So I have this friend that has been on my neck to hike with this particular group that organises monthly hiking for youths, but I kept declining and giving him various excuses some of which were genuine due to work-related stress. However, I told myself I would surely make out time someday to honour his invitation and also to have some fun myself with peers and refresh.

So I got myself registered to hike with them for that month sometime in February 2020 and fortunately for me, the destination for that month was a destination I had longed to visit ever since. That’s how my journey to Gurara waterfalls in Niger state began.

early that Saturday morning, I got up and quickly prepared to move to the pick-up point that was approved by the group where a met some other members already waiting. Just about 15 extra minutes of waiting, a coaster bus arrived, in it were a good number of youths already seated. They were picked up earlier from the other point.

We quickly hopped into the bus and right there we began the real journey, driving toward Abuja-Suleja road. We went on a convoy and were accompanied by armed security guards.

Sincerely speaking, the road trip itself was fun-filled with members joking and teasing each other until we arrived gate the waterfalls. At the gate was a signpost written: “welcome to Gurara Waterfalls, swimming is highly prohibited”. We were received by our host guide Mr Abdulahi Sulaiman who is also the manager of the waterfall destination. Mr Sulaiman addressed us and gave us the history of the waterfalls.

The waterfall was said to have gotten its name from two ancient shrines namely; Gura the male and Rara the female. The water got its source from a community in Kaduna called Kachia. It was discovered by a hunter who was travelling from Zaria to Kaduna but later settled around the waterfall and formed a small village called Konu, which is now the host community. It is currently made up of a native tribe known as Gwari, which could also be referred to as Gbagy or Gwali.

The hunter’s name was Guba and he worshipped the water as his source of life and god. After a while, other members of the community joined him in doing same, this continued until the arrival of the foreign religions. This explains the reason why swimming is said to be prohibited at the waterfall and are not allowed to touch the water in some areas in the waterfall.

Also worthy of note is that before the bastardisation of their culture and religion, visitors were only allowed entrance on any other days except Thursdays and Mainly Fridays.

We sure had a swell time hiking from the gate through the back route to the foot of the roaring and splashing water from the heavens. The experience was exhilarating and refreshing. We played various games such as Beach ball, thug of war, treasure hunts etc. We were divided into groups for each of the game and we competed favourably and various prizes were won.

Mr Sulaiman also mentioned some of the government efforts to establish the attraction to an international standard with the inclusion of the public and private partnership to build a resort for accommodation and entertainment of both local and foreign tourists.

In conclusion, I would like to say that attraction needs urgent government intervention and attention. Local security should also be provided in order to make the place more comfortable for tourist.

As part of the Nigeria government effort to ease the lockdown and reopen the business, the government has announced the reopening of domestic flights in Nigeria.

Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 disclosed this plans on Monday during their daily press briefing.

Nigeria government locked down the country in other to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

According to the report, the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 requested the Aviation Industry to start developing protocols for domestic flights to possibly resume from June 21. The interstate travels remain closed.

The domestic commercial flights in Nigeria are:

Air Piece
Arik Air
Dana air
Ibom Air
Azman Air
Aero Contractors
Max Air
Medview airlines.

Are you ready to fly?

Where would you travel to when flights resume operations?

Originality for me remains the best identity any human can ever have. This saying has always been true but with this recent news of the initially criticized Nigerian jargon going globally viral, there is no more reason to doubt.

Recently, Oxford English Dictionary said it has added 29 Nigerian words and expressions in the January updates to the dictionary. The news was revealed in a blogpost posted on the dictionary’s website that the 29 Nigerian entries form part of the more than 550 new words, senses, and sub-entries added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Oxford English Dictionary’s World English editor, Danica Salazar, said: “The majority of these new additions are either borrowings from Nigerian languages or unique Nigerian coinages that have only begun to be used in English in the second half of the twentieth century, mostly in the 1970s and 1980s.”

‘Next tomorrow,’ is one of the new entries into the dictionary. The expression is regarded as the oldest among the over 25 uniquely Nigerian words/expressions.

According to Salazar, ‘next tomorrow’ was first used in written English as a noun in 1953, and as an adverb in 1964.

Kannywood, which refers to the film industry in northern Nigeria, is deemed the youngest among the lot.

Nigerian Twitter users have also reacted to this new updates, here are some of their comments;


Check out the full list of the new entries is below:

1.            Agric, adj. & n.: A. adj.: 1. Of, relating to, or used in agriculture; B. n.: Nigerian English. Agricultural science as an academic subject or course. Also as a modifier.

2.            Barbing salon, n.: A barber’s shop.

3.            Buka, n.: A roadside restaurant or street stall with a seating area, selling cooked food at low prices. Cf. Frequently as a modifier, as in buka food.

4.            Bukateria, n.: A roadside restaurant or street stall with a seating area, selling cooked food at low prices.

