Three (3) Flight Booking Mistakes That Can Cost You Huge Money

I have read and heard lots of people talk about airfare and how to get the best fare. Some practically believe that travelling by air is no big deal. While others say travellers do not need to break the bank just to book a flight. Some are of the opinion that one does not need to wait for deals to book a cheap flight. They are all right.  Travellers do not need to break the bank just to book a flight.

In my few years in the aviation industry and as a travel writer, I have found out that there are simple flights booking mistakes that are costing travellers a huge amount of money.

Three (3) Flight Booking Mistakes That Can Cost You Huge Money
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Booking Too Early

I know you will try to disagree with me on this. Probably because you have read where they said booking early (usually 3 months) before departure is the best time to get a better deal. May I tell you today that that research is not hundred per cent (100%) true. Just like in the game of football, anything can happen at any time. Airfare is not reliable and it fluctuates at all time. You might get the best when you book months ahead, it might also be the most expensive.

Now let me tell you how it works. When an airline notice that the flight seats are still vacant (no too much customers), they will reduce the fare to attract customers. Another reason why they reduce fare is when there is a promo. So assuming you booked and they reduce fare what do you do?

Booking Too Late

This is even the worst of it all. Booking too late is one mistake you should avoid this year. As soon as the departure time is near, airlines will hike their fares on all the classes. But in some cases, booking late may be the cheapest but to be on a safe side, it is rewarding to book on time.

Three (3) Flight Booking Mistakes That Can Cost You Huge Money
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Not Considering Other Airports

This is a bigger mistake. In fact, many travellers coming to Nigeria may prefer to land in Lagos or Abuja not knowing that it is more expensive. I understand it is because of proximity but there are nearby airports that can reduce the cost fare for you. If you are searching for a flight to a particular country, I would advise you consider alternative airports.

…So When Do I Book

Thank God for technology, there are tools available that can help you decide on when to book. These tools are call fare tracker or fare alert.

Their Functions

They offer push notification or alert whenever there is a drop in airfare. They will tell you either to book now or later.

What Do I Need To Do?

All you have to do is, set an alert on when you want to travel and get ready to start receiving an alert whenever there is a fare/price drop.

Three (3) Flight Booking Mistakes That Can Cost You Huge Money
Android and Apple Credit: Fauno / Pixabay

How Do I Get The Tool?

There are fare trackers tools available for downloads in the apple store or and in the Google play store. Some are a web app. Example of fare trackers is Google Flight, Hopper, Kayak etc.

What excuses do you have to give? Please do not contact me to tell me that the fare is high (smile). Apply the above tricks and thank me later.

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