Checked in Muslim passengers were pictured praying in front of the toilet at Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos as there was no mosque for them to observe their prayers. A twitter user who shared the pictures on his twitter account expresses his displeasure over the absence of a Mosque for the checked passengers. 

Maidugu‏ @maidugu call on the Minister for Aviation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Sen. Sirika Hadi, to direct the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) to provide spaces for the major religion in Nigeria to pray. 

I just witnessed a rather humiliating situation at the MMA 1 Airport in Lagos. There was no prayer room so Muslims who have checked-in have to pray right in front of the toilet! Hon Minister hadisirika should pls prevail on FAAN_Official to reserve a shop for that purpose. At least our airport infrastructure should be able to accommodate the two main religions in Nigeria. Travelling inconvenience is key to attracting important visitors to our country.

Checked-In Passengers Pray In Front Of Lagos Airport Toilet
Muslims pray in front of Lagos Airport toilet. Credit – https://bit.ly/2T6Bn7R

Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) in reaction to the tweet denied that there is no mosque at the airport. According to FAAN, there is a mosque at the airport car park but the passengers did not ask where the mosque is located.

There’s a mosque by the car park, perhaps they did not ask around where they can pray. Thank you.


It is not always advisable for already checked-in passengers to leave the waiting area because they may be called to board anytime soon. secondly, before already checked in passenger will be allowed to re-enter the waiting lounge, he/she will go through all the security checks.

What’s your take on this? Do you think there is a need to have a Mosque or a Church at the lounge for already checked-in passengers to pray?

Passenger’s Experience on Lagos to Kano Train Services.

There are so many negative thoughts and wrong notions about the Nigerian Railway and its corporation and I am sure you must have read one or two articles on how the Nigerian railway system has gone rotten and dead. The narrative is so pervasive that even those who have not seen ordinary rail track will join the critic wagon without bothering to ascertain its truthfulness.

Anyway, against all odds, I decided to board a train on my final departure from a tour of all the Northwestern states late November last year. It was my second trip by train in Nigeria.

Lagos – Kano Train: New Schedule, Price and Experience
Inside the train

The burden of such a long journey from Kano to Ibadan was eased by the fun and exciting experiences I had on the first class coach (there is also a second class/economy class coach) of the train.

The 33-hour journey which started on Monday (5:00 Pm) and lasted till Wednesday (3:07 am) saw our train crossing and stopping in major cities and states like Kano, Kaduna, Niger, Kwara, Osun and Oyo.

The first class coach was fully air-conditioned, with comfortable seats and charging points for electronics that made my journey memorable. The movies on my laptop kept me company all through. There are a Bar and Restaurant coach where you can chill on board, and you can also book for a coach called “Sleeper” if you love to sleep all through the journey. Security is tight, considering the heavy presence of mobile policemen and soldiers monitoring all the coaches. For a moment, I felt like a VIP.

I guess you don’t know too that train moves fast. The whole journey from Kano to Ibadan would have taken just about 70% of the time we spent if not for the fact that the train had to stop at various stations which resulted in time loss. For instance, the waiting time ranges from 5 minutes to 1 hour for passengers to alight, and to board new passengers at other train stations; and sometimes, it would stop to refuel. It would also stop for people who wish to observe Muslim prayers and for people who want to “freshen up” and eat at the dawn of a new day. Be that as it may, it was still fun all the way.

Lagos – Kano Train: New Schedule, Price and Experience
The train station

And yes, it’s very cheap, I boarded the first class coach for just 4,500 Naira. Second class coach goes for less than 3,000 Naira from Kano to Ibadan. No Payment for load, no extra charges except you are using the cargo part of the train.

So, next time you want to deride our railway system, I’d advise you to keep quiet and not say a word until you’ve experienced it yourself.

Lagos To Kano Train Schedule

Lagos – Kano Train Service Schedule:

The Train will depart Lagos on Friday by 12:00 and arrives Kano on Saturday 6:30 Pm

StationArrival (Hrs.)Departure (Hrs.)Day
Lagos Terminus1200Friday
Ebute-Metta Junction1205Friday
Ifaw Junction1311Friday
Omi Adio1621Friday
Serikin Pawa10141017Saturday
Kaduna Junction12071227Saturday
Kaduna North1236Saturday
Lagos – Kano Train: New Schedule, Price and Experience
One of the train stations showing the list of stations

Kano – Lagos Train Service Schedule

The Train will depart Kano on Monday by 9 am and arrives Lagos on Tuesday 3:10 pm

StationArrival (Hrs.)Departure (Hrs.)Day
Kaduna North1434Monday
Kaduna Junction14431503Monday
Serikin Pawa16531656Monday
Omi Adio1049Tuesday
Ifaw Junction1359Tuesday
Ebute-Meta Junction1505Tuesday
Lagos Terminus1510Tuesday

The time state above are not always accurate as they may be delay in some station. So, it is advisable you prepare well for the long ride.

Lagos – Kano Train Price 

LagosTo:EconomyFirst ClassSleeper
.Serikin Pawa2,1503,3505,100
.Kaduna Junction2,3503,6505,550

In life, experiences that are dear to us are ones we would never forget and my experience in the city of Lagos will be one I will forever cherish in my heart.

I went to Lagos on the 6th of November, 2018 along with my course mates of the Department of History and International Studies from the prestigious Kogi State University.

We started our journey from Anyigba, Kogi State at about 9:15 am and it was all laughter and endless fun until we got to our destination at about 1:15 am the next day.

In the course of the journey, we had so many twists and turns which was the major reason we arrived at our destination late. One major reason was the incident of a deflated tire from one of the transport vehicles and a heavy load of traffic in Lagos and the natural occurrence of rainfall which lasted for long was the major setback in our delay.

