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The Nigeria international airports will resume International flights operations on the 29th of August as announced by the minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika. According to the minister, Lagos and Abuja International Airports will start while other international airports will join them later. The international flights will follow the same protocol domestic airlines followed.

In regards to the information, international flights operators in Nigeria have started making arrangements to resume flight operations.

The list below is a list of international flights airlines in Nigeria and their flights resumption date.

If the airline you want to fly with resumption date is listed, kindly contact us to check the country your traveling to if it is available for travel.

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The Nigerian Civil aviation authority has suspended the domestic flight’s operation resumption date. The Presidential Taskforce committee on Covid19 had earlier announced June 21 as the tentative date for domestic flights resumption.

Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) stated that they are still working on setting up a safe, secure and organized space for flights to resume.

BREAKING | NCAA @NigerianCAA: June 21 is not a feasible date to resume domestic air operations in Nigeria. We will not approve the resumption of flight operations until we confirm we are able to start in a safe, secure, organized and efficient manner.

DG NCAA: We will only give the go-ahead for the resumption of domestic flights when we are ready. By the middle of next week, we hope to submit a report through the Minister of Aviation to #PTFCOVID19, advising on a possible date for resumption.

Some of the domestic airlines like Dana and Air Azman have announced schedule and flights fare in response to the resumption date.

Stay tuned as we bring you more information on how to retrieve your ticket.  Or suspend your flight’s tickets due to the new directive.

“Dear Sagetravels.com, Pls, I booked a ticket on Arik Air, unfortunately, I may not be able to travel again. Can you help me keep the ticket open?”

“Hello! I booked a ticket on Air peace and I have used the first flight but something came up, I may not be able to use the return ticket on that day. What should I do?”

“Hi Sagetravels.com, I got your number on your blog and I need your assistance. I want to book a return trip but I don’t know when I will return. How can I keep the return date open?”

These and more are some of the questions travelers ask concerning open tickets. For the sake of those that don’t know what open ticket means, let me explain briefly. Open ticket means to suspend a ticket for future use (You must use the ticket within the validity period. Some tickets are valid for 1 year.). A ticket that is opened (suspended) cannot be charged a No-show fee. When a passenger misses a flight, the passenger will pay a No-show fee, fare difference, and other administrative charges. To avoid the no-show fee, it’s better to open the ticket for future use.

Why People Open A Ticket

People opt to open a ticket for many reasons. For instance, when a round trip fare is cheaper/better than a one-way ticket. Secondly, when there is an emergency (like Covid-19, Endsars), a traveler may decide to open the return ticket or a one-way ticket. Whatever the case may be, an open ticket is not a new phenomenon. Unfortunately, most airlines do not offer open tickets online again but there are still ways of getting an open ticket.

How To Open A Ticket.

There are several ways to open a ticket. All are discussed below.

Through Airline

If you booked any of the domestic airlines like Arik Air, Air Peace, Aero, Dana, etc and along the line, something came up that will not allow you to travel as proposed. All you have to do is to contact the airline and ask them to open the ticket for you. 

Through A Travel Agent.

Most travel agents can open a ticket. Why I recommend a travel agency is because they have a booking platform assigned to them by the airlines to carry out bookings on their behalf. With that platform, they can make bookings, change tickets, and others with ease. For instance, if you book an Arik air flight and the airline change flight time, automatically, you cannot have access to the ticket again. If you book through an agent, and there is a change, the agent can still have access to the ticket and work on it anytime.

The Airline Website

You cannot open a ticket on the Airline (Arik Air, Air peace, dana, or med-view) website. This is an alternative way to open a ticket. Go to any of the domestic airline websites (Arik AirAir peace, dana, or med-view) enter your departure date, then select a far date that is in the same class of service as the one you booked and complete the booking. (using the same class of service will help to avoid payment. If you go for a lower fare, you will pay more when you want to change the flight later). When you want to use the ticket, contact the airline to change the ticket and pay the charges (change and fare difference fee if there is any). That’s all.

We Open/Suspend Tickets

If you are having issues on how to open/suspend  or you want to change a ticket, kindly contact us today for assistance/inquiry. +2348135146188 or +2348167650848 (Call or WhatsApp). We have a service charge.

Things To Consider Before Booking An Open Ticket

There are things you need to consider before booking an open ticket. Below are things you seriously need to find out before you say okay, I want to book or open my ticket.

Ticket Rules: Every airline has rules governing their tickets. These rules are very important to the airline and the passengers. Read ticket rules on the airline website to see if the rules are okay for you. Some tickets are not changeable, not refundable, etc.

Change Fees: Some ticket class of service does not require an additional charge to make a change (like business class and first class) while some (economy) require additional cost to change a date, route, or time. Find out the amount it will cost you to change a ticket just in case you decide to change the return date. Can you afford the change fee? Find out before you book.

