The Cost Of Traveling From Nigeria To Dubai Through Ghana

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I tried to do a cost estimate of the total money you will spend if you want to travel from Nigeria to Dubai through Ghana. 

Since the flight ban between Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates, travellers have decided to travel to Dubai using neighbouring countries like Ghana, Cotonou etc. 

I did a video to highlight the total amount you will spend if you want to travel from Ghana to Dubai. 

Watch The Video Here


On the flight, I searched for flights from Abuja to Ghana and Lagos Ghana using different airlines. I used Air Peace and Africa World Airline to search for Nigeria to Ghana Flight. 

From Ghana to Dubai, I used Ethiopian Airways to check for the cheapest flight to Dubai. Ethiopia has the cheapest flight to Dubai from Ghana. Well, the price will depend on the travel date. 

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If you want to use Ghana to Dubai, you will stay in Ghana for 14 days before you can travel to Dubai. You can look for a cheap and affordable place to stay in Ghana. 


You will need a covid-19 test in both Nigeria and Ghana. I published the list of accredited or government-approved labs in Lagos, Abuja and Other states. 


Make sure your visa is still valid.     

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