You called and the answered. Aero Contractor has registered as the first airline to fly Abuja to Kaduna.

For those that are scared of Abuja – Kaduna road, there is a cheap flight available for you now. With 14k, you can fly comfortable to Kaduna from Abuja. For those that cannot afford the flight fare, there is a daily train service to Kaduna from Abuja.

Aero Contractor Flight Price/Fare From Abuja to Kaduna

As at the time we checked, the cost of flights from Abuja to Kaduna is 14,000 only. You can book online, contact your agent or contact us to assist you with the flight booking.

Please note that the price may change anytime. To be on a safe side, kindly contact us or check online for the current price.

How to Book Aero Contractor flight to Kaduna.

  • Visit aero website
  • Select Abuja or Kaduna (depends on where you’re) as departure city. Select Abuja or Kaduna as destination (depends on where you’re).
  • Select trip type (One Way or Return flight)
  • Select Date.
  • Select number of passengers (adult, Children and Infant).
  • Click enter.
  • On the next page, select the class of service. Economy or business class.
  • Click to continue…
  • Enter your personal details (Name, phone, email etc)
  • Enter method of payment.
  • Complete payment.
  • Check your email for your email.
  • That’s all.

We can take away all the stress from you. We can handle all the bookings and other booking related issues. All you need is to contact us and we will book the best and affordable flight for you.

Aero Contractor flight schedule from Abuja to Kaduna.

Aero Contractor has 4 flights weekly from Abuja to Kaduna. The flights days are:

  • Tuesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Sunday

Tuesday and Thursday flights are in the morning while Friday and Sunday flights are afternoon flights.

The flight time may change without prior notice from the airline. All you need to do is to check online for the current time or contact us to assist you.

If you need assistance, kindly contact us on 08135146188 or 08167650848 (Call/WhatsApp)

The Nigerian railway corporation has upgraded the Abuja to Kaduna train service with the addition of two trains and 10 more coaches. With this addition, the train number of trips has been increased from two to four trips daily.  Also, the fare has increased a bit higher than what it was before. Find below the new fare and new timetable.

Watch Abuja To Kaduna Video Here



Excerpt Wednesday
StationsDescription1st Trip2nd Trip3rd Trip4th Trip



Excerpt Wednesday
StationsDescription1st Trip2nd Trip3rd Trip4th Trip


StationsDescription1st Trip2nd Trip


StationsDescription1st Trip2nd Trip


Wednesday Schedule

StationsDescription1st Trip2nd Trip


Wednesday Schedule

StationsDescription1st Trip2nd Trip


Price Update: 

First Class – 6,000

Business Class – N5,000

Economy class – 3,000

First class

Old priceNew price


Old priceNew price

Side Note: The Meaning of Express and normal Rides

With this increase, the Nigerian Railway Corporation, also, added another service to cater to business travellers and others that are in a hast to reach their destination. The new services are the Normal and express ride.

Express Ride: Express ride as the name implies means that it is a non-stop ride. The train will only stop at Kubwa and Idu stations.

Normal Ride: This is exactly opposite of express service. The train will stop at all the train stations along the Abuja to Kaduna route.

Also, a luggage carriage van has been added. If you have lots of luggage, worry less, there is a baggage van for you.

You can read more on How to Book the train Here

If you have not used the train before, read my experience here. If you are wondering what the train looks like, click here to see. 

Anyone that has travelled from Abuja to Kaduna by train will attest to the fact that the Abuja – Kaduna train is a way better compared to any other train services we have in Nigeria. I can bet that the Abuja – Kaduna train services will beat anyone that is used to Nigeria public facilities service expectations.

It is a known fact that Nigeria lags behind in terms of maintaining public facilities (our maintenance culture is zero) but that’s not the case of Abuja to Kaduna train service. As at the time of publishing this article, the train and the terminals are still clean and well organized with on-time departure.

