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Summer is still several months away, but it’s never too early to prepare for your upcoming trip. Whether it’s with your loved one or a group of friends, out-of-town trips are loads of fun and provide great snapshots of happy memories for everyone.

However, you must make the necessary preparations and talk about the trip in detail, so in case you encounter any problems, you’ll know what to do. Going on vacations can be stressful if you fail to plan, and you certainly wouldn’t want that considering all the time and money you’re putting into it.

Fortunately, there are always ways to find information and tips to plan your dream trip, even on a tight budget. Here are a few helpful guidelines that are proven to be effective when planning vacations.

Set the Budget

The very first thing you’d want to cross off your checklist is how much you can spend on this particular trip. The vacation budget is the rope that tells you where you can go, what you can buy, and so on. In fact, even if you fail to put this as your first consideration, you’ll probably end up here as you move along with your trip preparations.

Planning the budget for a trip goes way back a few months or even years. Why? You can’t expect to have an actual budget for a vacation sometime this year if you hadn’t set aside money in the last few months. You may need to sacrifice a few things so you can save up.

In this light, setting up a travel fund may help. You can put it in a separate bank account or a piggy bank if you like, but the point remains—you have to have a budget for this vacation.

Look for a Destination

Some travelers argue that this can also be number one, and yes, that can be true. However, this can only be true if they already have a destination in mind even before the actual planning process.

In that scenario, they only need to save up a particular amount that would fit the expenses for their chosen destination. On the other hand, if you want your list of possible summer destinations to be longer, then saving up money for a few months is the better path.

As you make a decision, you have to learn more about your possible choices. How much is the average roundtrip airfare? How’s the food? How about the weather? Does it fit the bill for a romantic getaway, or would it be better to visit with a group? What popular activities can you do during your stay? How much for the accommodation?

You also have to consider whether you’re visiting the target location during its peak season or not. Just by asking and answering these questions, you can save thousands on your vacation.

Wait for Airfare Sales and Promos

Airfare usually eats a large chunk off your travel budget, and that’s okay. But what if you can do something so that won’t happen? If you really want to get the cheapest flights to your chosen destination, then you have to always be on the lookout. Check airline websites several times a day, so you have better chances of booking seat promos. You can also do some of these seat sale hacks:

  • Follow the social media accounts of your favorite airlines. Most airlines announce their promotions through social media. Following their accounts will take you to the front seat whenever they make seat sale announcements.
  • Secure a fast Internet connection. When airline websites have ongoing seat sales, they usually receive high amounts of traffic, especially a few minutes after making the announcement. If you want to book your trip, then you will need a faster Internet connection.
  • Get the personal information of everyone joining the trip. Booking plane seats will require the personal data of the passengers. If you’re traveling with a group, make sure that you have their details ready in case a seat sale pops up.
  • Create an account with the airline. Airline websites often require account sign-ups before you can book. This takes several minutes to do, and if you’re competing with other people to book certain flights, that’s bad news for you. Create your account ahead of time in order to skip this step and get the available seats right away.
  • Be on the lookout even while everyone is sleeping. Some seat sale promos begin at midnight, so make sure you’re always on the lookout even during the wee hours of the day.

Plan Your Itinerary

Now that you’ve already booked a flight for your vacation, you can start making a schedule for your trip. Which tourist attractions are you planning to visit? When do you plan on going? What activities do you want your group to do? Where are you staying? How much is your budget for food? Will you eat out or cook your own food?

These are just some of the many things you need to plan. The last thing you want is to have absolutely no clue what to do next when you arrive there.

Do the Planning Now

Now that you know what to do about your dream trip, you have to start planning now. If you’re with a group, let them join the planning process, so you’re all on the same page. There are many ideal places to visit both in and out of the country, but you have to make that decision with your travel buddies.

Identify any possible problems you may encounter along the way. Bad weather? Bad food? Bad accommodation? You have to have a plan B for everything to prevent your vacation from getting ruined.“Failing to plan is planning to fail,” says a famous anecdote. That is definitely true in life, whether it’s for a business, starting a family, pursuing a goal, or enjoying your dream vacation. Not everything works out the way you want them to, but if you plan, you can easily adapt to almost every situation.

