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Ever since the lunch of the new Nigeria National Carrier, Nigeria Air by the Minister of State for Aviation, Sen. Hadi Sirika, at the Farnborough International Airshow, London, the carrier has attracted lots of criticism both positive and negative criticism. From logo design saga to tagline and now the carrier domain name.

It was reposted recently by a tech blog that one Olumayowa Elegbede may be N48 million richer as he bought the supposed domain name for the new national carrier.

Olumayowa Elegbede bought the different versions of the National carrier domain name from NigeriaAir.ng to NigeriaAir.com.ng and then put it up for sale as high as $66,000 (N48,000,000).

Nigeria Air: A Domain Hawker loss as National carrier gets New Domain Name
Nigeria Air domain name posted for sale by Olumayowa Elegbede

Many Nigerians hailed him for been sharp enough to buy the names. Some questioned the brand management team for allowing such a mistake to occur. Some Nigerians questioned why the minister unveiled the name, logo and tagline of the Nigeria National carrier without securing the domain name in the first place.

Some tech experts began to profess solution upon a solution. Some advised the government to go for .gov.ng which is only reserved for the government agencies. Since it is a private sector affair, using .gov.ng will not make any sense. What about .org.ng? ooh! .org is not a top level domain name.

Some Nigerians had to force the President of the Nigeria Internet Registration Association, Rev’ Sunday Folayan to open the law book and let the world including Olumayowa Elegbede to see what the law said about buying and reselling domain names. And he responded with speed of light with the law from all to see and read.

Nigeria Air: A Domain Hawker loss as National carrier gets New Domain Name
Twitter User Asking the government did not buy the domain Name before unveiling name in London

Super-long post, especially if you are concerned or you are in the Domain Name business.

Many friends and associates have been tagging me up and down on social media, that the promoters of the Airline-in-formation were not smart enough to pre-register their digital asset, and that some smart-alec registered nigeriaair.ng, nigeriaair.com.ng and all its variants, and is offering it for sale at N48m or more. He said

In the midst of this domain saga, the ministry of aviation has come out clean to tell Nigerians and the world at large that they did not leave any stone unturn. As a matter of fact, Nigeria Air has a domain name which was reserved prior to the unveiling of the Name in London.

Further to the incorporation of the company with nominal directors the domain name www.flynigeriaair.ng has been reserved and will be made active very soon as part of the project evolution and marketing process. Some people whose only desire is to steal Nigeria’s commonwealth by hawking domain names will not a get a kobo from the people of Nigeria. They can eat their domain names.

A quick check on the proposed domain name FlyNigeriaAir.ng by Sagetravels.com, it shows that the domain is active and under construction. It seems to us that the developers are working at the backend putting things in order and in the right place and will very soon the website will be active and ready to use.

Nigeria Air: A Domain Hawker loss as National carrier gets New Domain Name
Nigeria Air Website Under Construction

At the end of it all, this shows that Olumayowa Elegbede has lost both the N48 Million and the money he used to buy the domain names.

I can confidently say that Olumayowa Elegbede and others are the ones that are not smart. I can also say that Olumayowa Elegbede is not a frequent flyer or a good tech guru. It would have occurred to him that most of the airlines in the world have this “fly” prefix before the airline name.

Apart from using the flynigeriaair.ng, the government can still get the domain name from Olumayowa Elegbede without paying a dime. Olumayowa will go to jail for a minimum of 2 years. And may also be required to pay N5 million or more in fines. Given the registration date and tough task of proving ownership of that brand name, Cybercrime Act 2015 (Section 16) makes this a cybersquatting case.

Which of the domain name do you prefer? (a) FlyNigeriaAir.ng (B) NigeriaAir.ng (C) NigeriaAir.com.ng

Let us know the domain name you chose from the above option in the comment section below?

The Minister of State for Aviation, Sen Hadi Sirika, has met and held a series of meetings with the proposed investors. In photos retweeted by the minister via his twitter handle @Hadisirika, it shows that the investors are not far from those that have been rumoured about.

It was reported earlier by the major news outlet that Qatar Airways and Ethiopian airlines are in talks to take over the 95% stake for the new Nigeria National Carrier.

Nigeria Air: Aviation Minister Meets With Potential Investors
Sen. Hadi Sirika and team, meeting with CEO Ethiopian Air Mr Tewolde GebreMariam at the Farnborough Airshow

Qatar Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and other investors met the minister at the Farnborough International Airshow in London to further straighten their talk for the Nigeria Nationa Carrier Project, Nigeria Air.

Nigeria Air: Aviation Minister Meets With Potential Investors
Hadi Sirika With HE Akbar Al-Baker the Group CEO of Qatar Airways

Earlier this month, Sen. Hadi Sirika met with African export-import bank (AFREXIM) team as they show interest to invest in the National Carrier Project. African export-import bank (AFREXIM) has supported Ethiopian, Rwandan, Kenyan and South African.