The next day, at 4:30 am, exactly three hours after our arrival, we started preparing for our first tour in Lagos which was en route to the historical area in Nigeria’s history, Badagry of course!

At 6:00 am, we started our departure for Badagry and it was not a funny experience, we were truly shown the other side of Lagos as we were stuck in traffic for one good hour before we got to our destination at 10:42 am.

Badagry, as we were told in classes, was really a sight to behold, we were welcomed with great hospitality and we went on a tour around the area and it was anchored by Mr Cornerstone. Mr Cornerstone unravelled many things to us, he told us about;

  • The history of the Slave Trade in Nigeria.
  • He showed us the Brazilian Baracon (Slave House).
  • He showed us the first storey building built in 1845.
  • He showed us the chains and shackles used to get hold of the slaves during that time.
  • And finally, he took us on a boat trip and we went to a place called “Journey of no return” but we definitely returned.


The next day, being on the 8th of November. We headed to the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (N.I.I.A) located at Victoria Island, Lagos. We were warmly received and we were briefed about the organization’s history and objectives. The organization made a humanitarian effort of donating books both old and new for us to take to our departmental library.

We didn’t spend much time as we spent the other day at Badagry. So, in no time we started heading back to our resort in order to rest and prepare for our last tour.

My Tour Experience In The City Of Lagos
joy and friends

On the last day, we prepared to make a visit to the palace to see the Attah in Lagos in the person of Chief Yakubu Sani Ejima. When we got there, he was not on seat, but after waiting for him, he appreciated us for coming and we had time to ask him some few questions in which he answered us diligently. After that, we had a series of pictures with him and we had to head back to the hotel to rest and prepare for our departure the next day.

We were all smiling as we were heading back to school because we had experienced what one would consider an opportunity and am very sure we grabbed it with both hands.


On the 6/11/2018, few students of the departments of History and international studies ranging from 100 level–400 level embarked on a tour to Lagos state.

At about 6:00 am, the travelling student assembled at the faculty. Some came alongside with bags, while some with travelling boxes. At 8:00 am, the school buses arrived. Two coastal buses and two fourteen seater bus was brought. At 8:30 am, names of students were called to enter the bus. But before entering the bus, a tag was given to the travelling student. On the tag was a write up “History and international studies, student association, {HISSA}, Kogi state chapter participant, 2017/2018 Excursion tour”. We sat comfortably on the bus. At about 9:00 am, the buses took off. We were cheerful and happy. There was interaction among student on the bus, we were free on the bus among ourselves and as a result of this, the bus was so lively.

Experience In The Five Days Tour In Lagos State
Stella at the Badagry signpost

We were accompanied by two of our able and erudite lecturers in the person of Mr Ineke Ugbedeojo Joseph and Mr Abuh Leonard. The journey to Lagos was slow and steady. We passed through Kogi, Akoko Edo, Ondo. At about 2:40 pm, at Owo in Ondo state, one of our buses had a flat tyre, the tube was condemned and needed to be changed. While the tyre was being changed, we had our lunch at “Perfect match restaurant”. Students requested for food such as Eba, Akpu and Egusi soup while some bought snacks such as Eggroll, Bread, Fanta and Spirit. At the restaurant, our phone was charging too.

By 3:30 pm, our journey continued. At 5:40 pm, it was raining heavily at Ijesha, Osun state. While raining, the bus moved slow and steady alongside music. It was not boring at all. We passed along several institutions like the Rufus Giwa Polytechnic Owo Federal University of Technology Akure, Joseph Ayo Babalolah university (JABU), Oduduwa University, Ile-Ife Osun state. We also passed through Ibadan, Ogun and finally Lagos. It does not stop there. We missed our way for about 30 minutes looking for the right way to mile-two. At this point, we were stranded and began to complain.

At about 12:40 am, we arrived safely at mile-two and lodged at the Galaxy hotel. In a room were a number of four students each. The rooms were well arranged with a ceiling fan, television, good toilet and enough water, we were so tired so, we took our bath, say our prayers and went to bed.



On 7/11/2018, as early as 5:20 am, we woke up and conducted our morning devotions individually, took our bath and set out for Badagry. It was not boring at all. At 7:30 am, we stopped at Lagos State University (LASU) Ojo, for over one hour 5 minutes. We were stranded waiting for our fellow student who could not find their way to locate us, at this point some student had their breakfast. After several callings at 8:35 am, they arrived safely but struggling to open one of the bus’s doors. With all effort made, the door was opened and we proceed. At Agbara, we packed in a fuel station to fuel the bus. Finally, at about10:24 am, we arrived at the Badagry slave port.

Experience In The Five Days Tour In Lagos State
Stella at Badagry Museum

Firstly, we arrived at Serikin Faremi William Museum. At the entrance of the museum by the right on the wall, was European products used for the exchanged of human beings in West Africa. They include Canon Gun, Alcoholic Liquor, Beads, Brass Dish, Kettle, Mirror, Ceramic Bowl, Gun and Umbrella. By the left were pictures of Serikin Faremi William Abbas, his background, early life and death. Moving further into the museum, there was a tour guy who welcomed us, told us a brief history of Serikin Faremi William Abbas and his Brazilian Barracoon built for him by Mr Willaims who was a European slave trader. So, Serikin William Abbas bears the name of his master. The first thing taken from them was their identity.

Serikin Faremi William Abbas was the paramount ruler of Badagry in 1895-1919. He was the 19th-century slave merchant who traded directly with Brazilians. He married 128 wives. We further moved to the Brazilian Baraccon were a total number of forty slaves were kept. Barracoon was a slave cell or slave room. Inside the museum, was a ceramic bowl, a bottle of dry gin, pot owned and used by chief Serikin William Abbas brought from Brazil. They were kept in a glass and shown to us. By the right was ancient heavy chains used to chain the slaves.

