The Top 5 Most Visited States In Nigeria This Year

Christmas is around the corner which signifies that the year is gradually coming to an end. We at sagetravels shall be looking at Nigeria as a destination to select the top 5 most visited states in no particular order. Nigeria is indeed blessed with abundant of untapped natural resources and tourist attractions. We used the word untapped because most of the attractions lack support, infrastructure, accessibility and publicity.

Based on research and recommendations, we have picked 5 states out of the 36 states in Nigeria as the most visited this year. In alphabetical order, we present to you the most visited states in Nigeria this year.

The Top 5 Most Visited States In Nigeria This Year
Kwa Falls, Cross River State (CalabarBlog.com)

Cross River State

Cross River state which is one of the south-south states in Nigeria is tourists’ haven. Cross River state has huge tourism attractions that are capable of attracting both local and international tourists. The attractions in Cross River include Obudu Mountain Resort, Kwa Falls, Tinapa, Marina Resort etc. The Calabar carnival is currently the largest street party in Africa. The Calabar delicacies are second to none in Nigeria. If you try the Edikang Ikong or Afang soup, you will ask for more. You can enter cross river via all the modes of transportation excerpt train which is under construction.

The Top 5 Most Visited States In Nigeria This Year
Awhum Waterfall, Enugu (Pulse.ng)


The capital of the eastern states is another most visited state this year. Enugu which is also known as the coal city-state or 042 is a great vacation destination in Nigeria. Enugu boasts of several tourist attractions including the famous Famous Fall called Awhum Waterfall, Eze Agu Tourist Complex, Nike Resort, Nnamdi Azikiwe sports complex etc. There is never a dull moment in Enugu. At night you can enjoy the local delicacies like Nkobi, Isi Ewu, Pami (Palm Wine) and lovely gyration from Ndi Egwu Udu Bunch. Enugu is a calm and peaceful state to relax in Nigeria.

The Top 5 Most Visited States In Nigeria This Year
Millenium Park, Abuja (Hotels.ng)

FCT Abuja

The capital city is undisputable the most loved and visited city in Nigeria this year. This is the center of it all. Abuja is the most peaceful, economically viable, traffic free and well-planned city in Nigeria. Abuja has a range of attractions from manmade to natural attractions like Jabi lake, Ushafa Village, Millennium Park, Katampe Hill etc. Abuja has lots of gardens and recreational centers to unwind. Don’t worry about accommodation fees because Abuja has accommodation for lower, middle and high-class individuals.

The Top 5 Most Visited States In Nigeria This Year
Kajuru Castel, Kaduna State (Kajuru Castel Facebook)


The city of Kaduna is the capital of Kaduna state in the northern Nigeria. Fortunately, Kaduna had an influx of tourists this year. Thanks to Abuja Airport closure. On the 8th of March 2017, Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport was shut down for 6 weeks routing maintenance. Therefore, all passengers using Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport were redirected to the Kaduna international airport. Today, Ethiopian Airways is serving the state. Apart from the Kaduna international airport, Kaduna has huge tourism potentials from Kajuru Castel to Nok Culture to Kamuku National Park and much more.

The Top 5 Most Visited States In Nigeria This Year
National Theatre Lagos (Credit: Hotels.ng)


The city of excellence is currently the most visited city in Nigeria this year. Lagos is the headquarters of almost all the industries in Nigeria. When it comes to tourism, Lagos has lots of attractions to offer tourists like the Elegushi Beach, Badagery slave trade, National Museum, Lekki Conservation center, etc. If you talk about entertainment and nightlife, Lagos state got you covered with nightlife. For shoppers, there are markets and malls for you. There are accommodations for low, medium and high-income earners.

Nigeria is indeed blessed with lots of tourism potentials.

How Many States Have You Visited In Nigeria?

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  1. Currently i have been seeing a lot of videos on YouTube about akwa ibom state, a lot of vlogs and tourists visit the ibeno Beach, ibom icon resort, green park, international stadium etc, some for the excellent serene environment and road network sites seeing, i believe the state is among the most visited tourism state currently.

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