Nigeria Air: Aviation Minister Meets With Potential Investors
AFREXIM meeting with HMSA Hadi Sirika in the early hours of today, eager to invest in the National Carrier Project.

When Sagetravels.com contacted one of the team members of Minister of State for Aviation to inquire if any investor or investors have been selected for the National Carrier, he disclosed that none has been selected. However, he noted that the selection process is in accordance with ICRC regulations.

No, it will be a competitive process in accordance with ICRC regulations. Qatar and Ethiopian alongside other prospective investors have indicated interest to participate in the procurement process. he said

Recall that the minister in Farnborough International Airshow, London, disclosed that the new Nigeria Air is strictly a private sector affair as the private sector will have upper hand more than the government.

From the look of things, it seems that the battle is going to be between Qatar Airways and Ethiopian Airlines. Which among these two Airlines would you like to manage the Nigeria National Carrier, Nigeria Air?

Do you have any Investor in mind that you would like to recommend for the New Nigeria National Carrier, Nigeria Air?

More Photos

Nigeria Air: Aviation Minister Meets With Potential Investors
Sen. Hadi Sirika and team, meeting with the potential investor, CEO Ethiopian Air Mr Tewolde GebreMariam at the Farnborough Airshow
Nigeria Air: Aviation Minister Meets With Potential Investors
HMSA Sen. Hadi Sirika seating with potential investors at the Farnborough Airshow.
Nigeria Air: Aviation Minister Meets With Potential Investors
CEO Ethiopian Air Mr Tewolde GebreMariam and his team discussing with Hadi Sirika at the Farnborough Airshow
Nigeria Air: Aviation Minister Meets With Potential Investors
AFREXIM meeting with HMSA Hadi Sirika in the early hours of today, eager to invest in the National Carrier Project.

While mixed reactions continue to thrill the new Nigeria national carrier, Nigeria Air, the former minister of education and convener of Bring Back Our Girls Campaign #BBOG, Mrs Oby Ezekwesili as she is fondly called, has lent her voice as she kicks against the national carrier, Nigeria Air project.

In a series of tweets via her tweeter handle @obyezeks, Mrs Obiageli, calls the new National Carrier a wrong priority as she wishes the National Carrier to fail.

I actually believe that at some point the Federal Government would have “advised itself” and know that the so-called “National Carrier Project” is a waste. Sadly not so as they are determined on what is clearly a wrong priority. It shall fail. For the sake of the country, it must fail. She said.

She tweeted this on 28 March 2018, but many Nigerians ignored it. The tweet was exhumed when the Minister of state for aviation Sen. Hadi Sirika unveiled the Name, Logo and tagline for the new National Carrier at Farnborough International Public Airshow in London.

The former World Bank Vice President explained why she made the above statement after a Twitter user asked her to withdraw her “It will fail” statement. She maintained that she is still standing on her words that the government has no business owning a National Carrier.

There’s nothing to take back. My March 2018 tweet is where I STAND. ANY WASTE of LEAN PUBLIC RESOURCES for ANY WHITE ELEPHANT project MUST FAIL. We simply CANNOT AFFORD such frivolity in the midst of GROWING POVERTY. So, don’t wait.

You, like some, have still not figured that my position is anchored on my Fundamental Conviction that FG has NO BUSINESS STARTING an Airline BUSINESS into which it has obliged ‘initial capital’ PENDING WHENEVER it can offload 95% of the Company to ‘POTENTIAL Private sector’.

Although, the minister of state for aviation, Sen. Sadi Sirika, made it clear at the unveiling in London that the new National Carrier is purely a private sector affair. He also disclosed that the government has only 5% stake while the private investors take 95%. The government will not be involved in running the Nigeria Air as the private investors will take charge of all that.

In another tweet, Mrs Oby questioned who the investors are that will invest the remaining 95%. She also questioned why the federal government will acquire aircraft and invest initial capital up to the tune of $300 million. The former World Bank vice president said, if she is the president and her aviation minister presents a memo to set up a national carrier with an initial capital of $300million & acquire aeroplanes, she will sake the minister immediately.

Question: Who makes up the rest 95% of the ‘National Airline’ that you say is for Private Sector?
Minister: We’ve been talking to xxx. We’ve been talking to abc. We’ve been talking to xyz.

A National Airline’ which disclosed details raises more questions than they answer. They chorus: ”Yen, yen, yen. FG is only 5% & private sector is 95%.” Which Private Sector, please? What is the Push Factor for FG HASTE in RUSHING a ‘Deal’ it has NOT FOUND the rest 95% owners?

If I were President & my Aviation Minister sent me a Memo asking for my approval to set up a ‘National Airline’ with initial capital of FG’s $300million & acquire aeroplanes, I will instantly send him a reply. It will be Goodbye. Pls hand over the Ministry to the Perm Sec.