Abuja to Kaduna by Train: Schedule, Cost and Experience
Mr Ikechi Uko smiling as he alight from the train

The Experience

The first time I travelled from Abuja to Kaduna was when a team of travel bloggers came to Abuja for “Abuja city tour” sponsored by travelstart. The second time was after the annual Abuja Jabama (M.I.C.E) event organized by the Akwaaba Travel Market. During the tour and event, we planned to tour Kejuru castle in Kaduna and we decided to go by train.

As you all know this is a modern era, we expected to get all the necessary information we need online and if possible purchase our ticket ahead of time.  After surfing the internet for a while, we saw the Nigeria Railway Corporation website and we thought all the answers to our queries will be answered. Lo and behold, the website was almost empty. The navigation was poor and not user-friendly.

Abuja to Kaduna by Train: Schedule, Cost and Experience
Ghanaian tour operators

We hit the rock when we discovered that we (passengers) cannot purchase the tickets online unlike the airline where passengers can book ahead of time. In their own case, passengers have to go to the train station in order to make a booking. After that ugly experience, we were able to get information on the train schedule especially the departure and arrival time.

From the information we got, it was stated that the departure time is 7 am prompt so we had to plan on how to arrive at the station before departure time and also to get our tickets.

I left my house as early as 5 am in order to arrive at the station before my colleagues will arrive since we stayed at different locations. Luckily for me the moment I arrived, that was when my colleagues arrived too and we moved to get our tickets.

Abuja to Kaduna by Train: Schedule, Cost and Experience
Abuja to Kaduna Ticket sample

As at then, First Class tickets went for N1,500 while economy tickets were N1,050. We wanted one person to purchase the ticket on our behalf instead of all of us to queue for the ticket. Surprisingly, the ticket sales rep refused. She said we can only purchase one at a time that means we all must queue to get our ticket by ourselves. To worsen the whole issue, passengers cannot purchase return ticket at the same station. You can only purchase at the return station.

We could not get the first class from Abuja so we opted for the economy class. After that, we moved to the waiting lounge which was still looking neat and well maintained. After some minutes, we moved to board the train.

Abuja to Kaduna by Train: Schedule, Cost and Experience
Abuja to Kaduna by Train: Schedule, Cost and Experience

Onboard The Train

I have already published an article on the different kinds of people you will meet onboard the train, you can read it here. Our seat number was indicated on the ticket so the moment we entered the train, we went straight to our seats. On the economy, the seats are arranged 3 in a row while in the first class it is two in a role.

At exactly 7 am prompt the train left Idu station to the next station. After 20 minutes we got to the next station (Kubwa station) where we had 5 minutes dwelling time. During this dwelling time, some passengers will drop while some entered.

Abuja to Kaduna by Train: Schedule, Cost and Experience
Mr Ikechi and his Wife with Sir Kay, the Nanta Vice president, Abuja and Mr Nnaemeke of Newton Park Hotel, Abuja going to board the train to Kaduna

On entertainment, there were televisions hanged on each coach showing movies. I observed that some of the televisions had technical issues, they were not displaying properly.

If you were unable to prepare breakfast because of time, don’t worry there are foods available for purchase. The foods are rice, moi-moi, meat pie, tea, coffee, soft drinks etc. Midway into the journey; we bought meat pie and soft drink. The meat pie is N300 and it was yummy and worth the amount. I even bought extra for myself.

Abuja to Kaduna by Train: Schedule, Cost and Experience
Food vendor on-board the Abuja to kaduna Train

On board the train, there are medical personals and security men. So there is nothing to be scared or worried about. The train is well secured and safe for all passengers.

The train was not that fast (not a speed train) but the journey from Abuja to Kaduna was really smooth and hitches free. We stopped at Kubwa, Jere, Rijana and finally arrived Rigasa the last station in Kaduna around 9.40am. That means, from Abuja to Kaduna by train is approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes. From Rigasa, we took a taxi to Kejuru for the day tour.


Since we were unable to purchase our return ticket at the Idu station, we left Kejuru Castel early so that we will get to Rigasa on time. We arrived at the train station early enough and we got the first class ticket this time. We passed through the same security process and board. We left Rigasa exactly 6 pm. The first class, to some extent, is better than the economy. There is enough space and if you are lucky, you will get a centre table where you can relax and do your work.

