Top 6 hidden secrets on how to save on hotel

Everyone wants to save especially now that some countries like Nigeria are in economic recession. So, everyone is looking for a means to reduce the huge hotel bill. Though, finding a good hotel with the best rate can be as stressful as anything you can think of. Nowadays, you don’t need to travel to your destination before booking a hotel accommodation. Many hotels today have an online platform where one can comfortably book any hotel room of their choice. Nevertheless, there are top 6 hidden secrets on how to save on hotel.

Below are some of the tips on how you can save on your next hotel.

Top 6 hidden secrets on how to save on hotel
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Contact the hotel directly

This is one of the top 6 hidden secrets on how to save on hotel. Hotel rates vary from room to room and also from hotel to hotel. Most of the rates you see online are not discountable; if you do proper research you will found out that there are some hidden charges. In other to get a better rate, contact the hotel reception desk they might offer you the best deal available. You can as well contact the hotel via social media, in case if you don’t want to call. Negotiate with them to get a better deal.

Group booking

Group hotel booking does not mean the rooms will be adjoining rooms. No, but if you want rooms that are adjoining you can contact the hotel and tell them the type of rooms you want. When you do a group booking, there is always a discount. The hotel would be kind enough to offer you some reasonable discount.

Reward Program

The reward program is one of the top 6 hidden secrets on how to save on hotel. If you are not a member of a hotel loyal member programme, it’s time to join. Joining a reward programme is free of charge, that is to say, it cost nothing to join. The benefits of a reward programme are enormous. For instance, there is always a discount for members. Sometimes, a hotel will send out a coupon code to the members. When next they want to book the hotel they will use the coupon code, which will automatically give them some discount.

Top 6 hidden secrets on how to save on hotel
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Add other services

When you book a hotel alone, the price may be expensive. But when you add other services like airfares and activities, the price may reduce. I did a small experiment using Expedia . First, what I did was checking airfare for Lagos – Dubai – Lagos. Secondly, I checked hotel rate for the same trip. Finally, I did a bundling. That is checking both hotels and fight together. After that, I found out that it is cheaper to buy both hotel and flight ticket together than buying them separately.

Book early

The grand master of the top 6 hidden secrets on how to save on hotel is early booking. The earlier you book the better you save. As soon as you finished planning your vacation, the first thing to do is to book your hotel room. Booking four to five months ahead of your trip is one of the ways to get the best prices.

Time is important

Timing is important. There is off peak period and peak period. Examples of peak period are summer, Christmas, Easter period etc. Before you book your hotel, it is pertinent you find out the period you are into because almost all the hotels are expensive during the peak period.
If you have any other tips to add, kindly use the comment section. Thank you

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