Furthermore, in the premises of the museum was the first well dug by the slaves. In that same premises was the tomb of Serikin Faremi William Abbas. He died on 11th June 1919 and was buried alongside forty slaves. An ancient umbrella was also shown to us. It was exchanged for forty human beings. Now, some building in the museum now serves as rooms to his descendant. Though, the descendant of Serikin William Abbas regrets and are very sorry for the involvement of serikin William Abbas in the trans-Atlantic slave trade either by choice or by force.

Experience In The Five Days Tour In Lagos State
Stella taking selfie at the first Storey building

Secondly, we arrived at the first storey building in Nigeria, built in 1845. There we were educated by a tour guy in the person of Mr Ezekiel Vyapbong. The building was started in 1842 and was completed in 1845. The house is built of sound African wood principally of what we call brimstone. It is 10ft raised from the ground on twenty-six stout and durable trees called cabbage trees and species of a coconut tree and nine other smaller trees. It is 44feet in length and 26ft in breadth and wide. It is estimated to cost £325.

The building was constructed by C.A Gollmer in 1845. We entered into the building and inside were two big sitting rooms, six-bedrooms, four stores and a safe were precious items were kept. Inside the building, we saw the pictures of the cemetery where all the missionaries who died in Badagry were buried. The total numbers of the missionaries who died and were buried in Badagry were two hundred and forty. Not all the missionaries who came to Badagry all died in Badagry because some of them took the mission to another country. Prominent people that were buried in the cemetery include Mrs Gollmer, Mrs Muller, Mr. & Mrs Cooten, Mr George Brand and Mr Mark Willoughby.

Furthermore, we proceed to the room of the first western teacher in Nigeria, Mr Claudius Philips 1845-1868. Also, the picture of the first known school in Nigeria, It was established by Mr and Mrs De Graft and was named “Nursery of the infant church” in 1843. The school was later moved to its permanent site in 1845 and was renamed “St. Thomas Primary School” which was Established with about 40 men. Also was the picture of the historical Agia tree. Reverend. Thomas Birch Freeman from Wesleyan missionary first preached Christianity in Nigeria under the Agia tree on 24th September 1842. The first Christmas was jointly held under the tree on December 25th,1842, both the Anglican and Wesleyan missionaries led by Rev. Henry Townsend and Rev. Birch Freeman respectively. The tree fell on 20th June 1959 and was replaced with a monument.

The picture of Rev. Henry Townsend 1815-1886, Rev. C.A Gollmer, Mr Claudius Philips, Christmas photograph of the staff of the African oil nuts company and Miller brothers at Badagry in Nigeria, the missionary trust fund box,  history on the emergence of Christianity in Nigeria.

The photograph of Rev. Samuel Ajayi Crowther was there too. He was a linguist and the first African Anglican bishop n Nigeria, he was reputedly known for his selfless contribution towards the growth and propagation of Christianity in Nigeria. He was an African missionary and liberated slave who translated the English Bible into the Yoruba language in 1845. It was printed in Great Britain. So, was the first Bible brought by the Church Missionary Society (CMS) by rev. Henry Townsend in 1842 was seen. The bibles were kept in glassware to prevent it from being eaten by insects.  In the safe were precious items were kept was shillings, pounds, penny and kobo. On 1st of January 1973, the federal republic of Nigeria changed to Naira and Kobo.

Thirdly, on the premises where the first storey building was built was a well called “miracle well”. It was the well of the missionary dug in 1842 and it happened to be the first well of the missionary not the first well in Nigeria. When the missionary came to Badagry town, they discovered that all the other well they have in that environment in Badagry had thirst and colour because they were close to the water called the Lagoon and also close to the Atlantic ocean. So, the waters affect all the water they have in their environment so, they had thirst and colours. But the miracle well is the only well in Badagry that is clean, odourless, thirstless and gormless. Everybody in the environment come to fetch and drink the water. But since 1842 the missionary dug the well, the well had never dried and never change colour, so, people who believe in God use the name of God on the water and God is answering their prayers. So, it was named miracle well. We the students were permitted to fetch the water. Some student drank the water while some used it to wash their faces. Truly it was thirstless, colourless, and odourless.

Fourthly, we all walked forward to the Lagoon. We entered an engine boat to enable us to cross to the Island. It was full of fun as some student refused to cross due to fright. After crossing the Lagoon we get to a point called “The Journey of no return and destination” moving forward was the Attenuation well. The well was filled with water but now greenish in colour. The waters were given to slaves especially the stubborn slaves in other to enable them to lose their memory. Their memory can be recovered after three months. Black magic was put inside the well. From there, we took a walk for about 25 minutes and arrived at the Atlantic ocean. It was fun at the ocean as a student were taking selfies with their friends and course mate. Before the ocean was a building not yet completed called “the Land of return”. It was due to the liberated slaves that returned back.

By 3:00 pm, we took off room Badagry to mile two. On our way back, one of the coastal buses had a flat tyre. We waited for about 30minutes and it was put to others. There was traffic along with Alaba international market as people and goods were being moved from one place to another. At 7:00 pm, we missed our way to mile two due to t lack of signboards. But finally, at about 8:02 pm, we arrived at the Galaxy hotel. The students lodged in their various rooms, with the light on, ventilation from the ceiling fan, there was enough water and so, we took our bath, say our night prayers and went to bed.