5.            Chop, v./6: To acquire (money) quickly and easily. Frequently in negative sense: to misappropriate, extort, or embezzle (funds). Also intransitive.

6.            Chop-Chop, n./2: Bribery and corruption in public life; misappropriation or embezzlement of funds. Also as a modifier.

7.            Danfo, n.: A yellow minibus that carries passengers for a fare as part of an informal transport system in Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria. Also as a modifier, esp. in danfo bus.

8.            To Eat Money, in eat, v.: to acquire money dishonestly; to misappropriate, extort, or embezzle funds.

9.            Ember Months, n.: The final four months of the calendar year (September to December), esp. considered together as a period of heightened or intense activity.

10.          Flag-Off, n.: 1. the official start or commencement of an event or undertaking. ; The start of a race.

11.          To Flag Off In Flag, v.: b. transitive. Indian English and Nigerian English. In extended use: to start (an event or undertaking).

12.          Gist, n./3: Idle chat, gossip. Also: an instance of this, a rumour or piece of gossip.

13.          .gist, v./2: To chat, gossip.

14.          Guber, adj.: Of or relating to a governor or governorship

15.          Kannywood, n.: The Nigerian Hausa-language film industry, based in Kano; Kano regarded as the centre of this industry.

16.          K-Leg, n.: A condition in which one or both of a person’s knees are turned inwards, resulting in a noticeable gap between the feet when standing with the knees touching; = knock-knee n. Also (depreciative): a person affected with this condition. Now chiefly Nigerian English.

17.          Mama Put, n.: A street vendor, typically a woman, selling cooked food at low prices from a handcart or stall. Also: a street stall or roadside restaurant run by such a vendor; (as a mass noun) the type of food sold by such vendors.

18.          Next Tomorrow, n. & adv.: A. n. The day after tomorrow.B. adv. On the day after tomorrow.

19.          Non-Indigene, adj. & n.: A. adj. Not native. In later use chiefly West African: belonging to an ethnic group considered not to be indigenous to a particular area.

B. n. West African. A member of an ethnic group considered not to be indigenous to a particular area.

20.          Okada, n.: In Nigeria: a motorcycle which passengers can use as a taxi service.

21.          To Put To Bed, in put, v.: to give birth. Also: to give birth to (a child).

22.          Qualitative, adj.: West African. Of high quality; excellent.

23.          To Rub Minds (together) in rub, v./1: (of two or more people) to consider a matter jointly; to consult and work together; to confer. Similarly to rub our (also their, etc.) minds together. Now chiefly Nigerian English.

24.          Sef, adv.: Used for emphasis after a statement or rhetorical question, often expressing irritation or impatience.

25.          Send-Forth, n.: A celebration or event to mark a person’s departure; a send-off. Frequently as a modifier, as send-forth ceremony, send-forth party, etc.

26.          Severally, adv.: On several occasions; repeatedly.

27.          Tokunbo, adj.: Denoting an imported second-hand product, esp. a car.

28.          Zone, v.: To allocate a nomination for (a political office) to a candidate from a particular region, under the zoning system: see zoning n. Additions. Also with the candidate as object of the verb. Usually in passive.

29.          Zoning, n.: The system or practice of allocating nominations for certain political offices to candidates from particular regions, as part of an unofficial power-sharing arrangement within a political party, intended to produce balanced regional representation.

The Oxford English Dictionary publishes four updates a year. The next update will be added to the dictionary in March 2020.

I came across a post by someone in a forum, who was probably denied an American visa. He asked if there is an instruction from the American government to deny Nigerians visa. Someone that was going to America for his master’s degree programme also told us that the US embassy in Nigeria denied his visa.

The issue of Visa refusal has been a big problem not only for Nigerians alone even other countries experience the same thing especially when they are trying to visit countries like the United States of America, United Kingdom, and other developed countries.

According to 2016 statistic on visa refusal from United State Department of State, the rate for United States visas by country, Cuba has the highest rate with 81.9 %, followed by Afghanistan with 73.8%, Mauritanian 71.5% and so on. On the same rating, Nigeria has 32.56% refusal rate, that is to say, 67.44% of Nigerians that apply for US visa get approval.

This boils down to what should I do in order to get my visa approved. Is it money?  From our findings, money plays a role because they have to be sure you won’t be a liability to them. But you could have all the money in the world and get denied. I know someone that has lots of money to throw around but could not get the visa.

Funmi Oyatogun, the founder of TVP Adventures (TVP Adventures is the Tour company for budget travellers), said that the decision to issue a visa is up to the immigration officer.

Below are her first-hand tips on how to improve your chances of getting a high-stake visa.

Have Legitimate Reasons

Make sure you have a legitimate reason to travel. Sounds like a no-brainer but some people stroll into the embassy with fraudulent travel reasons. Make sure you have a school admission, legit tourism plan, family event/visit, conference, etc.

Wanting to go visit The Eye or the Statue of Liberty is a specific reason. You don’t have to have a fancy reason, but you must have a legitimate and specific reason. Don’t go there saying…”I just want to go to America” or “I just want to go to England.”

