your visit, which should take between 2.5 and 3 hours. It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes because the Castle is located at the top of a long, steep slope.

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3. Alton tower Ride

Young children to senior citizens, of all ages may enjoy the rides and attractions at Alton Towers. The first freefall roller coaster in the world, TH13TEEN, as well as the thrilling Frog Hopper, which will repeatedly launch you hurtling through the air, are both available here. Prior to being discovered by the ghosts, you can always take part in Duel’s laser gun adventure if you want to combat the ghosts. You can look forward to over 40 exhilarating rides at Alton Towers, including special roller coasters like the inverted Nemesis and the 14-loop Smilers. In addition to these two, thrill-seekers can test their nerve at additional action-packed attractions including the scary Blade, the vertical drop ride Oblivion, and the wooden coaster Wicker. Don’t skip the Skyride at Alton Towers which makes it one of the best places to visit near London, which is a fantastic chance to view the park from above, while you’re there. Hey Duggee’s Big Adventure Badge, a clubhouse specifically created for youngsters, is located at the location, where they may engage in a variety of physical activities.

4. Warwick Castle

Discover one of England’s most impressive mediaeval defences while studying 1,100 years of British history. Thrilling adventures, captivating stories, and amazing shows and attractions are accessible all year round. Join the legendary battle for the English throne and witness the dizzying cruelty of the War of the Roses firsthand. Observe the sky as a free-flying bird of prey thumps a live performance as well. One of the best places to see near London is Warwick Castle, conveniently located close to Junction 15 of the M40 in the country’s geographic centre and open 364 days a year. You may not realise how close it is; from Birmingham, it takes approximately 30 minutes, and from London, about 80.

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5. Hampton Court Palace

Take a train to Hampton Court Palace from London’s Waterloo station. When you arrive at Hampton Court station after a brief 32-minute ride, utilise your ticket to enter a location that is actually two palaces. It is a magnificent Tudor palace that Cardinal Wolsey and later Henry VIII created, and it is situated close to a Baroque house that William III and Mary II constructed. Although Henry VIII had over 60 homes by the time of his death in 1547, Hampton Court Palace was the most significant to him in the final years of his rule. Experience the king’s apartments as one of his courtiers by donning a Tudor cloak and sneaking inside the expansive kitchens where meals for up to 1000 guests. When William and Mary co-ruled in the late 17th century, their opulent chambers in the Baroque Palace were built. Beautiful views of the grounds may be seen from the apartments. The lovely palace gardens, which span 60 acres and extend all the way to the Thames, are open for exploration. You’ll see beautiful seasonal displays of tens of thousands of flowering bulbs, as well as glittering fountains at the best places to visit near London.

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