Abuja to Kaduna by Train: Schedule, Cost and Experience
Amadi Inya at Rigasa train station

As a first class passenger, you are free to go to any of the coaches. You can move without hindrance, unlike the economy passengers that are restricted to the economy cabin alone. There is also a mini bar at the first class cabin.

Timetable (schedule)

Monday – Saturday Schedule (Timetable)


Departure and Arrival time

  1. 1st Trip: 7:00 am – 09:15
  2. 2nd Trip 9:50 am – 12:01
  3. 3rd Trip 14:20 (2:20 pm) – 17:00 (5 Pm)
  4. 4th 18:00 (6:00 pm) – 20:20 (8:20 pm)


Departure and Arrival time

  1. 1st Trip: 6:40 am – 08:43 am
  2. 2nd Trip: 10:35 am – 13:20
  3. 3rd Trip: 14:00 (2 pm) – 16:16
  4. 4th Trip: 18:00 (6 pm) – 20:20

Sunday Schedule (Timetable)


Departure and Arrival time

1st Trip: 12:30 – 15:02 (3:02 pm)

2nd Trip: 17:00 (5 pm) – 19:05 (7:05 pm)


Departure and Arrival time

1st Trip: 13:00 (1 pm) – 15:06 (3:06 pm)

2nd Trip: 16:00 (4:00 pm) – 18:21 (6:21 pm)

The cost

First class is now N2,500 and N3000 for express

Economy is now N1,300 and N1,500 for express

Getting to the Stations

Idu station, Abuja

The Idu station is located in a remote area. Although, the road leading to the station is in good condition and motorable. There are no commercial vehicles plying the road so you either arrange for a cab to drop or pick you at the station. There are road signs along the road.

Abuja to Kaduna by Train: Schedule, Cost and Experience
Idu Station Abuja

If you cannot afford the high price, you can take a cab and drop at Berger (it’s a very popular place in Abuja) from there, enter a taxi going to Karmo and stop at the last bus stop or tell the driver to stop you where you can get a bike to Idu industrial layout. From there, take a bike to the Idu station. The road from Karmo to Idu is somehow scary and lonely. There are no residential houses along the road. So, be careful.

From Berger to Karmo is 100 while Karmo to Idu with a bike is 200. Plus or minus its less than 500 from Berger (under the bridge) to the train station. A drop will be around 2,000 per way. I strongly recommend you take a cab to the station if you are new because of the route.

Kubwa, Abuja

Rigasa, Kaduna

Either you are coming from Sabo, barnawa etc ( generally called Kaduna South) Kaduna town, you can stop at kano road, there you will get bus going to Rigasa the train station for like #70

Travelling by train in Nigeria is one of the best time any traveller can do. It is cheap, secured and affordable.

With Sagetravels.com, Planning your Kaduna trip not something you should worry about. Contact us for assistance.

Christmas is around the corner which signifies that the year is gradually coming to an end. We at sagetravels shall be looking at Nigeria as a destination to select the top 5 most visited states in no particular order. Nigeria is indeed blessed with abundant of untapped natural resources and tourist attractions. We used the word untapped because most of the attractions lack support, infrastructure, accessibility and publicity.

Based on research and recommendations, we have picked 5 states out of the 36 states in Nigeria as the most visited this year. In alphabetical order, we present to you the most visited states in Nigeria this year.

The Top 5 Most Visited States In Nigeria This Year
Kwa Falls, Cross River State (CalabarBlog.com)

Cross River State

Cross River state which is one of the south-south states in Nigeria is tourists’ haven. Cross River state has huge tourism attractions that are capable of attracting both local and international tourists. The attractions in Cross River include Obudu Mountain Resort, Kwa Falls, Tinapa, Marina Resort etc. The Calabar carnival is currently the largest street party in Africa. The Calabar delicacies are second to none in Nigeria. If you try the Edikang Ikong or Afang soup, you will ask for more. You can enter cross river via all the modes of transportation excerpt train which is under construction.

