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My favourite quote says NOTHING OF VALUE IS FREE, what this means is that nothing is free in this world. I know you will say some things are free, well I agree with you. Now let me ask you, do you also know that you can hire a cab for almost free of charge. How? I will let you know shortly.

To those that do not own a car, you will agree with me that the best way to travel and enjoy your trip is to hire a cab. If you are in Lagos Nigeria and you have entered the public transport to any part of the city you will know that the best way to be comfortable is to hire a cab.

The use of a chartered vehicle is not a new phenomenon. You may need it when you are going to the airport, shopping, going for vacation to any destination you cannot go with your car, sightseeing, to your workplace (Office) etc. the problem here now is how to book the best car that will meet your budget.

There are thousands of car hire companies out there. So many of them will claim they have the best services and affordable fees but in the real sense, you are paying higher than normal. Sometimes you will found out that the best services they promised is something that is below your expectations and you will end up regretting why you choose them.

So today I will be sharing some of the tips that will help you hire any car without spending huge amount of money (that is almost free)

5 Tips For Hiring Tour Cab Without Spending a Fortune
Online Search

Search online

In all my articles, you will found out that I always make reference to online research. The reason why I said so is that the world is going global and if you don’t catch the train now, you will pay dearly for it.

You can search online for cheap car hire companies. There are many cars hiring companies that are offering discounts. You can also see their different rates and also the kind of services they offer.

Go for the less expensive cars

In order to cut down cost, I would advise you go for the less luxurious cab, this will help reduce cost. The price of a cab when traveling in a group is usually high because you will need a bigger car and if you go for the expensive car it might affect your budget.

5 Tips For Hiring Tour Cab Without Spending a Fortune
Corvette Grand Sport

Booking in advance

Just like in the airline industry, some of the car hiring company also has a portal where clients can book for cabs and other services. The earlier you book the better, as some of them offer discounts and reduce costs for early birds.

Avoid rental insurance

Car hiring companies also offer rental services. Some will even insist you go for it. In order to reduce cost and avoid paying extra don’t go for it. It is advisable you avoid it.

Join the company’s club

Joining the company club is the easiest and the best way of getting a discount and cheap rate. It is advisable you join a cab hiring company’s club to get the best deal and some other services that are exclusive to the members only.


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Nigeria is the most popular black nation in the world and a trip to this amazing destination really worth it. The numerous tourist attractions spread across the country is incredible. Nigerians are lovely and hospitable people. The cultural and festivals will gladness you and will also form part of your travel experience.

Below are Reasons why Nigeria should be the perfect choice for your first international travel experience:

1. Planning trip to Nigeria is very easy.

Nigeria is a suitable overseas destination for Africans, as its visa-free and visa on arrival policy makes trip planning stress-free. Recently the United Kingdom Embassy in Nigeria launched 24 hours visa services and this is another bold step in right directions to attract tourists to Nigeria. You can get more information on visa processing and procedures at the Nigeria immigration website. Once you get the visa, exchange your currency and don’t forget to come with your travel insurance in case of any emergency. Arrange your travel documents and get ready to explore Nigeria.

2. A travel checklist for Nigeria is easier than you think

Nigeria has two seasons and each offers a unique activities but the best time to visit Nigeria is between November – February (peak season). Nov – Feb is dry season and there is a whole lot of activities going during this period. If you want to enjoy a trip to Nigeria, travel light. Make sure you pack wisely. Arrange all your travel documents, footwear, first Aid kit, travel insurance etc.

What makes Nigeria the perfect choice for your first international travel experience
Murtala Muhammed international airport, Lagos | Lagosairport.net

3. Landing in Lagos is just the beginning of the exciting adventure

The Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos is the busiest airport in Nigeria. Flying in and out of Lagos is not for the faint-hearted. You need to get prepared for the whatsoever thing that comes your way. As soon as you touch down at Lagos, be vigilant and watch all your belongings.

4. Touring with public transport is the funniest thing to do

There are various travel and tour companies in Nigeria that organize tours for tourists. You can contact any of the tour companies to plan something good for you. If you really want to have crazy fun, tour with Nigerian public transport and see Nigeria in full.

What makes Nigeria the perfect choice for your first international travel experience
Nigerians and a white lady

5. Nigeria hospitality will leave you overwhelmed.

Nigerians value strangers. Nigerians cherish and adore strangers a lot. They are ready to welcome any traveler to their home anytime and any day. They have the same attitude of treating strangers either in the hotels in the cities or local’s house.

6. You will be astounded by the Nigerians unique way of life

Nigeria is certainly different from every other African country. Despite the fact that Nigeria has different ethnic groups, they still see themselves as one and love one another. Nigerians have a unique way of celebrating every occasion.

What makes Nigeria the perfect choice for your first international travel experience
Nigerians Celebrating

Things to note:

Travel insurance: If you don’t have travel insurance, get one before coming to Nigeria. An unexpected event can occur at anytime and anywhere. You need to be proactive against any emergency.

Language barrier: Nigeria has 3 major ethnic groups and each ethnic group has its own unique language. Because of this difference in language, Nigeria official language is English. Try to learn some local slang or phrases.