On 8/11/2018, at about 7:00 am, we woke up, conducted our morning devotions, bushed our teeth’s, took our baths and get dressed. At 9:30 am, we set out to the Nigeria Institute of international affairs. At 10:15 am, we arrived at the institute. It is located at no. 13/15 Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Experience In The Five Days Tour In Lagos State
Stella reading

At first, when we arrived at the institute, we were addressed quietly by our lecturers on how to coordinate and conduct ourselves. We entered into the institute at the down floor and we were received, and welcomed by Mr Shak Dam Wakmuk and Dr Ugwanyi Chinasa. We were told a brief history of the institute as it was established in 1961 with the support of the then prime minister in the person of late Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa and Dr Lawrence Apalara Fabunmi, they also discussed on its objectives, department and divisions. We were also lectured on globalization and issues of climate change. It was educative and fun as there were question and answers. After the lecture, books were presented to us which include; Nigeria forum, the question of Diaspora in Nigeria’s international relations, the economic diplomacy of the Nigerian state, new scramble for Africa, Africa and Europe in the 21st century and New Horizon for Nigeria in world affairs. Books were also presented to the school through the lectures. Our lectures show appreciation on behalf of the student to the institute as we were so happy and grateful too. We moved further to the institute library and an area for a press and pamphlet collection it was big, clean and contain many books.

Experience In The Five Days Tour In Lagos State
Stella shopping at Shoprite

Besides, by 2:00 pm, we left for the institute and moved forward to a shop rite at Lekki Phase 1. It was big and beautiful. Before we entered, the security men conducted a search on us individually before we proceed. Before the entrance of the shop rite, at the right was a food court, Game, and cinema. The student was so so happy as they were shopping for snacks of their choice. At 3:30 pm, we left the shop rite and lodged back again at the Galaxy hotel.


“Attah” means father while Attah Igala literally connotes fathers of Igala. It is the title given to the political traditional ruler in Igala land.

On 9/11/2018, we visited the Attah’s palace at Owonroshoki, Lagos. Before the visitation, we had our breakfast individually an put on an Igala traditional attire. Though not all the student had it, there was an alternative of putting on native attire. We packed our bags and luggage form Galaxy hotel with the intention of lodging at another hotel while coming back.

At about 10:30 am, we arrived at Attah’s palace. The palace was by the side. At the entrance of the palace, we were asked to take off our shoes and sandals and it was done without complaint. The palace was big and beautiful, on the walls was the picture of the Attah and his wife. Chairs were offered to us to sit and bottled water was also given to us also. Though the Attah was not around and we waited for him till he arrived. Before his arrival, we were entertained by a folk song of Igala tradition. some student danced while some sang.

Experience In The Five Days Tour In Lagos State

About an hour, the Attah arrived. Though we were expecting an old man, he was not. He was a huge, tall, handsome and good looking man, fair in complexion. As he entered into the palace, pleasantries were exchanged. There was a saying “me gwonu Igala…..” “Iyaji”. Ekigala ma cheni….. gbake koiko.

He welcomed us an introduced himself in the person of Chief Yakubu Sanni Ejima. He was a Lagos based businessman and later became the chief of Igala in Lagos state. He promised to carry all Igala people leaving in Lagos along in whatever he does. He is also expected to be the father and traditional leader of Igalas residing in Lagos and to make the unity of his people a priority in all his endeavours. He pledged to empower the Igala youths residing in Lagos. He is also the gbobaniyi of Oworonshoki in Lagos. Aside from him being the chief there, they are other chiefs who represent him in Aja, Obalende, Ikoyi, Ekpe, Ketu and so on. A Kolanut was brought by an elder in the palace. He bent down and made a series of incantation, after the incantation he said, our visit was accepted by the ancestors. So after that, the Kolanut was broken into pieces and shared to the student, but not everybody accepts to eat but only a few did. After the introduction and his motive for the Igalas in Lagos state, a group photograph was taken with the Attah at his palace.

By 3:02 pm, we left the Attah palace. The student was fully ready to go to the beach. But it was cancelled because much time was spent at the Attah’s palace. There was panic among student on the bus because of not going to the beach. Though, it was later resolved. On our way back, we did not lodge at the Galaxy hotel but instead, at one & two hotels in Ajegunle. Our room was shown to us, four students at each room. There was light, water and ceiling fan. We eat our dinner, took our bath, say our night prayer and went to bed.


On 10/11/2018 at about 4:00 am, we woke up, brush our teeth, took our bath and get dressed. At 6:02 am, we left Ajegunle and journey to Kogi state. Though some of the students were filling very sleepy. So, they slept on the bus. On our way to Kogi state along Lagos Ibadan expressway, a trailer carrying fuel had an accident and it caused heavy traffic on the road. The students were now hungry and start to complain. At Ogbese in Ibadan, capital of Oyo state, we had our breakfast at about 11:00 am. After eating breakfast our journey continued. At4:07 pm the buses also stopped as at Owo in Ondo state and we had our lunch. After lunch, our buses moved and the journey continued. At Akoko Edo, the buses stopped as a student who were pressed went to urinate and at this point, we bought fried plantain as it was so cheap. After all this, the bus did not stop again not until about 9:00 pm, we arrived at Kogi state university main gate. we all came down, carried our bags and luggage and went to our various homes.

Our tour to Lagos was indeed a walk of a lifetime. It helped to promote unity, peace, love and co-operation among students who are of different levels in the department. We saw some of the things we were being lectured in class live. For example, European products used for the exchanged of human beings in West Africa, the journey to the land of no return and destination, attenuation well, and the Atlantic ocean.

Growing up, I’ve always loved to travel and because of that, I never let go off opportunities that will enable me to leave an environment for a while.

Lagos has been like a dreamland for me to visit because of the stories and pictures I have seen. When the opportunity that the Department of History and International Studies came up that we should visit for an excursion, I did everything possible to get the money ready just so I would visit this great city.

Few days to the excursion, I had not paid and the hope of going was beginning to dwindle. I thought hard because my money wasn’t complete and those that promised to assist were not giving positive signs. I looked all around and amidst this; I lost half of the one I got due to carelessness. My hope was lost until God so kind proved himself and sent help to me and that made me happy. My health was the next challenge that would’ve discouraged me from going. But I said it’s a must that I would go. Thus, I got drugs to suppress it with the hope that I would be fine and that when I return, I will take proper treatment.