The Top 5 Most Visited States In Nigeria This Year
Awhum Waterfall, Enugu (Pulse.ng)


The capital of the eastern states is another most visited state this year. Enugu which is also known as the coal city-state or 042 is a great vacation destination in Nigeria. Enugu boasts of several tourist attractions including the famous Famous Fall called Awhum Waterfall, Eze Agu Tourist Complex, Nike Resort, Nnamdi Azikiwe sports complex etc. There is never a dull moment in Enugu. At night you can enjoy the local delicacies like Nkobi, Isi Ewu, Pami (Palm Wine) and lovely gyration from Ndi Egwu Udu Bunch. Enugu is a calm and peaceful state to relax in Nigeria.

The Top 5 Most Visited States In Nigeria This Year
Millenium Park, Abuja (Hotels.ng)

FCT Abuja

The capital city is undisputable the most loved and visited city in Nigeria this year. This is the center of it all. Abuja is the most peaceful, economically viable, traffic free and well-planned city in Nigeria. Abuja has a range of attractions from manmade to natural attractions like Jabi lake, Ushafa Village, Millennium Park, Katampe Hill etc. Abuja has lots of gardens and recreational centers to unwind. Don’t worry about accommodation fees because Abuja has accommodation for lower, middle and high-class individuals.

The Top 5 Most Visited States In Nigeria This Year
Kajuru Castel, Kaduna State (Kajuru Castel Facebook)


The city of Kaduna is the capital of Kaduna state in the northern Nigeria. Fortunately, Kaduna had an influx of tourists this year. Thanks to Abuja Airport closure. On the 8th of March 2017, Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport was shut down for 6 weeks routing maintenance. Therefore, all passengers using Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport were redirected to the Kaduna international airport. Today, Ethiopian Airways is serving the state. Apart from the Kaduna international airport, Kaduna has huge tourism potentials from Kajuru Castel to Nok Culture to Kamuku National Park and much more.

The Top 5 Most Visited States In Nigeria This Year
National Theatre Lagos (Credit: Hotels.ng)


The city of excellence is currently the most visited city in Nigeria this year. Lagos is the headquarters of almost all the industries in Nigeria. When it comes to tourism, Lagos has lots of attractions to offer tourists like the Elegushi Beach, Badagery slave trade, National Museum, Lekki Conservation center, etc. If you talk about entertainment and nightlife, Lagos state got you covered with nightlife. For shoppers, there are markets and malls for you. There are accommodations for low, medium and high-income earners.

Nigeria is indeed blessed with lots of tourism potentials.

How Many States Have You Visited In Nigeria?

Last weekend, I travelled from Abuja to Kaduna with a couple of friends. Prior to boarding the train, I said to myself that I am only going to observe and document my observations. No unnecessary conversation. Well, I had a wonderful experience because I had this neighbour that love quietness. He blocked his ears with a headphone and continues stirring at the window while I do my observation.

When I was going to Kaduna, I was in the economy class while the returning back to Abuja was in executive class and I experienced everything. These set of people I am about to list comprise those you will see at the train stations, on the economy class and executive class.

Amadi Inya sitting at the window seat

The Troublemakers

You will see these set of people mostly in the economy class. Those on economy cabin can never cross to the executive cabin but those ones on the executive class can enter and sit in any cabin. I know you will be like why? WHY because they did not pay the same fare. The fare difference is just NGN 450 only. Economy class is NGN 1,050 while the executive is NGN1,500. “So you mean I cannot cross to the other cabin? who are those there, are they not same human being like me”. The security guards will even be tired of explaining to them that those on the executive class paid higher. After bragging and shouting he/she will return back to his economy class seat.

The Tourists

I never knew people do this in Nigeria. I was really impressed when I found out that most of the travellers on the train were holiday makers. Because it was a weekend, many parents took their kids, Maid and cousins to Kaduna or Abuja for sightseeing. I fall under this category because I and my friends were going to Kajuru Castle.
The kids are always well dressed. Some are stubborn, some are calm while some have won a gold medal in crying competition. The iPad is always loaded with lots of games and that helps to keep them busy.