10 Things Nigerians Should Note When Applying For A High-Stake Visa Like US, Uk
Have a Travel Plan – credit: langll / Pixabay

Have a Travel Plan

Make sure you KNOW your travel plans. If you are going for tourism, know your sites. If you are going to school, know your school & major. If you are going to a conference, know what it is about. If you cannot tell the officer about your plans, it will come off as fake.

Provide Original Documents

Have your AUTHENTIC DOCUMENTS and have them all. All your documents can be easily verified by an immigration officer. If s/he wants to, they can call your bank, school, etc. Don’t give them a reason to do so. Make sure your passport info matches your form info.

Never forge documents. Don’t be a special breed and forge documents that the US embassy can verify with a click of the button… SAT scores, I-20 docs, previous travel, etc. Don’t forge documents and make sure your agent is not forging documents for you. Speaking of agents…

Filling Online Form

You do not need an agent to fill out a US visa application. If you want to use a legitimate agent, that’s fine. Know that everything you’re asked is info you have.

Here are the steps:

  • Fill out the form online
  • Pay
  • Schedule Interview
  • Prepare documents
  • Attend Interview
  • More

Make sure your form and documents do not have mistakes. Sometimes, a small mistake could look like intent to deceive. Cross-check your information thoroughly. Write your family name in the right place and your age correctly. Again, don’t forge anything. Old names, detail them.

Did you know that you can find all your US travel history on the US i94 website? So if you’re struggling to remember the dates of your previous travel, visit this site and fill out that section of your form correctly.

10 Things Nigerians Should Note When Applying For A High-Stake Visa Like US, Uk
Be Confident Credit –Tumisu / Pixabay


Be Confident

Truth is many people do not get asked for a slew of documents because their immediate application looks legit enough. So have your documents ready but be confident when answering questions. Know your name and don’t let anyone feed you a rehearsed story.

Establish Ties To Nigeria

Make sure you establish ties to Nigeria. A job, a company, family that relies on you, etc. The most likely non-fraud reasons for denial are weak ties to home country, no proof that you can fund your trip and incorrect information. Make it clear that you will come back! Make sure you have enough money in your account that can cover the number of days you are going to stay.

Don’t Overstay

Don’t overstay your visa! Fam, if you would like to return for another visa, make sure you return within the stipulated time granted by your visa. You will most likely (most likely) be given a 2-year visa but you cannot stay for more than months at a stretch. Don’t do it.

10 Things Nigerians Should Note When Applying For A High-Stake Visa Like US, Uk
Don’t Violate Terms Credit – stux / Pixabay

Don’t Violate Terms

Don’t do ANYTHING that will violate the terms of your visa. Students don’t work outside campus and for more than the number of hours your visa allows. Visitors don’t work. Period. Don’t get arrested. You’ll need to renew your visa so don’t spoil your chances.

Know This

The US has one of the most straightforward visa application processes among ‘high-stakes’ countries. You deal with the embassy directly, you are told at the point of your interview whether your visa has been approved or denied, and it only takes a few days to deliver it to you. Make sure you have enough money in your account that can cover the number of days you are going to stay.

Enjoy the States. It is perhaps one of the most culturally and geographically diverse places in the world. There’s a new story in every state!

Add Yours

We would like to read your own advice or ask a question using the comment box below.

Do you need a visa Expert to assist you or a one on one session with our visa expert, click here to contact us


The Nigerian government has extended the validity period of the country’s international passport as part of the reforms in the aviation industry. The present government led by Mohammad Buhari bids to change the e-passport, by extending the validity period from 5 years to 10 years.

The Comptroller-General of the Nigerian Immigration Service, Muhammed Babandede, who disclosed this extension on a Channels television program, reviews the reason behind the extension. Muhammed Babandede said the passport was extended from 5 to 10 years to reduce the stress Nigerians go through in order to renew expired passport.

“One of the reforms he (President Buhari) has approved is that we would improve the quality and security of our passport booklets.

“Ten years after the enrolment of the e-passport system, we need to improve the security features. You can’t keep documents for 10 years without seeing decreased values in them, so we are improving the security features which would raise the standards of the passports,” he said

The Comptroller-General of Nigerian Immigration Service, Muhammed Babandede, also noted that the new passport with 10 years validity period will cost more. Although he did not specify the amount that will be paid for the new passport but warned new applicants to get ready to pay more for the passport.

When Sagetravels.com team checked the Nigeria Immigration official website, we found out that the price for the current passport varies according to age and booklet types.

The price of Nigeria passport and fees for those in Nigeria and Abroad.