5 Days Lagos State Tour Experience
At the Brazilian Baricoon

On the 5th of November 2018, the night before we left, it was indeed a long night as I kept turning sideways on my bed. Before six, I was already dressed and ready to go to the venue where we were asked to meet (Faculty of Arts and Humanities). The delay in calling the list took a long while. Patiently, they called out all the names and we left.

Day one (1)

We left Kogi State University Anyigba at around 9 am. The students really turned out for the trip due to the way the activities was drafted, especially the Day 4 (the beach party). Four buses were used, two long buses (Coastal) and two 18-seater buses.

The journey was smooth. Though, one of the coastal buses kept on having issues. We passed through many states and stopped at Ogun for lunch. It was indeed fun. We chatted, slept, woke up and made fun of ourselves. In a different way, it was hectic too as we thought we would arrive early to rest but it never happened that way.

Finally, we got to Lagos as late as 12 am. Trying to locate our hotel where we would lodge became another issue because almost everywhere was blocked. Finally, we arrived at Mile 2 in Ajegunle around 1:48 am and decided to take pictures for fun.

5 Days Lagos State Tour Experience
with my school mates

We settled in each room (4 persons in one). The hotel booked was two, though not far from each other. I settled in with three of my level mates. At around 4 am, we were told to take our bath and get dressed as our activity for day 2 was to visit the slave port at Badagry. We woke up so early so we could beat the traffic Lagos.

 Day two (2)

We left the hotel as early as 5 am and a few others that were late left by 6 am. Because of this, the busses were filled up and some of us had to use the popular “Molue” in Lagos. I’ve heard of Molue, I thought it was something special from any other means of transportation. I never knew it was the normal 18-seater bus I know. I felt glad that I finally entered one.

We got to Lagos state university and settled in our bus the way it should despite the issue that happened (a minor altercation between a lecturer and a student that provoked anger), and straightway we went to Badagry around 11 am or so. We went to the Brazillian Baricoon and got enlightened on how slavery started there. We saw a lot of things including the rooms where forty (40) slaves were kept, the well they built, the first storey building and the well built by the missionaries.

We went to the point of “no return”. It wasn’t fun walking it, and we saw the attenuation well and we were also enlightened on its effect on the slaves. We also went to the Atlantic Ocean which was the point of no return. This was one of the most amazing parts of the trip. I got emotional and felt the pains the slaves felt. Till date, I didn’t want to imagine it.

We left there later to get food to eat and afterwards returned to our lodge. Though we kept missing our way; we arrived at the hotel late, we ate supper, bath and slept. Behold, day two (2) was gone.

Day three (3)

Day 3 was a visit to Victoria Island, the Institute of International Affairs. Well, this is one of the most beautiful places in Lagos. It was quite far from the Main Land. Though, we didn’t leave early like 5 am as we left for Badagry. We left around 7 am and we got there by 9 am to 10 am. We were warmly received because they already prepared and were waiting for us. We were led into the conference room which felt and worked as the National Assembly at Abuja.

5 Days Lagos State Tour Experience
Outside the conference room at the Institute of International Affairs

We had a chat with a few key persons and we were enlightened on a lot of things. We also discussed the on-going debate, if it was wise to keep importing or should Nigeria start producing and exporting. It was an educative moment. At the end of it, questions were asked from all levels.

I recalled asking on the environment, especially on the flood in Ibaji, Kogi state, and the government action towards it. I also could recall Mrs Chinwe telling me it was already in consideration as they have sent a bill of request to the National Assembly. We were given six books each for free and we also took pictures and thereafter went sightseeing to their library and book shop. It was really a nice time indeed; some students got great books relevant to some of our courses.

Still, on day three (3), we left the Institute of International Affairs and went to the Shoprite at Victoria Island, Lekki. It was huge and quite different from the ones I’ve seen in places like Enugu and Abuja. Things weren’t as cheap as I knew it to be since I’ve paid a visit to two others.

But moving around and feeding our eyes was worth it. We got ice cream, cake and some of us got food. I in particular got chicken and ice cream and it was worth the price. We stayed for a while and then after all the pictures, fun, sightseeing, it was getting late and we had to go, considering the usual Lagos traffic in the evening.

Day four (4)

Tour was on Friday, we didn’t leave early like other days, and the plan was to change hotel accommodation for the few lodging at Mile 2, The Galaxy Hotel. We were asked to get dressed and get ready to change lodge. That day, we were instructed to put on our different native attire because the activity of the day was to visit the Onuh of Igala in Lagos state and from there to the beach, we also got our beach wears ready because there would be a need to change after leaving the Onuh’s palace.

It was a colourful day as all of us appeared in our divers’ native attires. At first, I didn’t go with any because I never knew we were told to come along with it since I was not there at the induction. I felt odd not having, but fortunately, a friend carried two along, gave me one. Guess what! I was given a Yoruba attire (Iro and Buba).

5 Days Lagos State Tour Experience
At The Galaxy Hotel, Mile2 on Yoruba Attire

I was so happy because it looked so great on me as if I was measured before it was made. I took a lot of pictures in that attire and I enjoyed it. We later left for the palace which was in Mainland. We got there and due to our number, the palace wasn’t accommodative for us. We were welcomed in though and asked to wait for the Onuh while some other junior Kings attended to us.

When the Monarch arrived, drinks and kola were presented as offering to the gods. To our amazement, it was accepted. It was then broken and shared. We had a nice time chatting with the king. We were taught how to greet and also reply greeting. It was a new experience but welcoming. I could remember, Joseph, a student from 200L did the interpretation.

