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How I wish we have aviation Master plan based on demand and traffic so that we can ascertain if this is not a vanity project. This was exactly the comment I made the last time I read the news about Osun state proposed MKO Abiola international airport.

Many aviation experts saw this project as a waste of state fund and not necessary. So many experts and frequent travellers were of the opinion that the government should have used the money to upgrade Ibadan airport since the airport is not far away from Osun state and has been fully utilized since inception. Some said the government should have channelled the fund to road construction and rail services or better still pay off all the workers they are been owed in the state instead of starting some kind of elephant project that will not see the light of the day.

Of course project like this will never go without praise singers having one or two things to say concerning the project. When sagetravels.com broke the news about the proposed M.K.O Abiola international airport, they were some that lauded the project. They praised the government of Osun state for embarking on such project. They went as far as listing the social and economic benefits of the M.K.O Abiola international airport when completed. When I examined the comments, I found out that most of the praise singers have little or no knowledge of how the aviation industry works.

A friend of mine who went to the Federal Airport Authority Nigeria (FAAN) stand during the just concluded National Tourism Transport Summit and Expo in Abuja to inquire about the M.K.O Abiola international airport, was told by a Federal Airport Authority Nigeria (FAAN) staff that they are not fully aware of the project as it is a private airport. Moreover, Osun State does not necessarily need an airport.

Captain Emmanuel Great, an Aviation Business & Traning consultant at Exodus Aviation Academy, disagreed with the Federal Airport Authority Airport (FAAN) arguing that Osun state needs an airport. He was of the opinion that the airport should be strictly tourism airport considering the fact that Osun state has over 60 tourist attractions and having an airport is not a bad idea. He went further to buttress his point on why Osun state needs an airport by citing Niger Delta states (South-South). According to him, Niger Delta (south South) has more than 5 airports (Bening, Warri, Asaba, Portharcourt, Bayelsa, Uyo, Calabar Airport), so, therefore, there is need to have the Osun Airport so that there will be four (4) airports in the south-west and by extension, Osun state airport will be the only Southwest owned Airport as Lagos, Ibadan, Ilorin and Akure are all federal government owned airports.

A friend that served with Osun State Tourism Board during her National Youth Service Corp (NYSC), narrated how the Osun state government is gradually pulling away from sponsoring the Osun Oshogbo festival. I think building an airport is not the problem. Our major problem or let me say challenges in Nigeria has and will remain maintenance culture until we decide to change. Nigeria has about 20 airports. That’s fine but the question is; how is this airport managed? How many are serviceable? Are they functioning very well as expected? How many people use the airport on daily basis? Etc.

According to civil aviation regulation, certain places or geographical locations may not pass a major requirement to position an airport in the location. Many do not even understand what “line of squad” mean? This is a kind of winds that toss and gust at a very high speed capable of flying aircraft of any size to an unknown destination. According to civil regulations 1998 report about Nigeria line of squad, many places including Oshogbo is along this line of squad and this literally means that an airport is not supposed to be in Osun state. (I know these records are long lost).

According to different reports concerning the airport, the proposed M.K.O Abiola international airport would be a cargo and aircraft maintenance hub when completed. But what happened to the project that the contractor said the first phase will be completed before the first quarter of 2018? Then, it will resume operation with five aircraft, three passenger helicopters and one cargo. At the end of the project, the airport will have a 5 star rated hotel, recreational amenities and much more.

The Beginning And The Concession Agreement

The Osun state governor, Rauf Aregbesola, told Osun state people that his administration will build an airport for easy movement of people and goods, also, to promote the state tourist attractions. This and more was some of his campaign promises. He said this when he visited the Alayemore of Ido-Osun, Oba Aderemi Adedapo palace. Due to the economic situation in Nigeria, the state was unable to execute this project. Since the government was unable to complete the project due to lack of fund, the decided to hand over the project to a private firm (AWOL International Limited) on 26 October 2017.

The Agreement

AWOL International Limited agreed to build, operate and transfer the airport to Osun state government after 30 years.

The Current State Of The Airport

According to Nigerian Tribune, the site where the airport is located has been taken over by weed. Some of the buildings have collapsed and some are not accessible because weed has taken over. The site is gradually turning into a forest.

The Distance Between Osun And The Nearby Airports

Osun state is surrounded by three (3) airports namely Ibadan Airport, Akure Airport and Ilorin Airport. The distance from Osun to these states is not much. For instance, from Osun to Ibadan is less than an hour drive. From research, the 3 airports are still functioning.

Question for the day?

Do you think Osun state needs an airport since there are three (3) functioning airports?