Question HausaIgboYoruba
How are you?Yaya dai/Kana Lafiya?Kedu Ka diSe daadaa ni/Salaafia ni?
I’m FineLafiya lauOdi mmaAdupe

Travel insurance, according to Wikipedia is insurance that is intended to cover medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight accident and other losses incurred while traveling, either internationally or within one’s own country. We have different coverage like medical/Health insurance, flight delay and cancellation Insurance etc

Inside the comfort of your home, you can apply for travel insurance and it can reduce time, energy and money. Though, it requires documentation and application on-line. Obtaining the proper coverage and Policy review is crucial. Certify that your personal data and monetary information is secured when applying on–line Below are The Best Ways To Buy Travel Insurance Online

Visit Insurance Company’s Website

Most of the insurance firms have a website where their customers can access their product and services. As a potential consumer, you should visit the website to visualize the products and services they have to offer. You can additionally, get a discount for applying on-line.

Include Those Travelling With You

When applying for travel insurance on-line, everybody that may be traveling ought to be listed within the acceptable place for example, within the case of minors, there are fields (clauses) that have to be completed within the on-line application as per whether or not the minor are going to be in the midst of an adult. Use caution to decide on the suitable choices before completing the on-line application.

Review Coverage Restrictions Before Completing Application

You can solely understand the extent of coverage by reading the insurance policy. Polices varies, some covers each accident or emergency that will arise while traveling, whereas some covers emergency alone and don’t cover any treatment once the patients have been discharged. Check what are lined beneath your policy. For example, medical/Health, flight cancellation etc.

Choose Between Single Trip Coverage And Annual Coverage

Insurance companies have two (2) major coverages. There are a single trip and annual coverage. Single trip insurance is just for one trip whereas annual coverage is for the whole year. Annual coverage might be a more robust deal if you travel frequently for work or personal reasons. Single trip coverage is good for one trip abroad.

Apply early

It is vital for you to apply a minimum of one week prior to your departure date. This would enable the travel insurance firm to process your application. It’s going to take between two to five working days for your application to be processed and completed. Other on-line application could also be processed as shortly as possible once payment is completed using any kind of payment like MasterCard, PayPal etc. Early application is good so that everything would be processed and place in order before departure.

Embody all travel destinations in your application

It’s essential to identify and enclosed all the places (destinations) you may be visiting as you are completing your application. It’s necessary to incorporate all the areas so as to understand the rate and ensure your coverage is complete. Each stops counts, don’t take away any.

Buy coverage peculiar to your trip

Some coverage doesn’t seem to be necessary. Check you’re itinerary and confirm the sort of coverage that may be essential to your travel and avoid those that doesn’t seem to be relevant. For example, there’s no need to include rail or rental coverage if you propose to take public transportation or move around your destination by foot. Baggage/luggage lost coverage is incredibly essential if you’re traveling by air.

Verify server credibleness before applying

The internet nowadays is stuffed with scammers who sole aim is to goldbrick individuals. Some websites don’t seem to be really what they represent. It’s advisable to verify the credibleness of the travel insurance company’s website to understand if it really belongs to the real owner (The travel insurance company). Browse their privacy policy and understand the protection measures and security guarantees to ensure that the site is secured. Check if the site is collecting and storing your financial (Credit cards number, pin etc.) and personal information

You will receive a confirmation email from the insurance firm

After eminent completion of application and payment processed, a confirmation email will be sent to you, showing that your application was successful and sort of coverage you’ve got covered. If you probably did not receive a confirmation email once finishing your application, contact the customer’s care unit. If you received the confirmation letter and any other relevant documents, print it out because it can function as a proof of insurance.

Do you have travel insurance?

I wrote an article on insurance last time and I stated the importance of travel insurance and the different types of travel insurance. But the big question now is how can someone get the best and the cheapest travel insurance?

One thing you should note is that the price of travel insurance varies. The price depends on the coverage and the type of travel insurance you need. There are different coverages of travel insurance such as baggage or cancellation insurance, medical etc. Whenever you are traveling abroad you will surely need travel insurance, always choose the right coverage you needs.

In order to get the best and the cheapest travel insurance, follow the under listed simple steps

• Plan Your Insurance Policy.

Planning will assist you in identifying the type of coverage you want and that will save your money because insurance companies will try to give you unnecessary coverage. Know the type of coverage you want and go for it.

• Check Special travel insurance policies.

There are special insurance policies especially for the seniors (from 65 years above). Always check if there is a discount available for you. When you are traveling with your family, it is advisable you avoid buying insurance individually because it can be cost effective but cheaper when you buy family insurance.

• Know what you are paying for

Only a few people take their time to read terms and conditions before applying for anything. For your own good, always read whatsoever print that will be giving to you. So that you will know what you are paying for before you pay for what is not relevant to you.

• Consult travel insurance expert.

In the medical field, they will always tell you to see your doctor if a cough persists for three days. In travel field, I will tell you to consult your travel insurance company whenever you want to do any of the following, travel abroad for medical treatment and you want to cancel your trip for any reason best known to you. Consult your travel insurance company for advice and guiding. Sometimes you may have already been covered in your destination country and there is no need to purchase another on.