Impatient travellers

These set of people mode changes as soon as the train is approaching the next terminal to observe just five minutes dwelling time. They are always in a hurry to go. Before the train will come to complete stop, they are already standing and head straight to the exit door.

Business men

You can spot them from afar especially the Igbo men. They are always with their small bag and make lots of phone calls from customers and business associates. You will hear “Okay, if that man I told one loaf of bread is fifty thousand Naira comes, make sure he pays before you show give him the bread” after 5 minutes you will hear “Don’t leave the shop o, You hear, if you the comot lock the shop”

If you mistakenly start a little conversation with them, he will go on and tell you his name and where his shops are. He will also tell you how important the journey is to him.

The professionals

You will hardly see these set of people on the economy class unless they came late. They are mostly on the executive coach. Immediately they are aboard, they will open their laptop or iPad and start working on something like report etc. While others are busy watching film, he is busy reading newspaper or magazine.

Amadi Inya on Executive class

Late Comers

I have said enough about these people when I wrote an article on the type of people you will meet at that airport. I call them Usain Bolt or mountain runners. When everyone is already aboard waiting for departure time, you will see them running like a mad dog from nowhere. Some will even pretend to be crying if the ticket sellers tell them there is no more space again. They are always filled with lots of excuses like they were a traffic jam on the way or my car broke down etc.

Nursing Mother and her kids

Nursing mothers

I feel sympathy when I see them. I always remember what my mother passed through. They are always looking exhausted after struggling with their baby or children. The nursing mother I saw in the economy class carried twins and she was not finding it funny until when a lady sitting close to her helped her to carry one of her babies.

The Sleepers

Laughing……. They are I don’t care ones. They are just waiting for the train to depart before they will start snorting uncontrollably. They don’t even care where their luggage is. All that matters to them is how to sleep aboard the train.

First Timers

These set of people are the novice and clueless ones. They don’t know their left from the right. They ask lots of questions and when you look into their eyes, you will see lost in their eyes. I and you reading this post was once in this category. Please whenever you see them at the train station, always help them with vital information.

The Security Personnel

We all know the security situation in Nigeria, so the government don’t want to take any chance. They are security personnel both at the terminals and aboard the train. There is no need to panic or to be afraid because they are enough security personnel. The train is safe and secured.

Medical Team

There are medical personals aboard the train ready to provide medical services and assistance to all passengers and railway employees. This does not mean that you should not enter the train with basic drugs. You have nothing to worry because you are well covered. the nurses are there call them in the case of emergency.

It was a wonderful experience to travel from Abuja to Kaduna and back to Abuja by train. I found out that the economy is always overloaded and that course discomfort. I think the Nigeria airways should introduce electronic booking just like the airline so that they can control overbooking.

I’m still going to write about my experience on Abuja to Kaduna by Train soon. I will review some secrets, tips and other things you need to know about the train. Of course, I will tell you my experience with a train attendant that refused to give me my balance.

Did I miss anything? Have you used the train in Nigeria or anywhere around the world? Share your experience with us here.

It’s no longer news that the Abuja international airport is closed for six weeks for maintenance. The only alternative airport recommended by the federal government is Kaduna international airport, Kaduna State. Many travellers are stranded; they don’t know what to do. The few that accepted to use the Kaduna airport have lots of questions to ask. Many are asking, which airline is going from Kaduna to Abuja? What is the distance between Kaduna and Abuja? Some are looking for the cheapest flight from Kaduna to Lagos.

On Tuesday, the Nigeria government closed the only international airport serving the nation’s capital, for maintenance and repairs. Because of this closure, all travellers are redirected to Kaduna international airport until when the maintenance is over. There are lots of things that you need to be considered if you are using Kaduna airport for the first time. It may look like a disheartening task but if you follow this steps on how to use Kaduna airport for your international travel

Many travellers are asking different kinds of questions like which airline will I use, what do I do when I get to the airport, where do I buy my ticket, what is the distance between Kaduna and Abuja, what is the security situation in Kaduna and lots more. You don’t need to worry, the aim of this article Steps on how to use Kaduna airport for your international travel is to give you tips that can make your trip much easier and less stressful.

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