There is no better reason other than it’s just the best place to celebrate and enjoy Christmas with family and friends. Ask me why again and I will say the town is stress-free, secured and tranquil.
The most concrete reason I’ve got is that Badagry is a Home of tourism. Its people are hospitable, its attractions


are unique in nature. There’s more to say but let’s talk about the suntan beach for now.
The sight of the beautiful coconut trees and traditional African huts, the golden sand that decorates the environs, the swelling of the water body stylishly, the horse riders showcasing their skills and advertising for a ride, honey mooners holding hands and playing around, children and adults alike swimming.

funtime at the beach
funtime at the beach

Activities to engage in are quit inexhaustible. Fishing is highly permitted, football games are allowed, any kind of party at all is welcomed. breathtaking, hiking and watching the sunset are all inclusive.


Just book your ticket at the tool-gate with little money and get in for your fun. but in case you need help for flight booking, accomodation and tourguide just call 08167650848 or 08135146188
Suntan Beach is located at Km 67, Seme Border express way, Badagry., Lagos.
Accommodation :
Sycamore Hotels Ltd
Whispering Palms Resort
Zino Hotels International
La’Nova Continental Hotel
Paradise Guest House
De Julie Hotels
Crystal Guest Lodge
MB Hotel Porto-Novo
Attraction: other places you can visit are;
French Village
Agiya Tree monument
Mobee museum
Slave Trade Museum
Point of No Return
Vlekete Slave Market
First Primary School
First Storey Building.

Tourists are always regarded as the pioneer of negative demonstrative effect. The aim of every tourist is to explore the world while trying to leave negative impacts on the locals, destinations, and attractions they encounter when traveling

Last week I publish and articles on 36 facts about travels and destination that is capable of triggering travellers to deer for more. In the article, I discussed on how travel can improve one’s problem-solving skills and much more. One of the aims of running this blog is to educate travellers on how to have a less impact especially the negative impacts on the destination, people, and attractions.

Below are the 7 things travellers shouldn’t do while traveling

Lion – Credit: Pixabay

1. Be careful with wildlife (Don’t feed them)

It is now like a norm, almost all the tourist like feeding all kinds of animal they see in the park or zoo even the one they met on the road. There are two main reasons why you should not feed wildlife. First, the more humans feed animals, the more they get used to human and depend on the human for food.
Secondly, some of the foods consumed by human are not compactable or good for wildlife. So from today henceforth, if you see any tourist or tourist guide that is feeding animal speak up and frown against it. Thank you.

2. Ask for permission before taking photograph

Now put yourself in the shoes of your targets. Just imagine someone taking your picture, how would you feel? The same way you will feel bad, is the same way the people you’re taking their picture will feel. Just because you see little children playing or market women doing their normal business you think you can just bring out your camera and snap them.
The first thing to do before taking pictures of anyone is to take permission. Talk to them politely and in a respectful manner. If they decline, don’t pick offense. In some countries, it is a taboo to take pictures. For example, in Morocco and other Islamic countries, it is a taboo or considered rude to take pictures of mosques and other religious artifacts. Before you position your lens, take permission.

Don’t Litter the environment – Credit Pixabay

3. Keep the environment clean. Don’t mess the environment.

Like my friend will always say, everyone does it that does not make it right. Just because you see locals or other tourist littering the environment does not mean that is the right thing to do. There is a particular state in Nigeria that it is a punishable offense to litter the environment. There are trash bins or recycling centres everywhere in the city. One of the major problems of developing countries is the lack of recycling bin. That’s why you see tourists and locals littering the cities. Don’t join them.

4. Consider other means of transportation

I will not tell you to stop flying but have a rethink on the number of time you will fly. Flight is the fastest means of transportation but air transportation is a major contributor to carbon dioxide emissions which is causing the earth warm and a fastest and dangerous rate. Save the earth by using other means of transportation like the car, train, and boat. Though it may take the longer time it is also less expensive.

