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This Is The Scientific Reason Why Passengers Drink Tomatoes Juice On The Planes

As a frequent traveller, it must have come to your notice that the most popular juice served aboard is Tomatoes juice. So many people see it a norm while others think maybe that’s the only juice aboard.

Well, it might interest you to know that there is a scientific reason behind it. The big deal is all about the impact of cabin pressure on our senses. According to a 2010 study in Germany by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, it was found out that, it’s approximately 30% more difficult to detect salty and sweet tastes.

What this simple mean is that, at altitude (that is in the sky); our sense of taste is blunted or changes. That is why you see some passengers complaining that the food they were served was bad, bland and lots more. It is your taste buds fault. When you are aboard, the way you perceive the taste or flavor of food changes because of humidity, air pressure, hearing and sense of smell.


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SciShow reviewed that, the comfortable humidity levels for humans are in the 40 – 70 percent range but the airline cabins are pretty dry so the humidity level can drop to 20 percent or even lower. When pressure is low, blood gets less oxygen. Researchers found out that sweet and salty food doesn’t pop as much in the sky but other flavours taste basically the same and in some cases, even stronger than they do on solid ground.

Professor Charles Spence, Head of Crossmodal Research Laboratory at Oxford University and author of “Gastrophysics, The New Science of Eating,” spoke to Business Insider about the subject matter.

He said: “You see them shooting off the trolley here there any everywhere and when you do these surveys you find that there are about a quarter of people who will order a tomato juice or Bloody Mary in the air and would never order it on the ground.

“If you give people tomato juice on the ground and on the air and say “well how does it taste different to you?” On the ground, it will tend to taste earthier. Whereas up in the air people will often report that it tastes a bit fresher a bit more acidic and is more liked as a result.”
Another benefit of tomatoes juice is that it can help airsickness.

Tomatoes juice is rich in Umami (savory taste) that’s why they taste better on board than on the ground. So next time you are fly, just ask for a glass of tomatoes juice. We would love to read your comment on this topic.

What kind of juice do you normally take aboard?

Sources: SciShow, Business Insider, Pixabay

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