A BOGUS PLAN to WASTE up to $300M on a grandiose ‘National Airline’ Project has awakened some of you to debates even if it laced with abusive words. I LOVE THAT YOU ARE ACTIVELY ENGAGED. I have made my point. Make yours too.

Waste of time and resources by the FG.@AsoRock. Remind me again what Bill Gates told them about wrong priorities? How in the world can FG’s greatest plan in Aviation Sector in 2018 be The establishment of a “National Carrier”? What a disaster.

The former minister of education, Mrs Oby, however, advises the federal government to focus on policy, regulatory, safety and standards right in the aviation sector as she sees the project as a campaign strategy.

The Aviation sector SADDENS me greatly. This is a sector that with the right policy & regulatory framework complemented with quality safety standards & security infrastructure will SURELY attract global capital. But NO. Lovers of the Statist system want to give us “National Carrier”.

A “National Carrier” DOES NOT BY ANY ECONOMIC MODELING” rise up to the high ranking of a PRIORITY that this FG .@AsoRock @NGRPresident @MBuhari is according it. Leave this to the PRIVATE SECTOR! Get the Policy, Regulatory, Safety and Standards RIGHT in Aviation. That’s FG ROLE.

As emotionally uplifting as it may sound to some citizens or even ‘economically viable’ to others (Some people say, “it will create jobs”), setting up a ‘National Airline’ should NOT make the LIST OF TO DOs in our Aviation Sector. Follow my RT of my old tweets on this, next.

Other than the repair of the Abuja Runway (which I commended for keeping with the deadline) I am interested in learning of the Program of Reforms that is being delivered in the Aviation Sector. Let’s all learn about Reforms. Don’t bother throwing a ‘Nigeria Airline’ tantrum here.

All the Contradictions and Opacity that are driving the Grandiose Election Year ‘National Airline’ project are all too OBVIOUS for all to see. Some have chosen their own optical illusion. Just know you are entitled to your Joyride but it won’t be by WASTING SCARCE RESOURCES.

Mrs Oby added that she will remain unpatriotic if been patriotic means supporting anything even when they are not viable.

If optimism and patriotism mean endorsing what appears like a patchwork of grandiose return to those woebegone eras of Nigeria Government’s tragic adventure in Business, please feel free to call me whatever you choose; but I shall not partake of your Kool-aid.

The New Nigerian National carrier logo, name and tagline/slogan were unveiled yesterday at the Farnborough International Airshow in London by the Minister of State for Aviation, Hadi Sirika.

He said during the unveiling that Nigerian government will not own more than 5% equity of the National carrier. He also declared that the government will not be involved in running the New National carrier.

“The Nigerian Government will not own more than 5% (maximum) of the new National Carrier. The government will not be involved in running it or deciding who runs it,” he said

Furthermore, Sirika disclosed that the government and major aircraft manufacturers (Boeing and Airbus) are in talks concerning the New National Carrier aircraft. The Minister said that announcement will be made soon concerning the aircraft that will be used for the national carrier.

Lots of Nigerians have reacted to the logo design. From the findings, the majority did not give the logo a second thought before pouring out their anger on the new logo. Some thought it was a flying flag; some said it’s a ribbon. A Facebook user said the logo designer lack intellectual capacity and relevant to 21st-century thinking.
Nigerians will always be Nigerian. Someone asked “will it reduce the price of garri Oh…have they rescued the chibok girls and Leah Oh….why are they doing this when Fulani herdsmen killing people blab bla bla.

Twitter critics noticed the eagle but he asked why is the eagle going backwards. “Even the logo indicates the eagle is going back”

The designer of the bankrupted Nigerian Eagle said he will choose his own logo ten times over the Nigeria Air logo.

After looking at the logo for a long time, we realized that it is indeed an Eagle. Look closely at the logo; you will spot the eagle’s eye.

Nigeria Air: The Deep Meaning Behind The National Carrier Logo
The Eagle eye on Nigeria air logo

A Twitter user, Wunderkid, gave a breakdown analysis of the Nigeria Air logo and what it signifies.
He said

Taking a first glance at it, it looks like a waving flag/ribbon, more on the ribbon side though. But a critical look at it, you’ll realize it’s actually an Eagle which signifies 3 things HEIGHT, STRENGTH AND VISION

For any airline, characteristics required to succeed are VISION; to dream big, STRENGTH; to withstand any turbulence and HEIGHT to lift its customers from pickup point to destinations. A great concept the name “Naija Airline” would have done more for National branding though.


PS: The logo design analysis is Wunderkid personal opinion and does not the view of Minister of State for Aviation, Hadi Sirika.

Have you seen the Nigeria Air logo? If yes what do you think?

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