Tourists in the Local Market – Credit Pixabay

5. Not patronizing local goods

Help grow the economy of your destination country by patronizing locally made goods and services. This entails eating the local cousin, hotel and purchasing local souvenirs. Your small amount of money will go a long way to help grow the economy of the host community.

6. Don’t take selfie with wildlife

I know you must have seen pictures of tourists with wild animals like leopard, lion etc. on Instagram. One of the Afrotourist called Niyi last month posted pictures he took with a lion on Facebook. He also went as far as listing rules and regulations of lion walk. While the pictures look cool, it is also wrong. An animal is animal and wildlife remains wildlife. They are dangerous. Some of the dangerous wildlife to avoid is lion, tiger, leopard, elephant, dolphins and much more.

7. Avoid scam

The beauty of every travel is to explore your destination, learn a new culture and leave a less negative impact. And to achieve this, a tourist must be respectful. It has been reported over and over again in the national dailies on how supposed tourists turn out to be a torn in the flesh of the host. Be a Good Tourist.




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Nigeria is one of the countries in Africa with lots of untapped tourist attractions. Nigeria is a country rich in cultural diversity, delicious local cousin, romantic beaches, beautiful landscape and much more. From the sacred grooves to the northern ancient cities, from the wildlife reserved in Yankari to the natural landscape in Obudu.

The best time to visit and experience Nigeria has been a major question many travelers especially foreigners keep asking. Sagetravels.com your travel partner will try to explain and advise you on the best time to visit.

The best time to visit and experience Nigeria depends on the state you want to visit. I will try to group the states according to their geographical zones.

23 Fascinating Pictures Of Nigeria that will Make You Love Nigeria The More
Aso Rock – Abuja, Nigeria

North Central: (Also known as the Middle Belt): Benue, Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau and Federal Capital Territory.

From July – December is the best time to visit the north central. Then, the rain would have reduced and No much scorching sun. There are so many tourist attractions you can visit in this Zone. Example Aso Rock in Abuja, confluence beach in Kogi, Zuma rock in Niger etc.

July – November is off season so the cost of accommodation and transportation is usually cheap.

Obudu Mountain Range, Cross River State

South-South: Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Bayelsa, Rivers, Delta and Edo.

All the states in the South-South region are part of Niger Delta. Between December and January is the best time to visit Port Harcourt and Calabar. These zones record high amount of rainfall, that is why December – January is the best time to visit because the rain would have subsided.

During this period, there are lots of activities and things to do in the south-south. In Calabar, the Calabar Carnival holds from the first day of December till the end of the month. The carnival attracts tourist from both local and international. Apart from the carnival, Calabar is certainly the home of tourism in Nigeria. Tinapa, Marina resorts and Obudu is waiting for you.

Port Harcourt also known as the garden city is a bubbling city. The nightlife is unmatchable. There are lots of tourist attraction in Port Harcourt and other states in the south-south zone like the Ibeno Beach in Akwa Ibom.

23 Fascinating Pictures Of Nigeria that will Make You Love Nigeria The More
Okposi Salt Lake, Ebonyi State, Nigeria

South East: Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo

Okposi Salt Lake, Ebonyi State, Nigeria

The best time to visit this zone is from August – January. During this period, the rain would have reduced and there are lots of things to do and see in the zone. The new yam festival also takes place during this period. The attractions in this zone include Ogbunike cave in Anambra, The blue river in Abia, the Golden sand beach in Unwana, Ebonyi and Awhum waterfall in Enugu.

23 Fascinating Pictures Of Nigeria that will Make You Love Nigeria The More
Osun Grove, Osun State, Nigeria

South West: Ekiti, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Osun and Oyo

This is the same with South – East. Lagos is the most happening city among the states in the zone. I would advise you avoid Lagos during raining season. The traffic is usually heavy during festive periods like December. Lagos state is a tourist friendly state. The vibes in Lagos is unexplainable and incredible. Ekiti house the famous cold and warm spring called Ikogosi stream, Osun Oshogbo groove in Osun state, Olumo rock etc.

Agodi Gardens, Ibadan Nigeria

North West: Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara

You can visit this zone anytime except May – September because that is the raining season. The North West States is usually hot, so when visiting bring your sunglass.

