Top 6 Travel Etiquettes Every Traveller Must Know

There are etiquettes in virtually everything. Travel is no exception when we talk about etiquettes, rules and regulations or rules of agreement. Whether it is a small or large getaway, excursion or field trip there is always etiquettes but the problem now is many travellers are unaware of these etiquettes.

Sagetravels your best travel partner will be sharing a Top 6 Travel Etiquettes Every Traveller Must Know whether onboard the plane, train or cab.

  • Don’t Make Noise

Don’t disturb other guests with noise. If you are staying in a hotel, in an airplane or in a public transport, courtesy demands that you should minimize the noise emanating from your corner.

Join the Queue – Credit Pixabay
  • Follow the line (Join the queue)

A certain man visited a foreign country for the first time. One day he went to the nearest bus stop to board a taxi, when he was going, he saw a long queue and he looked at the bus and looked at the passengers on the queue, he said to himself if I continue to wait for my turn I may not enter this bus. So he decided to jump the queue. Immediately he entered the bus, everyone in the bus started coming down and when he looked around, he found out that he was the only person on the bus. He politely asked the driver why everyone in the bus was going down; the driver told him all the passengers thought he is a mad man. That means only mad people jump queue the way he did.

Jumping queue is so common nowadays. One thing is clear everyone cannot get in or out of the airplane, bus or train at once. Where ever you find yourself, on the plane, bus or train, always allow those in front of you to alight first before you. It pays to be patient.

  • BE mindful of what you do

There are different people from different works of life in the same hotel, restaurant, aboard and on the train with you so be mindful of what you do. Whatsoever thing you are doing, always remember that you are in the public place.

  • Recline only when appropriate

On several occasions, I have encountered some passengers that recline their seat without minding or taking permission from the person behind them. Reclining a seat is not wrong but it is wrong when you do it in an inappropriate manner.

  • Tip when necessary

Tipping is good but must be done in such a way that it will not be considered indiscriminate. There is nothing wrong with tipping but don’t spend all your travel money on tips. Be guarded! Mind how you spend.

  • Be patient with the elevator

When boarding the elevator, don’t rush, don’t stand on the door, don’t squeeze yourself onto an already filled elevator, respect the lines, move to the back when you enter and exit as quick as possible.

The above are Top 6 Travel Etiquettes Every Traveller Must Know. Though, the list is endless. As a traveller, don’t hesitate to apply the 6 etiquettes listed above in your next trip.

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