We would like to read your opinion/view on the proposed M.K.O Abiola international Airport, Oshogbo that has gone awry.

Use the comment box below.

Yesterday, the Government of Osun State, under the leadership of Governor Ogeni Rauf Aregbesola flagged-off the construction of the access road leading to Olumirin Waterfalls, Erin-Ijesa.


The project which had already kick-started same yesterday, 2nd  November 2017 by RAMP is a plus and a welcomed development which will lead to the development of the waterfalls as well as the host community.

S.A showcasing her dancing skill with the cultural centre dancing troop
S.A showcasing her dancing skill with the cultural centre dancing troop

The occasion which was held at the waterfalls was hugely grazed by the host communities as well as dignitaries from within Osun state. The S.A to the Governor on Tourism Mrs Taiwo Oluga was in attendance. She gave a speech, reassuring the host community of the Governors interest in the well-being of the host community.Other dignitaries in attendance included the chairman OTB/OTA, Engr. ABIMBOLA DANIYAN, RAMP Project COOrdinator Engr. Lere Oloriolowo, etc. the cultural troops and host communities were not left behind.



Olumirin, meaning “ANOTHER LORD”, is the apt name, given to this unique making of nature, in exclamation at the cascading wonders before the eyes of the migrating hunters led by Yeye Akinla the granddaughter of Oduduwa, a skillful courageous woman. The waterfall is a nature resort per excellence with a distinct character, with an abundance of lush natural forest.

A trip to Olumirin must surely give you a sense of appreciation to God for how wonderful he is in all his creations. One good thing about the waterfall is its nearness to the host community. You will never like someone going on an adventurous trip to the forest, instead, you will continue to see people around who are willing to interact with you and give you a touch of hospitality.

How the journey began right? Yeah! I set out for the journey from Osogbo town heading towards Ilesa; the trip lasted for about 30minutes. When we arrived Erin Ijesa in Oriade LGA of Osun State, we proceed to the sloppy road. The whole experience began with the change in humidity.

Christiana writing her travel experience

Erin garden is a thick forest, which houses Olumirin waterfall. It was first discovered in the year 1140AD, during the migration of Ife people to Erin Ijesa community. The water flows among rocks and splashes down with freak force to the evergreen vegetation around. The area can also serve as mountaineering exercise.

The breeze at the waterfalls is cool and refreshing. The whole scenery is fascinating and idyllic. The waterfall is good for drinking and as medicine by indigenes and tourists alike.

The waterfall comprises seven levels, each with its unique characteristics.
Level 1 features the iconic scenery of the rushing of water from 10metres above into a natural pool that is the classic Olumirin waterfall photos you see in postcards, magazines or web.

More Photos

From level 1 to 2 is long, steep and full of expectation, you can never be disappointed when you finally get to see the cascade of plunging water descending 40metres from above, a captivating scenery that can be fully appreciated only descending 5metres to meet the Misty flow as it pours into a big wading pool that is everyone’s favourite.

Climbing from level 3 to 4 is rugged and demanding and fit for the adventure seeking tourist.

Then, because of the elevation from the 5th level, there seems to be a drop in temperature all the way to the 7th level. At this level, you begin to feel like you are moving towards the sky.

Christiana With a friend at Olumirin waterfall, Erin ijesa

Climbing the stairs upwards reminds me of the story of Jesus on his way to Golgotha. Stepping up is quite strenuous but be rest assured that the fun up there is really worth it.

Christiana feeling the water as she touches it

From the cooling effect, you will get from swimming to the excitement you will have from watching the water fall with a thunderous sound. All this makes up the experience, but don’t forget to stop at the “Akara junction” (Beans cake) to get a full pack of your local sandwich (Akara & Bread) while going and be ready to buy ukpa (African walnut) when coming back.


Olumirin Waterfall is located in a safe and peaceful place.

What You Need

  • Flip Flop
  • Hiking Boots
  • Shorts
  • Extra Clothes (Changing)
  • Swimming gear

What To Do

There are different kinds of activities tourist can engage at Olumirin Waterfall, Erin-Ijesa like

  • Climbing to the last tier of the waterfall
  • View the scenery

Where To Stay

  • Silver Grandeur Hotel – 4.67 KM Away
  • Pinkron Hotels – 3.38 KM Away
  • Afrikaanse Guest House – 3.70 KM Away
  • Blue Seasons Hotel – 1.56 KM Away
  • Habitat Apartment – 4.42 KM Away

Olumirin Waterfall, Erin-Ijesa is a clear waterfall with seven levels and it is known for its ambiance and breathtaking scenery.

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