Nigeria Immigration Service Passport Fee – Applying In Nigeria (Naira)

Booklet Type

Age 0 – 17Age 18 – 59AGE 60+
32 Pages8,75015,0008,750
64 Pages20,00020,00020,000
Nis Passport Fee – All Embassies, Consulates & High Commissions (Us Dollar)
Booklet TypeAge 0 – 17Age 18 – 59AGE 60+
32 Pages659465
64 Pages125125125


How did You get your passport

[rainmaker_form id=”3518″]

Congratulations are in order for Mr Mohammed Abubakar an Air Azman pilot who started his journey in the aviation industry as a cleaner, 24 years after he becomes a captain.

According to the tweet via Air Azman official Twitter handle, Mohammed Abubakar started his carrier in the aviation industry 24 years ago as a cleaner and today, he is been celebrated as a captain with Northern-based Airline

Azman tweet

He Joined the Aviation industry 24years ago as Aircraft Cleaner. Today He is getting the Fourth Bar to becoming a CAPTAIN. Congratulations Mohammed Abubakar from all of us @AirAzman

Nigerians have since storm Air Azman Twitter account to celebrate the new captain for his hard work, determination and his resilient spirit. Many see Mohammed Abubakar story as a source of inspiration believing that it doesn’t matter where one started from.

Captain Mohammed Abubakar celebrated by Air Azman Pilots

A Twitter user who started small also thanked Air Azman for the opportunity they give to their staff to grow not minding the position as he also pleads to fly the Airline anytime he is travelling within Nigeria.

With this act alone, anytime I am travelling locally in Nigeria, I will definitely fly @AzmanAir and will encourage others to do also. Really love it when an organization gives staffs opportunity to grow not minding the level of entry. I am a product of such opportunity also

Air Azman which was established in 2010 and started operations in 2014 with its hub in Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, Kano serves majorly Northern Nigeria. At the last quarter of last year, Azman Air began to plan to fly from Kano to Dubai, Jeddah and China Routes Operations.

While mixed reactions continue to thrill the new Nigeria national carrier, Nigeria Air, the former minister of education and convener of Bring Back Our Girls Campaign #BBOG, Mrs Oby Ezekwesili as she is fondly called, has lent her voice as she kicks against the national carrier, Nigeria Air project.

In a series of tweets via her tweeter handle @obyezeks, Mrs Obiageli, calls the new National Carrier a wrong priority as she wishes the National Carrier to fail.

I actually believe that at some point the Federal Government would have “advised itself” and know that the so-called “National Carrier Project” is a waste. Sadly not so as they are determined on what is clearly a wrong priority. It shall fail. For the sake of the country, it must fail. She said.

She tweeted this on 28 March 2018, but many Nigerians ignored it. The tweet was exhumed when the Minister of state for aviation Sen. Hadi Sirika unveiled the Name, Logo and tagline for the new National Carrier at Farnborough International Public Airshow in London.

The former World Bank Vice President explained why she made the above statement after a Twitter user asked her to withdraw her “It will fail” statement. She maintained that she is still standing on her words that the government has no business owning a National Carrier.

There’s nothing to take back. My March 2018 tweet is where I STAND. ANY WASTE of LEAN PUBLIC RESOURCES for ANY WHITE ELEPHANT project MUST FAIL. We simply CANNOT AFFORD such frivolity in the midst of GROWING POVERTY. So, don’t wait.

You, like some, have still not figured that my position is anchored on my Fundamental Conviction that FG has NO BUSINESS STARTING an Airline BUSINESS into which it has obliged ‘initial capital’ PENDING WHENEVER it can offload 95% of the Company to ‘POTENTIAL Private sector’.

Although, the minister of state for aviation, Sen. Sadi Sirika, made it clear at the unveiling in London that the new National Carrier is purely a private sector affair. He also disclosed that the government has only 5% stake while the private investors take 95%. The government will not be involved in running the Nigeria Air as the private investors will take charge of all that.

In another tweet, Mrs Oby questioned who the investors are that will invest the remaining 95%. She also questioned why the federal government will acquire aircraft and invest initial capital up to the tune of $300 million. The former World Bank vice president said, if she is the president and her aviation minister presents a memo to set up a national carrier with an initial capital of $300million & acquire aeroplanes, she will sake the minister immediately.

Question: Who makes up the rest 95% of the ‘National Airline’ that you say is for Private Sector?
Minister: We’ve been talking to xxx. We’ve been talking to abc. We’ve been talking to xyz.

A National Airline’ which disclosed details raises more questions than they answer. They chorus: ”Yen, yen, yen. FG is only 5% & private sector is 95%.” Which Private Sector, please? What is the Push Factor for FG HASTE in RUSHING a ‘Deal’ it has NOT FOUND the rest 95% owners?

If I were President & my Aviation Minister sent me a Memo asking for my approval to set up a ‘National Airline’ with initial capital of FG’s $300million & acquire aeroplanes, I will instantly send him a reply. It will be Goodbye. Pls hand over the Ministry to the Perm Sec.

A BOGUS PLAN to WASTE up to $300M on a grandiose ‘National Airline’ Project has awakened some of you to debates even if it laced with abusive words. I LOVE THAT YOU ARE ACTIVELY ENGAGED. I have made my point. Make yours too.