The king entertained questions and gave us bottled water. After that, one of the leaders of the Ebira clan came around too. After everything, we had picture time with the king and the other traditional rulers. After that, we bought food, ate and headed for the beach which unfortunately couldn’t work out. This became an issue between some of the students and lecturers. If the lecturers had allowed the students to go for the beach party, the hold-up would have made it difficult to come back in good time to travel the next day back to school.

However, the students were angry that their money must be refunded. This argument lasted a while but at last, we all retired to our hotel to rest and for those of us that changed hotel, the new place wasn’t really nice as it looked abandoned for a long time.

It was stuffy and even looked old. Well, I preferred the old one being the new one but since it was just for the night, we endured it. The place boomed with music until almost dawn. We couldn’t get much sleep. Around 4 am, we were up again to get ready for our journey back to school.

Day five (5)

We woke up early to prepare and leave for school. We left very early at 5 am. The journey wasn’t as rough as it was when we were coming. It was in a way smooth and fast. This time around, no bus agreed to wait for the other, it was more like every one of them on their own.

It was on a Saturday and my bus arrived at the school at 8 pm. We got lucky as we saw a car that took us to the front of the hostel. We were all exhausted. Even at that, I washed a few pieces of stuff so I could meet up with certain things before Monday.

Lagos is indeed a large city. So many things that I have heard of, I actually looked forward to exploring. I didn’t behave like a J.J.C in their market or in trying to buy something. My roommates were like buy us Agege bread o! When I saw again bread, I was disappointed because I expected something totally different but bought it for them all the same.

I don’t think I would love to live in Lagos because of the traffic, congestion, air pollution, and the hotness. Frankly, it wasn’t funny. It was indeed quite an experience as I learnt a lot. I made new friends and saw a side of life I haven’t seen. Ask me if I would love to visit there again and my answer will simply be a big YES!!!

With a long list of tourist attractions, Benin City is one city any tourist that wants to explore culture and tradition beyond imagination can visit.

Apart from Air Peace, Arik Air is another airline that serves Benin, Edo State and its environs. Unlike Air Peace, Arik Air has flights from 4 destinations to Benin City.

Arik Air Flights To Benin City From Lagos  and Abuja

Locally, Arik Has flights from Benin to Abuja and Lagos and Outside Nigeria, Arik has flights from Benin to Accra, Ghana, Luanda, Angola and Dakar, Senegal all connecting to Lagos before heading to the final destination.

Class of Service

Arik Air has 2 classes of services.

  • Economy Class
  • Business Class

The economy class ticket is not refundable while business is refundable. Passengers on Economy are entitled to 20 Kg baggage allowance while the business class is 30kg baggage allowance. Infants are entitled to 10 Kg baggage allowance. Arik Air charges NGN 500 per kg for additional baggage.

Arik Air Flight cost To Benin City

The price or cost of a flight from different destinations to Benin is not specific. The price varies depending on the time, day and class of service you chose.

The Economy class is less expensive compared to the Business class. All the three factors listed affect the price. But to get the exact price, you can contact the airline or a travel agent.

Schedule and Time

The time of flight depends on different destinations.
Note that the flight time changes; it changes anytime without prior notice. However, it is advisable you contact the airline or a travel agent to get the exact departure time and flight availability.

Best time to book

The best time to book is now. It is advisable to book at least a week or a few days before departure. Airfare is not 100% predictable, it fluctuates. You can get a cheaper fare too when you book early.

How To Book

There are two ways to book. First is by booking through the airline directly. You can go to Air Peace website and book by yourself or contact the customer care to assist you.

The second method is through a travel agent. All you have to do is to contact a travel agent and let them know your travel plan.

Arik Air Baggage

For Arik Air baggage allowance to Benin and the cost of extra luggage, click here to read more on it.

With Sagetravels.com, booking your Arik Air ticket to Benin is not something you should worry about. Contact us for assistance.

Benin the capital of Edo state has a long history. When we talk about culture and tradition in Africa, Benin City will surely have a place. Benin City has lots of artworks littered in reputable museums around the world.

Air peace has got you covered whenever you want to visit this ancient city. Air peace has a nonstop flight from 2 cities to Benin.

The Air Peace Flights To Benin

Air peace flies from Abuja and Lagos to Benin respectively.

Class of Service

Air Peace Flight to Benin has 3 classes of services.

  1. Economy Class
  2. Economy Flexi and
  3. Business Class

The economy class ticket is not refundable while the Economy Flexi and business are refundable. Passengers on Economy and Economy Flexi are entitled to 20 Kg baggage allowance while the business class is 40kg baggage allowance.

Air Peace charges for excess baggage. Maximum cabin baggage weight is 6kg, with pieces not exceeding 45cm x 33cm x 20cm.

Cost / Price / Fare Of Air Peace Flight To Abuja

The price or cost of a flight from either Lagos or Abuja to Benin is not specific. The price varies depending on the time, day and class of service you chose.

For instance, the economy class is the cheapest followed by the Economy Flexi while the Business Class is the most expensive. Monday may be cheaper than Friday. All the three factors listed affect the price. But to get the exact price, you can contact the airline or a travel agent.

Schedule and Time

Note that the flight time not exact, it changes anytime without prior notice. However, it is advisable you contact the airline or a travel agent to get the exact departure time and flight availability.

Best Time To Book

The best time to book is now. It is advisable to book at least a week or a few days before departure. Airfare is not 100% predictable, it fluctuates.

How To Book

There are two ways to book. First is by booking through the airline directly. You can go to Air Peace website and book by yourself or contact the customer care to assist you.

The second method is through a travel agent. All you have to do is to contact a travel agent and let them know your travel plan.

With Sagetravels.com, booking your Air Peace ticket to Benin is not something you should worry about. Contact us for assistance.

Plan your Benin Trip/Tour with Sagetravels for a great discount.

