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The New Nigerian National carrier logo, name and tagline/slogan were unveiled yesterday at the Farnborough International Airshow in London by the Minister of State for Aviation, Hadi Sirika.

He said during the unveiling that Nigerian government will not own more than 5% equity of the National carrier. He also declared that the government will not be involved in running the New National carrier.

“The Nigerian Government will not own more than 5% (maximum) of the new National Carrier. The government will not be involved in running it or deciding who runs it,” he said

Furthermore, Sirika disclosed that the government and major aircraft manufacturers (Boeing and Airbus) are in talks concerning the New National Carrier aircraft. The Minister said that announcement will be made soon concerning the aircraft that will be used for the national carrier.

Lots of Nigerians have reacted to the logo design. From the findings, the majority did not give the logo a second thought before pouring out their anger on the new logo. Some thought it was a flying flag; some said it’s a ribbon. A Facebook user said the logo designer lack intellectual capacity and relevant to 21st-century thinking.
Nigerians will always be Nigerian. Someone asked “will it reduce the price of garri Oh…have they rescued the chibok girls and Leah Oh….why are they doing this when Fulani herdsmen killing people blab bla bla.

Twitter critics noticed the eagle but he asked why is the eagle going backwards. “Even the logo indicates the eagle is going back”

The designer of the bankrupted Nigerian Eagle said he will choose his own logo ten times over the Nigeria Air logo.

After looking at the logo for a long time, we realized that it is indeed an Eagle. Look closely at the logo; you will spot the eagle’s eye.

Nigeria Air: The Deep Meaning Behind The National Carrier Logo
The Eagle eye on Nigeria air logo

A Twitter user, Wunderkid, gave a breakdown analysis of the Nigeria Air logo and what it signifies.
He said

Taking a first glance at it, it looks like a waving flag/ribbon, more on the ribbon side though. But a critical look at it, you’ll realize it’s actually an Eagle which signifies 3 things HEIGHT, STRENGTH AND VISION

For any airline, characteristics required to succeed are VISION; to dream big, STRENGTH; to withstand any turbulence and HEIGHT to lift its customers from pickup point to destinations. A great concept the name “Naija Airline” would have done more for National branding though.


PS: The logo design analysis is Wunderkid personal opinion and does not the view of Minister of State for Aviation, Hadi Sirika.

Have you seen the Nigeria Air logo? If yes what do you think?

On Friday 6th of July 2018, the Minister of State for Aviation, Sen. Hadi Sirika received the Outline Business Case Compliance Certificate from the Infrastructural Concession Regulation Commission. This certificate indicates that the Nigeria government is full ready to commence preparation to acquire aircraft for the reestablishment of a national carrier.

Lots of things have been said concerning the national carrier. Industrial experts said that establishment of a national carrier is not an overnight journey. It involves lots of processes from consultation to training of manpower and other important things that need to be considered.

Sagetravels.com has critically looked at what the Minister of State for Aviation, Sen. Hadi Sirika said concerning the proposed national airline.

Here Are the 23 Key Facts To Note About The New Nigeria National Airline.

  1. Federal Government has confirmed the date for the commencement of the National Airline.
  2. The Nigerian government is not fully funding the airline as it has adopted midwifing it via the option of a Public-Private partnership, to deliver a national carrier that would stand the test of time and be world class in operation and management.
  3. Nigeria will receive the first set of 5 Airplanes for the Airliner on 19 December 2018.
  4. The proposed Airline will gulp $8.8million preliminary cost and $300 million as take-off cost.
  5. The airline will make profits in 3 years after operations.
  6. The Federal government will make the investments and follow the business plan through private sector management”.
  7. The Federal government intends to get about 30 Aircraft in 5 years.
  8. The National Airline will begin with 5 Aircraft on the day of launch.
  9. At Farnborough International Public Airshow coming July 18, 2018, in London, the nation carrier Name, Logo, Colour scheme, the Structure and the Type of aeroplane for the national carrier will be unveiled.
  10. Order for the aircraft will be placed at the Farnborough International Public Airshow coming July 18, 2018, in London.
  11. The federal government would step in to cover the funding gap at the onset and ease out thereafter.
  12. The government would not get involved in the management of the National Carrier.
  13. The Airline would take advantage of Bilateral Air Service Agreement (BASA) that the country had with over 70 countries.
  14. It will also take advantage of the Africa Single Air Transport Market and will be the best player if the government gets it right.
  15. The government would bring its contribution to kick-start the Airline.
  16. The amount of equity the partners would hold would determine government contribution.
  17. The Startup cost over the next 3 years is about $300 million, but pre-start-up is $8.8 million.
  18. The rest of the investment will be equity injection which will happen in tranches.
  19. The government will provide financial needed to make it take off, but the National Carrier will be entirely private sector controlled.
  20. There will be zero government interference.
  21. The government will have to spend on the pre-startup cost like the brand name, the office and other startup costs.
  22. It will be a world-class airline with domestic, regional and international operations.
  23. The national Airline will not hinder domestic airlines from thriving.