Waste of time and resources by the FG.@AsoRock. Remind me again what Bill Gates told them about wrong priorities? How in the world can FG’s greatest plan in Aviation Sector in 2018 be The establishment of a “National Carrier”? What a disaster.

The former minister of education, Mrs Oby, however, advises the federal government to focus on policy, regulatory, safety and standards right in the aviation sector as she sees the project as a campaign strategy.

The Aviation sector SADDENS me greatly. This is a sector that with the right policy & regulatory framework complemented with quality safety standards & security infrastructure will SURELY attract global capital. But NO. Lovers of the Statist system want to give us “National Carrier”.

A “National Carrier” DOES NOT BY ANY ECONOMIC MODELING” rise up to the high ranking of a PRIORITY that this FG .@AsoRock @NGRPresident @MBuhari is according it. Leave this to the PRIVATE SECTOR! Get the Policy, Regulatory, Safety and Standards RIGHT in Aviation. That’s FG ROLE.

As emotionally uplifting as it may sound to some citizens or even ‘economically viable’ to others (Some people say, “it will create jobs”), setting up a ‘National Airline’ should NOT make the LIST OF TO DOs in our Aviation Sector. Follow my RT of my old tweets on this, next.

Other than the repair of the Abuja Runway (which I commended for keeping with the deadline) I am interested in learning of the Program of Reforms that is being delivered in the Aviation Sector. Let’s all learn about Reforms. Don’t bother throwing a ‘Nigeria Airline’ tantrum here.

All the Contradictions and Opacity that are driving the Grandiose Election Year ‘National Airline’ project are all too OBVIOUS for all to see. Some have chosen their own optical illusion. Just know you are entitled to your Joyride but it won’t be by WASTING SCARCE RESOURCES.

Mrs Oby added that she will remain unpatriotic if been patriotic means supporting anything even when they are not viable.

If optimism and patriotism mean endorsing what appears like a patchwork of grandiose return to those woebegone eras of Nigeria Government’s tragic adventure in Business, please feel free to call me whatever you choose; but I shall not partake of your Kool-aid.

The New Nigerian National carrier logo, name and tagline/slogan were unveiled yesterday at the Farnborough International Airshow in London by the Minister of State for Aviation, Hadi Sirika.

He said during the unveiling that Nigerian government will not own more than 5% equity of the National carrier. He also declared that the government will not be involved in running the New National carrier.

“The Nigerian Government will not own more than 5% (maximum) of the new National Carrier. The government will not be involved in running it or deciding who runs it,” he said

Furthermore, Sirika disclosed that the government and major aircraft manufacturers (Boeing and Airbus) are in talks concerning the New National Carrier aircraft. The Minister said that announcement will be made soon concerning the aircraft that will be used for the national carrier.

Lots of Nigerians have reacted to the logo design. From the findings, the majority did not give the logo a second thought before pouring out their anger on the new logo. Some thought it was a flying flag; some said it’s a ribbon. A Facebook user said the logo designer lack intellectual capacity and relevant to 21st-century thinking.
Nigerians will always be Nigerian. Someone asked “will it reduce the price of garri Oh…have they rescued the chibok girls and Leah Oh….why are they doing this when Fulani herdsmen killing people blab bla bla.

Twitter critics noticed the eagle but he asked why is the eagle going backwards. “Even the logo indicates the eagle is going back”

The designer of the bankrupted Nigerian Eagle said he will choose his own logo ten times over the Nigeria Air logo.

After looking at the logo for a long time, we realized that it is indeed an Eagle. Look closely at the logo; you will spot the eagle’s eye.

Nigeria Air: The Deep Meaning Behind The National Carrier Logo
The Eagle eye on Nigeria air logo

A Twitter user, Wunderkid, gave a breakdown analysis of the Nigeria Air logo and what it signifies.
He said

Taking a first glance at it, it looks like a waving flag/ribbon, more on the ribbon side though. But a critical look at it, you’ll realize it’s actually an Eagle which signifies 3 things HEIGHT, STRENGTH AND VISION

For any airline, characteristics required to succeed are VISION; to dream big, STRENGTH; to withstand any turbulence and HEIGHT to lift its customers from pickup point to destinations. A great concept the name “Naija Airline” would have done more for National branding though.


PS: The logo design analysis is Wunderkid personal opinion and does not the view of Minister of State for Aviation, Hadi Sirika.

Have you seen the Nigeria Air logo? If yes what do you think?

Just as we reported recently, that the federal government has concluded plans to reestablish the Nigeria national carrier. Today, Minister of State for Aviation, Hadi Sirika led government officials to Farnborough International Airshow in London to unveil the much-awaited national carrier.