Air Peace has returned back to Asaba after pulling out of the route for safety reason. Over two years ago, the leading airline in Nigeria, Air Peace, suspended their flight operation due to the runway issue.

As an airline that has safety as a watchword, suspending the operation was the best they can do. Prior to the suspension, Air Peace was operating only Lagos – Asaba – Lagos route. Today, the carrier did not only restart the Lagos – Asaba – Lagos route, but they also added Asaba – Abuja – Asaba to complement the Lagos route.

Air Peace Flights To Asaba

Air Peace currently has flights from 2 destinations to Asaba. The destinations Air Peace flies from to Asaba includes

  1. Abuja
  2. Lagos

Class of Service

Air Peace Flight to Asaba has 3 classes of services.

  1. Economy Class
  2. Economy Flexi and
  3. Business Class

The economy class ticket is not refundable while the Economy Flexi and business are refundable. Passengers on Economy and Economy Flexi are entitled to 20 Kg baggage allowance while the business class is 40kg baggage allowance.

Air Peace charges for excess baggage.

Maximum cabin baggage weight is 6kg, with pieces not exceeding 45cm x 33cm x 20cm.

Cost / Price / Fare Of Air Peace Flight To Abuja

There is no specific amount for Asaba flights. However, the time, day and class of service may affect the price.

The three above will determine the price of a flight to Asaba. For instance, the economy class is the cheapest followed by the Economy Flexi while the Business Class is the most expensive.

Schedule And Time

The time of flight depends on destination.

  • From Abuja to Asaba time is 11 am while Asaba to Abuja is 9:20 am
  • From Lagos to Asaba Time is 8:00 am while Asaba To Lagos is 12:30 pm and 3:00 Pm

PS: Note that the time stated above may change anytime and any day without prior notice. However, it is advisable you contact the airline or a travel agent to get the exact departure time and flight availability.

Best time to Book

The best time to book is now. I normally advise passengers to book at least a week or a few days before departure. Flight fare is not 100% predictable, it fluctuates.

How To Book

There are two ways to book. First is by booking through the airline directly. You can go to Air Peace website and book by yourself or contact the customer care to assist you.

The second method is through a travel agent. All you have to do is to contact a travel agent and let them know your travel plan.

With Sagetravels.com, booking your Air Peace ticket to Asaba is not something you should worry about.

Contact us for assistance. Plan your Asaba trip with Sagetravels for a great discount.

If you are looking for a cheap flight from Lagos to Abuja or from Abuja to Lagos, search no more as Air Azman is here to accommodate your budget. The pocket friendly airline with it main hub at Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, kano state just announced the cheapest fare between Lagos and Abuja.

Air Azman is ready to take you from Lagos to Abuja or Abuja to Lagos for just N19,500.

How To Book

Booking this cheap fare is as easy as ABC; all you have to do is to follow the steps below.

Step One:

Visit Air Azman website

Step Two:

Fill in your destination (departure and arrival city e.g. Abuja and Lagos), travel date and select the number of passengers. Enter voucher code (if any).

Step Three:

Select an option (departure time) from the list of available flights and then click next.

Cheap Flight: Fly Within Lagos & Abuja For 19,500 On Azman
Air Azman Cheap Flight to Lagos and Abuja

Step four:

Enter your personal details (Name, email address and phone number) on the “Passengers Details” page.

Cheap Flight: Fly Within Lagos & Abuja For 19,500 On Azman
Air Azman Personal Details page

Step Five:

Select your method of payment and make payment.

Congratulations, you have just booked the cheapest domestic flight in Nigeria.

Things To Note:

  • As at the time of publishing this article, the 19,500 is still available and may change anytime without prior notice.
  • Air Azman has 3 flights between Abuja and Lagos daily
  • Air Azman departure time is 9 am, 3:00 pm and 5:00 Pm (the time may change anytime)
  • Use active email address and phone number when entering your personal details.
  • After booking, check your email and print your ticket.
  • Make sure you arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before departure.
  • Pack light, travel simple.

Safe Journey.

For booking assistance, contact our in-house experienced travel agents. Click here

One of the leading Airlines in Nigeria, Arik Air has reduced the fare for their flight from Lagos or Abuja, Nigeria to Accra, Ghana.

Travellers can fly from Lagos to Ghana for a low as N43,000 as against the initial price of N79,000 while new fare from Abuja to Ghana is N62,000

Arik Air flies from Lagos and Abuja to Ghana every day. Below are the updated days, sector and the flight time from Abuja to Accra, Ghana.

Arik Air Flight Days, Sector and Time from Abuja and Lagos to Accra, Ghana.

Mon-SunLagos – Accra, Ghana7:am & 5:00 pm
Mon, Tue, Thu, SatAccra – Lagos7:30 pm
Wed, Fri, SunAccra – Lagos1:15 pm
Mon-SunAccra – Lagos5:30 pm
Mon-SunAbuja – Lagos5:30 pm
Mon-SunAccra – Abuja7:40 pm


Contact Us To Book Now!

There is no better reason other than it’s just the best place to celebrate and enjoy Christmas with family and friends. Ask me why again and I will say the town is stress-free, secured and tranquil.
The most concrete reason I’ve got is that Badagry is a Home of tourism. Its people are hospitable, its attractions


are unique in nature. There’s more to say but let’s talk about the suntan beach for now.
The sight of the beautiful coconut trees and traditional African huts, the golden sand that decorates the environs, the swelling of the water body stylishly, the horse riders showcasing their skills and advertising for a ride, honey mooners holding hands and playing around, children and adults alike swimming.

funtime at the beach
funtime at the beach

Activities to engage in are quit inexhaustible. Fishing is highly permitted, football games are allowed, any kind of party at all is welcomed. breathtaking, hiking and watching the sunset are all inclusive.