Do you think this will be a reality or just another campaign strategy as the 2019 general election is drawing near?

let’s read your view in the comment section below

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The aviation professionals have a contrary view concerning the commencement of the Nigeria Airways in December 2018. The Association of Nigeria Aviation Workers (ANAP) has described the commencement of the National Carrier as impossible and not feasible.

The secretary general of Association of Nigeria Aviation Workers (ANAP) Abdulrasaq Saidu told newsmen on Tuesday that the federal government is playing politics and there is no sign of seriousness from the government. He also noted that there is no how a new national carrier will be floated without pay off all the money the government is owing to the defunct Nigeria Airways workers. Mr Saidu, also when further to challenge the government to tell Nigerians how the defunct Nigeria airways were mismanaged and sold and also the amount it was sold.

“They are playing politics, to form a national carrier is not one day. You need technical partners are they going to take over Arik. They cheaply sold Nigeria Airways which we don’t know how much it was sold for and you want to float a national carrier. The airline was wrongly liquidated.”

“I challenge them. Nothing is working in the aviation industry today.”

“I challenge them to come out with facts on the proposed national airline and let us see how they will run it. They are chasing shadow without paying Nigeria Airways workers. First, they can’t succeed without telling us how Nigeria Airways was sold.”

“National carrier is not a motor park issue, it’s not something you just bring an aircraft and start flying, they need personnel to be trained. December is at hand but there is nothing on ground to suggest that national carrier is coming up.”

Recall that the National Union of pensioners and Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has also debunked the news citing the unseriousness of the minister of aviation as a reason why the Nigeria Airways cannot commence operation by December 2018.

What do you have to say concerning the Nigeria Airways? Is it not a shameful act that a country with over 180 million people, a country that prides itself as the giant of African does not have a national carrier?


Source: The Tribune online

Nigeria Airways which started operation in 1st October 1958, had it “Heydays” before suspending operation in 2003. The Airways had over 30 aircraft in their fleet. The carrier created lots of jobs as it employed over 4,000 Nigerians. Before closure, the Nigerian Airways had 4 domestic destinationsAbuja, Kano, Port Harcourt and Lagos while the international destinations are Abidjan, Dubai, Jeddah, London and New York.

Gone were the days. The picture below shows the good old days of Nigeria Airways. Can you Imagine, Nigeria Airways was charging just NGN 5 (Five Naira Only) as service charge.

See The Nigeria Airways Domestic Passengers Service Charge Fee
Nigeria Airways Domestic Passengers service charge Amount


Indeed there was a country called the giant of Africa. This is certainly unbelievable. The first time I saw this picture I thought I was dreaming but lo and behold it was real. Did I say this Picture about Nigeria Airways will make you cry?

Post Nigeria Airways

Yes! It will surely make you cry. Can you imagine, 44 years ago, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia and the United Arab Emirates all indicated interest to learn how Nigeria turned the Nigeria Airways into an intercontinental national carrier with 1,500 destinations across the world, generating N150 Billion naira profit yearly and providing jobs directly for 10,000 Nigerians. Now let me ask you. Are we moving forward or backward?

On the 20th of June 2017, Skytrax announced the world’s top 100 airlines in 2017 at the world airline awards held at Paris Air Show. Ethiopia airline was ranked 48 (First in Africa), South Africa Airways 49 (second in Africa) and Kenya Airways was ranked 91. And recall that the 3 African airlines that wanted to learn from Nigeria 44 years ago are now among the top 100 airlines in 2017.

Top 100 Airlines in 2017


Now let me ask you again. Where is Nigeria Airways? With all the riches and abundance of natural resources, Nigeria cannot boast of one national airline despite the fact that there are about 10 aircraft in its presidential fleet.

Well, Sage Travels your travel partner can only hope and pray for Nigeria.

Photo credit: Justin Kingland

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