Wikki Warm Spring, Bauchi State

23 Fascinating Pictures Of Nigeria that will Make You Love Nigeria The More
Gate to the palace of the emir of Zazzau

North East: Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Taraba and Yobe 

This zone is the same with North West. Bauchi is the home of one of the best national park in Nigeria (Yankari game reserve). Apart from Bauchi and Taraba, I would advise you avoid other states (Borno, Yobe, and Adamawa) in the zone because of terrorism.
Welcome to Nigeria. Nigeria is a place to visit.

Before taking your children for a trip, there are some important things you need to put into consideration. It is a good thing to take your children for a trip but it could be hectic and stressful at the same time especially if it is your first trip with your children. Some mothers don’t like traveling with their children because of the stress. If you are a frequent traveler you will agree with me that there is a difference between traveling alone and traveling with children.

Traveling with a child or children is not a new phenomenon; it is an act that has been in existence for a long time. I have heard and also seen people traveling with their baby or children and I noticed that most of them either make similar or the same mistake. Important things to note when planning a weekend vacation with your children are just simple tips that will guide you when next you want to travel with your children.

Avoid nightlife hotel

If you are traveling with your baby on a long vacation, there is need to book a hotel that will accommodate both of you for that period. When booking a hotel it is advisable for you to book a countryside resort. Avoid hotels with nightlife (Club, party etc.) as such place will make them uncomfortable. Children need quiet and noise free environment. It is advisable to choose a resort that is very calm. Such places are the best place to stay when traveling with children. Also, don’t jump from one hotel to another settle in one place.

Choose a homestay

Did you know that children can recognize their own bed, room, and even their home? You can make your children feel comfortable by making their room to look like the same with the one at home. You can come along with the same bed sheet, pillow, and blanket to make your baby feel at home.

Important Things To Note When Planning A Weekend Vacation With Your Children
Baby cot

Don’t forget your children travel cot

Don’t forget to travel with your baby’s cot. Today, it is now available in beautiful designs and latest models. This travel cot makes the baby relaxed when sleeping. For instance, if you traveled for a conference, your baby will be enjoying the sleep in his/her cot while you will take your time and enjoy your own conference.

Important Things To Note When Planning A Weekend Vacation With Your Children
Baby and grandparent

Visit your grandparents

From time to time, you can visit your grandparent’s home and enjoy some quiet time together. Taking your children to their grandparents is an ideal thing to do. Let your grandparents cuddle their own grandchildren. It is a thing of joy for grandparents to carry their own grandchildren now they are still alive.

Just imagine the love; apart from that, your children will get to know their grandparents. You may decide to drop your children with their grandparents while you embark on a journey. That will relief you of the stress of traveling with them and also worries while you are away from them.

Use open space destination

Sometimes it is advisable to use a destination with open space instead of close destinations like a museum, art and gallery center, shopping mall etc. Think about the fresh air, the green, and clean environment; think about nature and the health benefits.

Important Things To Note When Planning A Weekend Vacation With Your Children
hotel Room

Book an apartment/villa/bedroom

If you really want to be comfortable and enjoy your trip, it is advisable for you to book an apartment or a villa where you can have all you want. Like a washing machine, kitchen etc.

I have families that will be spending their Christmas in Dubai this year with their children. Guess the kind of accommodation they chose? An apartment. Yea! The reason because it will give them the comfort they desire and it’s the best place to be when you’re traveling with children.

Chose child-friendly destination

Whenever you are traveling with children (or a child) always advise your travel agent (If you are using any) to book a child-friendly destination for you. This is because such destination provides children care facilities and amenities and also assign a staff to take care of your baby or children.

Business travel is not a new phenomenon. In other to expand your company’s market there is a need for business travels. When you travel, you can be able to meet your potential customers. This is advantageous to companies as it is an avenue to promote your company and also attract customers. Alongside with the numerous benefits of business travels, there is restraint that is attached. As a business traveler, the area of safety and security must not be neglected as it goes a long way to protect your company.

Sagetravels your number 1 travel partner presents to you the 4 ways to protect your company while traveling. Though they may be comprehensive but they are essential.