Just book your ticket at the tool-gate with little money and get in for your fun. but in case you need help for flight booking, accomodation and tourguide just call 08167650848 or 08135146188
Suntan Beach is located at Km 67, Seme Border express way, Badagry., Lagos.
Accommodation :
Sycamore Hotels Ltd
Whispering Palms Resort
Zino Hotels International
La’Nova Continental Hotel
Paradise Guest House
De Julie Hotels
Crystal Guest Lodge
MB Hotel Porto-Novo
Attraction: other places you can visit are;
French Village
Agiya Tree monument
Mobee museum
Slave Trade Museum
Point of No Return
Vlekete Slave Market
First Primary School
First Storey Building.

On Tuesday, Azman Air gave their passengers travelling from Lagos to Abuja or Abuja to Lagos route a reason to smile in this festive period with their cheap daily flight to Abuja or Lagos.

Passengers will have to act fast to take advantage of this sales slash while it last.

Azman Air will fly daily on a non-stop service from Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja to Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos or the reverse.

All passengers aboard the flight are also entitled to complimentary meals or snacks.
To enjoy this cheap fare, passengers have to book on Azman Air website and also note that the N18,500 fare displayed is subject to availability.

Sagetravels.com is hoping other airlines will join Azman to reduce their price in this festive period. If other airlines join the competition, airfare will be cheaper than ever.

Book Your Azman Air Flight With Us Today

The Airline of Nigeria, Med-View has rolled out a discounted fare to appreciate their customers flying from Lagos to London. The promo fare starts at N249,000 for economy class.

Med-view Business Development Manager, Mr Isiaq Na-Allah disclosed that the promo fare is to allow their customers to have a stress free and cheap fare during the festive period. He also said that the promo will run until December 31, 2017, for those travelling from London to Lagos, Nigeria while for those travelling from Lagos, Nigeria to London promo ends 15th January 2018.

In addition to the cheap fares, customers are going to be wow aboard with African and intercontinental delicacies.

Med-view flies from Murtala Mohammed International Airport Lagos, Nigeria to London Gatwick Airport.

You can now book your med-view flights with us on this blog or contact 08167650848 or 08135146188 (WhatsApp/Call)

Christmas is around the corner which signifies that the year is gradually coming to an end. We at sagetravels shall be looking at Nigeria as a destination to select the top 5 most visited states in no particular order. Nigeria is indeed blessed with abundant of untapped natural resources and tourist attractions. We used the word untapped because most of the attractions lack support, infrastructure, accessibility and publicity.

Based on research and recommendations, we have picked 5 states out of the 36 states in Nigeria as the most visited this year. In alphabetical order, we present to you the most visited states in Nigeria this year.

The Top 5 Most Visited States In Nigeria This Year
Kwa Falls, Cross River State (CalabarBlog.com)

Cross River State

Cross River state which is one of the south-south states in Nigeria is tourists’ haven. Cross River state has huge tourism attractions that are capable of attracting both local and international tourists. The attractions in Cross River include Obudu Mountain Resort, Kwa Falls, Tinapa, Marina Resort etc. The Calabar carnival is currently the largest street party in Africa. The Calabar delicacies are second to none in Nigeria. If you try the Edikang Ikong or Afang soup, you will ask for more. You can enter cross river via all the modes of transportation excerpt train which is under construction.

The Top 5 Most Visited States In Nigeria This Year
Awhum Waterfall, Enugu (Pulse.ng)


The capital of the eastern states is another most visited state this year. Enugu which is also known as the coal city-state or 042 is a great vacation destination in Nigeria. Enugu boasts of several tourist attractions including the famous Famous Fall called Awhum Waterfall, Eze Agu Tourist Complex, Nike Resort, Nnamdi Azikiwe sports complex etc. There is never a dull moment in Enugu. At night you can enjoy the local delicacies like Nkobi, Isi Ewu, Pami (Palm Wine) and lovely gyration from Ndi Egwu Udu Bunch. Enugu is a calm and peaceful state to relax in Nigeria.

The Top 5 Most Visited States In Nigeria This Year
Millenium Park, Abuja (Hotels.ng)

FCT Abuja

The capital city is undisputable the most loved and visited city in Nigeria this year. This is the center of it all. Abuja is the most peaceful, economically viable, traffic free and well-planned city in Nigeria. Abuja has a range of attractions from manmade to natural attractions like Jabi lake, Ushafa Village, Millennium Park, Katampe Hill etc. Abuja has lots of gardens and recreational centers to unwind. Don’t worry about accommodation fees because Abuja has accommodation for lower, middle and high-class individuals.

The Top 5 Most Visited States In Nigeria This Year
Kajuru Castel, Kaduna State (Kajuru Castel Facebook)


The city of Kaduna is the capital of Kaduna state in the northern Nigeria. Fortunately, Kaduna had an influx of tourists this year. Thanks to Abuja Airport closure. On the 8th of March 2017, Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport was shut down for 6 weeks routing maintenance. Therefore, all passengers using Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport were redirected to the Kaduna international airport. Today, Ethiopian Airways is serving the state. Apart from the Kaduna international airport, Kaduna has huge tourism potentials from Kajuru Castel to Nok Culture to Kamuku National Park and much more.

The Top 5 Most Visited States In Nigeria This Year
National Theatre Lagos (Credit: Hotels.ng)


The city of excellence is currently the most visited city in Nigeria this year. Lagos is the headquarters of almost all the industries in Nigeria. When it comes to tourism, Lagos has lots of attractions to offer tourists like the Elegushi Beach, Badagery slave trade, National Museum, Lekki Conservation center, etc. If you talk about entertainment and nightlife, Lagos state got you covered with nightlife. For shoppers, there are markets and malls for you. There are accommodations for low, medium and high-income earners.

Nigeria is indeed blessed with lots of tourism potentials.

How Many States Have You Visited In Nigeria?

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