The New National Carrier was unveiled at exactly 1:18 Pm Nigeria time. The New name for the Nigeria National Carrier is NIGERIA AIR while the tagline is BRINGING NIGERIA CLOSER TO THE WORLD. The new National carrier will still maintain the formal colour – green and white.

After 11 years of construction, the Mohamadu Buhari led administration finally commissioned the Abuja light rail which was initiated by the previous administrations. The Abuja light rail entered the history book yesterday as the first of its kind in West Africa.

The commissioning by the Nigerian president marked the beginning of operation of the world-class light rail in the Nigeria capital city. It will also reduce the traffic jam on the major roads as most people may decide to take the light rail instead of the normal buses and cabs.

Pictures of the Abuja Light Rail and Stations
The Abuja Light Rail Control center

The Abuja light rail will definitely boost the capital city economy according to the federal capital territory minister, Mohammed Bello and also form part of the states tourist attraction.

The Abuja Light Rail Stations

The Abuja Light rail which was financed by China Export-Import (Exim) Bank and the FCT administration linked 13 communities with 12 stations.

Pictures of the Abuja Light Rail and Stations
Abuja Mono Rail Metro Station

The stations are –

  • Abuja Metro
  • Stadium
  • Kukwaba 1
  • Kukwaba 2
  • Wupa
  • Idu
  • Bassanjiwa
  • Airport
  • Gwagwa
  • Dei-Dei
  • Kagini and
  • Gbazango.

Reacting, President Muhamadu Buhari reassured Nigerians that his government is committed to providing a standard rail system in Nigeria. The Nigeria President, Muhamadu Buhari who tweeted immediately after commissioning the Abuja Light rail thanked Nigerians for their support.

Pictures of the Abuja Light Rail and Stations
The FCT Minister, Mohammed Bello Explain the Abuja Light Rail as The President Mohamadu Buhari, Mallam el Rufai and Other dignitaries look on

This morning I formally commissioned the Abuja Light Rail System. The completion of this very important project is a dream come true, and clearly demonstrates our administration’s commitment to the realization of critical infrastructural projects. #AbujaMetro

The Abuja Light Rail System is further evidence that we are a government that delivers on its promises. A modern rail service will greatly boost the FCT economy and enhance social life. #AbujaMetro

Our commitment to the vision for a modern, integrated rail system for Nigeria is total. The 2nd phase of the Abuja Light Rail will connect more parts of the city, while our standard-gauge National Rail is also taking shape, with the Lagos-Ibadan leg currently under construction.

The 45.245km standard gauge rail line will run between the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport and Abuja Metro Station. The Abuja Light rail commissioning attracted top government officials led by the Nigeria president, President Mohammad Buhari, GCFR. The tops Government officials that attended are Secretary to the federal government Boss Gida Mustapha, Kaduna State Governor, Mallam Nasir Ahmad el Rufai, Transportation minister, Rotimi Amaechi, Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Alhaji Lai Muhammed.

More Photos

Pictures of the Abuja Light Rail and Stations
President Buhari tour inside Abuja Light rail control rail

Pictures of the Abuja Light Rail and Stations
President Muhammadu Buhari, Mallam el Rufai, FCT minister Mohammed Bello, Transportation Minister, Rotimi Amaechi and other dignitaries tour Inside the Abuja monorail control center

Pictures of the Abuja Light Rail and Stations
Nigeria President Muhamadu Buhari commissioning Abuja City Monorail as Fct Minister and Kaduna state governor look on

Pictures of the Abuja Light Rail and Stations
President Buhari, Secretary to the federal government Boss Gida Mustapha, Kaduna State Governor, Mallam Nasir Ahmad el Rufai, Transportation minister, Rotimi Amaechi, Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Alhaji Lai Muhammed and Others interaction on transit

Pictures of the Abuja Light Rail and Stations
Cabin attendant attending to president Muhammadu Buhari and others on transit as they tour the Abuja Light rail from Airport to The Metro Station

Photo Credit: Aso Rock

On Friday 6th of July 2018, the Minister of State for Aviation, Sen. Hadi Sirika received the Outline Business Case Compliance Certificate from the Infrastructural Concession Regulation Commission. This certificate indicates that the Nigeria government is full ready to commence preparation to acquire aircraft for the reestablishment of a national carrier.

Lots of things have been said concerning the national carrier. Industrial experts said that establishment of a national carrier is not an overnight journey. It involves lots of processes from consultation to training of manpower and other important things that need to be considered.

Sagetravels.com has critically looked at what the Minister of State for Aviation, Sen. Hadi Sirika said concerning the proposed national airline.

Here Are the 23 Key Facts To Note About The New Nigeria National Airline.