4 ways to protect your company while traveling

1. Protect Your Gadgets (Phone, Laptop etc.)

Please protect your devices because there are very important. Our devices play an important role in linking us to the world. They help us to solve our desolations and at the same time, they can cause damages if not properly manage. As a businessman, it is advisable for you to get yourself acquitted with the latest trend in the society, as this will help you protect your company. There are proficient hackers all over the world and they can infect your devices with malware software that can give them access to all your private data. In other to avoid this, you need to create a policy that will guide the usage of your devices.

2. Buy Travel Insurance

On this blog, I publish more articles that would emphasize more on the importance of travel insurance, the meaning, the different coverage, and plans. Despite the fact that travel insurance is cost effective, there is still need to purchase them when you are traveling. Traveling without travel insurance is the same as putting your business in a very big risk. Even if you are a frequent traveler, you don’t need to worry because there is an insurance plan for you. Travel insurance is for both domestic and international travelers. There is medical insurance, flight cancellation insurance etc. travel insurance is vital as it will save your company from losses.

4 ways to protect your company while traveling
Protect your identity

3. Protect your identity

Identity is gold. Though it is not good to lose money but sometimes losing money is better than losing your identity. I watched a movie title “identity theft”, in the movie a certain man identity was stolen by a lady who went about committing all manner of atrocities in this man’s name. She stools his money from credit card and buys all kinds of expensive drinks, clothing etc. to the extent that the man almost lost his job.

Traveling light is a key to identity protection and also protects your company’s identity. When you travel light everything is under your watch and there will be no unnecessary item to look after. You can easily track all your possessions. If you are staying in a hotel whenever you travel for a meeting, exhibition, conference etc. always endeavour to use the hotel safe box to keep all your valuable items and also ensure that your credit cards, ATM card pin are well secured.

4. Do this once you return back

As soon as you get back safely, there are some certain things you need to do in other to avert unforeseen problem that may arise later. First, as you return from your trip, kindly do a proper check on your devices to ensure they are free from any kinds of malware. It is advisable to reformat them. Secondly, cross checks and analyze all your transactions to ensure everything is accurate and correct.

There are different festive periods (Christmas, New Year, Easter, Eid Al Fitri, Eid Al Kabir etc.) that are celebrated in Nigeria. The Easter period is around the corner, a lot of people are already surfing the internet to see how to find low fare domestic flights in Nigeria during festive periods. I decided to write this article because I heard a lot of people complaining that they cannot find low-fare flights in Nigeria especially during Easter, Christmas, Eid Al Fitri and Eid Al Kabir celebrations. I agree with them because, during festive periods, a lot of people travel to their hometown to celebrate. Another reason it is difficult to find flights ticket is because most flights are filled.

A dark tall young woman met me where I was standing and she said, please I would like you to help me lap one of my children. I wanted to ask her why? But when I looked at her luggage and her children I was short of words. Her bags were not properly arranged, she didn’t even comb her hair very well. From my observations, she did not prepare for the trip. I guess she doesn’t know the 8 Sure Ways To Enjoy Smooth And Stress-Free Travel In Nigeria.

Travelling generally can be stressful especially when you are travelling by road in Nigeria. I have experienced a stressful journey in Nigeria. I almost missed my bus one day; it was a bad experience though. 

Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa. There are 36 states in Nigeria, all of them have different unique cultural heritage. Nigeria has over 250 ethnic groups. There are different types of tourist attractions in Nigeria, ranging from natural (Such as beach, mountain, landscape etc.), artificial, cultural, festival etc. Nigeria local delicacy is simply the best.

It is unfortunate that many travellers don’t prefer Nigeria as their destination. Nigeria has been bombarded with negative imagery from terrorism to conflict “ethnic”, disease and much more.

Going on a vacation is one of the hardest things Nigeria University students do. Many will complain of time while others will be complaining about money. Since most students don’t have money, how do you expect them to travel? Every Nigeria university student believes travelling is expensive and they cannot afford the bills as a student. I will be revealing how to travel cheaply as a Nigeria University Student.

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