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Qatar Airways has joined Emirates, Turkish and Etihad to announce that they are now free from the United States electronics ban for US-bound flights. The also noted that the order is taking effect immediately. What this implies is that passengers travelling to the United States via Qatar Airways can come into the cabin with their laptops, tablets, cameras, noise-cancelling headphones, etc.

Qatar Airways is now the fourth airlines to announce that they are now free from the US electronic ban. Emirates, Turkish and Etihad are the airlines that are no longer subjected to the electronic ban.

The remaining airlines affected by the US electronic ban are EgyptAir, Kuwait Airways, Royal Jordanian, Royal Air Maroc, and Saudia. Rumour has it that the ban may be lifted on Saudia by July 19, 2017, though the information is not concrete.

One of the United Airlines flights from Aspen Colorado to Denver International Airport, US landed with fire on the left engine on Sunday.
According to Denver International Airport, all the passengers were evacuated safely and No casualties.

The photos shared on Twitter by Raiyan @raiyansyedon revealed the Bombardier jet on the tarmac, with the left engine on fire.
United Airlines disclosed that the SkyWest Airlines flight 5869 from Aspen Colorado “experienced engine issues” after landing safely.

United Airlines Flight Lands With Fire On Left Engine At Denver International Airport, US
The United Airline Flight left engine on fire at Denver International Airport CREDIT: TWITTER/@RAIYANSYED

“All 59 passengers and crew members safely evacuated the aircraft and were transported to the terminal,” it said.
The fire is being investigated according to Denver International Airport.

United Airlines Flight Lands With Fire On Left Engine At Denver International Airport, US
United Airlines Flight Passengers

“All runways are now open as an investigation into SkyWest fire continues. Other airport operations remain unaffected,” it said.
According to Raiyan @raiyansyedon who tweeted the pictures said: “the engine caught fire after landing.”

United Airlines Flight Lands With Fire On Left Engine At Denver International Airport, US
United Airline Passenger @raiyansyed

“Quick and immediate response. First responders on the runway. Huge thanks to pilot and crew for helping get passengers off safe,” the passenger said.
Rabia Chaudry, an author, also tweeted pictures from the tarmac, saying: “All safe.”

United Airlines Flight Lands With Fire On Left Engine At Denver International Airport, US
United Airlines Passengers
United Airlines Flight Lands With Fire On Left Engine At Denver International Airport, US
Fire service at the quenching the fire at the airport

United Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta Airlines have a major contract with SkyWest Airlines.


Washington (CNN) – The Supreme Court Monday allowed parts of President Donald Trump’s travel ban to go into effect and will hear oral arguments on the case this fall.

The court is allowing the ban to go into effect for foreign nationals who lack any “bona fide relationship with any person or entity in the United States.” The court, in an unsigned opinion, left the travel ban against citizens of six majority-Muslim on hold as applied to non-citizens with relationships with persons or entities in the United States, which includes most of the plaintiffs in both cases.

Examples of formal relationships include students accepted to US universities and an employee who has accepted a job with a company in the US, the court said.
This is the first time the high court has weighed in on the travel ban, and a partial victory for the Trump administration, which has been fighting lower court rulings blocking the ban from taking effect. Justices did not address Trump’s tweets which have caused legal problems for his administration previously.

The ban, which bars people from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from entering the US for 90 days — outside of the “bona fide” relationship exception — could take effect in as little as 72 hours.

US Supreme Court Allows Parts Of Travel Ban To Take Effect
Trump Tweet

Trump called the decision “a clear victory for our national security.”

“As President, I cannot allow people into our country who want to do us harm,” he added in a statement. “I want people who can love the United States and all of its citizens, and who will be hardworking and productive.”



One of the African leading airlines, Kenya Airways is on the verge of starting a direct to the United States after securing the first set of licenses from the United States Department of Transportation (DOT), reports The Star.

The Kenya national carrier has received “exemption authority” from the DOT, allowing it to commence flights to the US provided it secures clearance from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other applicable State agencies.

According to the report, the DOT has also tentatively granted Kenya Airways a Foreign Air Carrier Permit (FACP), which is again subject to clearance from several US security, aviation, and border agencies.

The FACP is the more permanent license, with a duration-tied bilateral aviation agreement between the US and an applicant’s homeland or a minimum of five years if such a pact does not exist.

The processing time for the permit request usually takes a long time, and as such airlines simultaneously apply for the two-year exemption authority allowing them to commence operations as the FACP is finalized.

Kenya Airways submitted its application for direct flights to the US in late April 2017, targeting June 2018 for the inaugural flight.

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