  1. Federal Government has confirmed the date for the commencement of the National Airline.
  2. The Nigerian government is not fully funding the airline as it has adopted midwifing it via the option of a Public-Private partnership, to deliver a national carrier that would stand the test of time and be world class in operation and management.
  3. Nigeria will receive the first set of 5 Airplanes for the Airliner on 19 December 2018.
  4. The proposed Airline will gulp $8.8million preliminary cost and $300 million as take-off cost.
  5. The airline will make profits in 3 years after operations.
  6. The Federal government will make the investments and follow the business plan through private sector management”.
  7. The Federal government intends to get about 30 Aircraft in 5 years.
  8. The National Airline will begin with 5 Aircraft on the day of launch.
  9. At Farnborough International Public Airshow coming July 18, 2018, in London, the nation carrier Name, Logo, Colour scheme, the Structure and the Type of aeroplane for the national carrier will be unveiled.
  10. Order for the aircraft will be placed at the Farnborough International Public Airshow coming July 18, 2018, in London.
  11. The federal government would step in to cover the funding gap at the onset and ease out thereafter.
  12. The government would not get involved in the management of the National Carrier.
  13. The Airline would take advantage of Bilateral Air Service Agreement (BASA) that the country had with over 70 countries.
  14. It will also take advantage of the Africa Single Air Transport Market and will be the best player if the government gets it right.
  15. The government would bring its contribution to kick-start the Airline.
  16. The amount of equity the partners would hold would determine government contribution.
  17. The Startup cost over the next 3 years is about $300 million, but pre-start-up is $8.8 million.
  18. The rest of the investment will be equity injection which will happen in tranches.
  19. The government will provide financial needed to make it take off, but the National Carrier will be entirely private sector controlled.
  20. There will be zero government interference.
  21. The government will have to spend on the pre-startup cost like the brand name, the office and other startup costs.
  22. It will be a world-class airline with domestic, regional and international operations.
  23. The national Airline will not hinder domestic airlines from thriving.

Do you think this will be a reality or just another campaign strategy as the 2019 general election is drawing near?

let’s read your view in the comment section below

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Former Miss Nigeria 1988 cum politician and Wife to late Igbo/Biafran Warlord Bianca Odimegwu Ojukwu is currently enjoy her summer holiday. She shared pictures from her tour to Saint Tropez, French Riviera, Monaco and Monte Carlo with her daughter.

First Spot Saint Tropez, French Riviera

The first spot on her summer bucket list is Saint Tropez, French Riviera where she had a good time with her lovely daughter, Chi. They decided to tour Saint Tropez, French Riviera because of the beautiful attractions in the destination.

Monaco and Monte Carlo Tour

The next destination on Nigeria’s permanent representative to the United Nations World Tourism Organization was the principality of Monaco and Monte Carlo. The former Miss Africa was wowed by the beautiful and breathtaking view of the restless city.

From the old town to the museum to the cliffs, palaces and cathedral were worth touring. Her daughter Chi was not left out in the Monaco and Monte Carlo tour as she had the opportunity to see her dream of visiting the Opera House in Monte Carlo fulfilled. According to Ambassador Bianca Ojukwu, her daughter Chi has been dreaming of visiting the famous Opera House in Monte Carlo. Now her dream has been fulfilled.

More Photos From The Tour

Former Ambassador Of Nigeria To Spain Tour Saint Tropez, French Riviera and Monaco
Miss Nigeria in Monaco

Former Ambassador Of Nigeria To Spain Tour Saint Tropez, French Riviera and Monaco
Beautiful Monaco view

Former Ambassador Of Nigeria To Spain Tour Saint Tropez, French Riviera and Monaco
Former Miss Nigeria on a vacation in Saint – Tropez

Former Ambassador Of Nigeria To Spain Tour Saint Tropez, French Riviera and Monaco
Former Ambassador of Nigeria to Spain on a vacation in St. Tropez

Former Ambassador Of Nigeria To Spain Tour Saint Tropez, French Riviera and Monaco
Citadel of St. Tropez

Former Ambassador Of Nigeria To Spain Tour Saint Tropez, French Riviera and Monaco
Bianka Ojwukwu at the River Bank

Former Ambassador Of Nigeria To Spain Tour Saint Tropez, French Riviera and Monaco
Bianca Ojukwu

Former Ambassador Of Nigeria To Spain Tour Saint Tropez, French Riviera and Monaco
Bianca Ojukwu with her daughter on a vacation in Saint – Tropez

Former Ambassador Of Nigeria To Spain Tour Saint Tropez, French Riviera and Monaco
Bianca Ojukwu on Vacation

Former Ambassador Of Nigeria To Spain Tour Saint Tropez, French Riviera and Monaco
Bianca Ojukwu on Vacation

Former Ambassador Of Nigeria To Spain Tour Saint Tropez, French Riviera and Monaco
Bianca Ojukwu takes Monaco

Former Ambassador Of Nigeria To Spain Tour Saint Tropez, French Riviera and Monaco
Bianca Ojukwu in Monaco

Former Ambassador Of Nigeria To Spain Tour Saint Tropez, French Riviera and Monaco
Beautiful cruising ship in Monaco

Where is the next destination on your summer list?

Should in case you want to tour within Nigeria or any Ecowas Country, Contact us for a cheap and affordable tour package.

