These Are The Three Best places To Sit On The Plane

Booking that cheap and affordable flight is not the end of the booking process. In fact, the ultimate is choosing where to seat on the plane. You may book a cheap and affordable flight but end up choosing the wrong seat. If you are not comfortable aboard, there is nothing that can be done about it. Therefore, it is better to get it right from the beginning than when you go up 30,000 feet above sea level.

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There is always a way out in everything. Reader’s Digest shared a video that can help you chose the right seat. According to the video shared, there are three seats on the aeroplane that is outstanding. The three seats are:

Window Seats

Did you over work yourself and there was no time for you to sleep before boarding the plane? Do you want a place to seat on the plane and no one will disturb you? Do you want a seat where you can lean on something? Do you want a seat where you can use your own pillow comfortable? If your answer is YES to the above questions, then Window seats are meant for you. Window seats are good for passengers that want to sleep without disturbance. When your neighbour is going to the “Lavatory” he/she will not disturb your sleep.

These Are The Three Best places To Sit On The Plane
The Exit Row (Reader’s Digest)

Exit Row Seats

Exit row seats are located either before or behind emergency exit door. Exit row seats are also the best. If you are looking for more legroom, the exit row is what you need. But there are two disadvantages about this exit row seats. First, the seats on the exit row do not recline except the one at the back. You need to beware because it will affect your comfort on a long haul flight. Secondly, not all passengers are allowed to sit on the exit row seat. Infants, minors, passengers with a language barrier, physically, and mentally challenged passengers etc. are not allowed to seat on the exit row seats.

These Are The Three Best places To Sit On The Plane
Over The Wing (Reader’s Digest)

Over The Wing Seats

These are seats for those that are nervous. The over the wing seats are quieter and smoother even when there is turbulence. That is to say, passengers on the over the wing has nothing to worry when there is commotion and also experience fewer bumps. That is one of the advantages of the over the wing seats has when compared to window seats. Another advantage of over the wing seat is that the seat is perfect for those that want to avoid airsickness. Over the wing seats are good but views are obstructed.

Seat selection is one of the last things to do in the booking process. The kind of seat you select has an impact on your comfort. It is advisable for you to select the best seat to have a great experience.

Where do you like to seat on the aeroplane? We would like to know and why you like the seat. Use the comment section to share with us.

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