• Consult travel agents and compare price

Consult different travel agents and get their different prices for travel insurance. Also on your own conduct a research to get your own travel insurance price. There are hundreds of insurance company’s website you can use to research to find out the different prices on travel insurance and then finally compare the different prices to get the best deal.

• You cannot make a claim without insurance.

You cannot make a claim for cancellation, loss of baggage etc. if you book a trip without including travel insurance. It is advisable to apply for travel insurance once you booked your trip

• Choose between annual or single-trip travel insurance Plan

Basically, we have two types of travel insurance plan namely annual travel insurance and single trip travel insurance. Depending on the number of times you want to travel for instance if you want to travel for 3 or more times in a year, annual travel insurance would be nice as it will give you a better deal. But if you will be going on a small travels let’s say 2 times in a year, single trip insurance may be advisable as it will give you a better deal.


  • • Keep all of your travel insurance documents in a safe place.
    • Keep your travel insurance handy.
    • In order to get reimbursed as soon as possible, file the necessary claims and other important documents.

Many travelers do not know its important. Some have heard about it while some don’t know what it is. So fasten your seat belt because today I will be taking on the meaning of TRAVEL INSURANCE, THE USES, AND THE DIFFERENT TYPES


Before we talk about travel insurance let us first look at what insurance is all about. According to Investopedia, Insurance is a form of risk management in which the insured (you) transfers the cost of potential loss to another entity (Insurance company) in exchange for monetary compensation known as the premium.

While Travel insurance, according to Wikipedia is insurance that is intended to cover medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight accident and other losses incurred while traveling, either internationally or within one’s own country.

The truth is, you cannot enter the plane without your ticket, you must provide them. But So many people travel without Travel insurance. Purchasing travel insurance is very important whenever you are traveling away from home.

Now ask yourself these questions.

What If I fall ill when traveling and I need a medical treatment?
If I want to cancel my trip because of one reason or the other, what do I do?
What if I couldn’t make it to my destination? God forbid.

Travel insurance can help you answer the above questions. Travel insurance can protect you from so many things from trip cancellation to baggage coverage, medical assistance to financial assistance.
There are different types of insurance that can cover your needs. So once you have decided to travel, I would advise you should purchase travel insurance. Purchase the types that best suit your needs. Though, it depends on the type of travel.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: The Meaning And Different Types
Insurance – sagetravels
Types of travel insurance
Travel Medical/Health Insurance

Medical/health insurance is very important. You need it no matter where you are traveling to because your destination (other countries) medical requirements can be very expensive. Any accident or illness whether minor or major can cost you thousands. This medical insurance covers hospital room fees, hospitalization, the cost of using an ambulance and also for drugs. There are some other benefits that are attached to transportation cost.

Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Insurance

There are some holiday packages that will require you to pay a huge sum of money in advance before you arrive. What if after spending this huge amount of money and at the point of departing, you’re forced to cancel the trip maybe due to a medical problem, civil disturbance, change in your finance etc. or maybe you missed your flight. Travel agents or even the carrier will not pay you back.

The same is also applicable to a situation in which you must stop your journey and you want to change your date or flight or even destination. You must pay for the changes. Since you are not going to the same destination, you will lose the money you paid for the hotel and other services.

You need Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption Insurance because it will help you from unforeseen contingencies that can interrupt your trip or force you to cancel your trip.

NOTE: Most of these policies exclude trip cancellations due to war or political instability in your destination.

Lost Baggage or Baggage coverage

Someone asked me one day, so people do lose their baggage at the airport despite the presence of security personals. Yes, people do lose their belongings. Some people do travel with valuable items like laptops; pieces of jewelry etc. and some of these items are stolen at the airport.

It is advisable you take care of your belongings and possessions at the airport but Baggage insurance can assist you when you lose your baggage. It will help you to buy and replace the item you lost at the airport.

Flight Delay and Cancellation Insurance

I saw pictures on the internet, where airline customers and airline staff were fighting. When I looked into the cause of the fight, I found out that the airline delayed and canceled a flight that has already be booked and scheduled to fly. Although, airlines have the right to cancel or delay flight departure time for instance if there is inclement weather or any other technical issues that need to be addressed before departure.

Most of the airlines do not give any form of compensation or assistance if your flight is delayed or canceled. Any form of delay or cancellation will definitely cost you. You may miss something important and you may have to pay for hotel accommodation and meal.

Flight delay and cancellation insurance will cover you in a situation like this. It will help you to pay for unexpected expenses that you will incur due to flight delay and cancellation.

Travel Live Insurance

There is a difference between Travel life insurance and full-time life (or whole Life) insurance. Full-time life insurance is the type of insurance that is for a whole lifetime provided you’re paying the premium. While Travel life insurance only cover when you are traveling. The advantage of this travel insurance is that it provides additional benefit to the life insurance you already have.

This type of insurance covers for you especially where medical insurance cannot cover. For instance, in the case of death abroad, travel life insurance will cover the cost of returning the remains home for burial.


Do you have Travel Insurance?

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