Photos Credit: Bianca Ojukwu Facebook

For the past few weeks, the Nigerian super eagles have been making wave on social media. It seems the Eagles are over ready for the Russia 2018 Fifa world cup. Since the day Nike officially released the super eagle’s jersey, the Nigerian team attracted the attention of the football world.

The super eagles’ jersey moved from the most talked about jersey to the best 2018 FIFA world cup jersey – that’s incredible right? Ever since Nike released the sports kit, football lovers all over the world commended the wear. Fans were pictured queuing just to get the jersey. According to reports, the former African cup of Nations champion’s jersey sold out within 2 hours.

Russia 2018 World Cup: Super Eagles Redefine Travel Outfit, See The Unusual Outfit And Reactions
L – R Kelechi Iheanacho, Ahmed Musa and Ndidi poss for the camera

As if that’s not enough, the super eagles decided to change what seems to be footballers travel wear norm – the suit and tie. The Nigeria super eagles were spotted aboard the aeroplane and at the airport as they travel to Russia in traditional attire.

The traditional attire wore by the super eagles has only two colours (Green and white) and an eagle on top of a football on the collar.

Russia 2018 World Cup: Super Eagles Redefine Travel Outfit, See The Unusual Outfit And Reactions
Super Eagles Skipper, John Mikel Obi and Assistant Captain, Onazi

John Nwachukwumereze said the world hasn’t seen anything yet as he strongly believes that since the jersey and the travel wear have outclassed others, the Eagles performance will outclass their opponent too.

Another fan, Ricky Ajayi, praised the NFF president, Amaju Pinnick and his team for the good work he is doing.

However, the media attention the super eagles were getting did not go down well with some fans as they express they displeasure on the way the media are praising the eagles.

Russia 2018 World Cup: Super Eagles Redefine Travel Outfit, See The Unusual Outfit And Reactions
Super Eagles Alight from the Airplane

Nigeria is in group D alongside Argentina, Croatia and Iceland. The Super Eagles will face their first opponent, Croatia on Saturday, June 16 at the Kaliningrad Stadium, Russia by 8:00 pm Nigeria Time.

More Reactions

The minister for Information, Culture and Tourism Alhaji Lai Mohammed, led the United Nation World Tourism organization General Secretary Mr Zurab Pololikashvili and his team on a courtesy visit to the Nigerian President yesterday.

In his remark, the UNWTO General Secretary Mr Zurab Pololikashvili stresses the need to bridge the gap between private and public sectors in order to grow tourism. He also noted that his target as the Secretary-General of UNWTO is to meet all the needs of the member states and also to create a better tourism job, progress tourism education and encourage innovations.

President Muhammadu Buhari Receives The United Nation World Tourism Organization General Secretary Mr Zurab Pololikashvili At The State House
Nigerian President Meets with Lai Mohammed and United Nation World Tourism Organization General Secretary Mr Zurab Pololikashvili at The State House. (from L to R – General Secretary Mr Zurab Pololikashvili, Nigeria president, and Lai Mohammed) Photo: @NGRPresident

Thank you for your warm welcome & support, we need to build tight links between public and private sectors for tourism to transform growth across the continent & for the benefit of its people – Mr Zurab Pololikashvili

The UNWTO General Secretary Mr Zurab Pololikashvili also thanked the Nigeria president for his support for tourism sustainability and economic diversification.

Thank you @MBuhari for your hospitality and supporting tourism for sustainability, economic diversification and resilience.

The Nigeria President who was represented during the opening ceremony by the Secretary to the Federal Government, Boss Mustapha said that Nigeria has lots of tourism potentials and investment. He also said that tourism is on his economic diversification agenda.

President Muhammadu Buhari Receives The United Nation World Tourism Organization General Secretary Mr Zurab Pololikashvili At The State House
President Buhari exchanges pleasantries with UN World Tourism Organization, Executive director Zhu Shanzhong during a courtesy visit to the state house, Abuja. Photo: @NGRPresident

Nigeria is currently hosting the United Nation World Tourism Organization Commission For Africa (CAF) 61st conference at Transcorp Hilton, Abuja. The conference attracted 18 Tourism ministers and 36 delegates from different countries and numerous participants from Nigeria and other parts of the world.

More Photos

President Muhammadu Buhari Receives The United Nation World Tourism Organization General Secretary Mr Zurab Pololikashvili At The State House
From second left UN World Tourism Organization, Executive director Zhu Shanzhong, UN World Tourism Organization, Executive director Zhu Shanzhong, Nigeria president, Muhammadu Buhari, Minister for information, Culture and Tourism, Chief of state, Photo: NGRPresident 

President Muhammadu Buhari Receives The United Nation World Tourism Organization General Secretary Mr Zurab Pololikashvili At The State House
Nigerian President Meets with Lai Mohammed and UNWTO general secretary at The Aso Rock Photo: @NGRPresident

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