Ticket Validity Period: This is very important. You need to know the ticket validity period. Some are valid for a year like Air Peace, Azman, Dana, Arik Air while some are just for 3 months like Overland. Don’t assume they all have the same validity period. Find out the validity period.

No-show fee: No-show fee is the fee passengers pay whenever they miss a flight and want to reschedule for another date or time. This is different from the fare difference you will still pay (if there is a difference in new date or time). Before you open a ticket, check the No-show fee.

Technology is here to stay. As I said before, the traditional method of doing things like booking flights and all that is currently on life support. Gone were the days when travellers have to drive miles to the airport just to make a booking then return back home. Today, right there where you are now, you can make bookings with ease without stress and experience.

What You Need

You will not read all the things you need to make this booking anywhere online except here on Sagetravels. If you want to book, you need a computer or a smartphone with an internet connection. You need to know your name or someone’s name if you’re making the booking for another person, a mobile phone number and email address. Simple right, let’s get down to business.

How to Book

Stage One

Flight Search

Now, head to the Arik air official website here. Beware of scammer’s website. You will see some things that look unfamiliar, don’t be scared. On the homepage, you will see flights, manage booking, online check-in and affinity wing buttons. Click on the flight if it did not open automatically.

How To Book Arik Air Flight With Ease in Less than 5 Minutes
Arik Air Booking Homepage

  • First, select the type of trip – Round Trip or One Way.Round trip or return trip means you will go with Arik and return back with Arik Air while one way means you are not returning back with Arik Air for reasons best known to you.
  • On the flying from, Select from the list of airports where you are. If you are in Lagos, select Murtala Muhammed International Airport. If you are in Yola, select Yola Airport and so on.
  • Now, select the airport you are flying to (destination). If it is Enugu you are going to, select Akanu Ibiam International Airport and so on.
  • Select the date you would like to travel and if you are returning, select your return date.
  • Select the number of travellers. If you are alone select one adult. If you have a child (age from 2 to 12) or an infant (age from), select how many they are.
  • Hit the Search Button

Stage Two

Flight Selection

When you hit the search button, you will be taken to the selection page. This is where you will select the flight time you want for state that have more than one flight daily. Some states have more than one flight a day. State like Lagos and Port Harcourt while others are just one per day.

How To Book Arik Air Flight With Ease in Less than 5 Minutes
Arik Air Flight Selection

On this same page, you will see the fare for the time you are selecting. Let me tell you one funny thing about Arik Air. The will display let’s take for instance 25,000 but when you click on it, you will see 27,000.

I am telling you this now as a newbie so that you don’t get confused when the price changes. The only added the service charge. Other airlines will add service charge when you want to make payment.

After selecting, click the continue button and enter the personal and contact information page.

Stage Three

Personal and Contact Information

Here all you need is to enter your personal information (Your name, title and gender). Enter your contact information in the contact box. Make sure you cross check your contact details and make a correction if there is a mistake. The airline will contact you via the information you provide in the contact box if there is a change like time change or cancellation.

How To Book Arik Air Flight With Ease in Less than 5 Minutes
Arik Air contact and personal information page

You can skip the date of birth section. It is not compulsory.

If your name has a special character like (–) it will not work. So, remove all the signs.

Stage Four


There are different methods of payment available on Arik Air website. You can book and pay immediately or book on hold and reserve and pay later. I will talk about How reservations last my next article.

How To Book Arik Air Flight With Ease in Less than 5 Minutes
Arik Air Payment

Method of Payment Explanation.

Card payment: Card payment is usually the first option. It is for those that want to pay immediately. If you want to pay immediately, scroll down and select the term and condition box and complete payment.

Book on Hold: This option is for those that want to Book, hold booking and pay later. All you need is to select the method of payment then accept the method of payment and click continue.

Reservation: If you want to reserve and pay later, click the reserve button, accept the terms and conditions and click continue.

Office Payment: This is for those that wants to pay at the Airline’s office. I added this myself. This is how it works. Make a reservation, copy the PNR, take the PNR to Arik office and make cash or card payment there.

Stage five

Confirmation Page

for those that want to pay immediately, select the method of payment, accept terms and conditions and click continue. You will see a page that will request for your card details. Enter your card details and the OTP (one time payment) that will be sent to you. If the details supplied are correct, you will automatically be redirected to a confirmation page where you will print your ticket.

How To Book Arik Air Flight With Ease in Less than 5 Minutes
Supply card Details

You can also check your email for a copy of your ticket.

Congratulations, you have successful booked/reserve a flight on Arik air.

Booking with mobile phone

If you are using a mobile phone, the process is still the same. To have a better experience, use Google Chrome or Uc Web Browser. Don’t use Opera Mini.

Benin the capital of Edo state has a long history. When we talk about culture and tradition in Africa, Benin City will surely have a place. Benin City has lots of artworks littered in reputable museums around the world.

Air peace has got you covered whenever you want to visit this ancient city. Air peace has a nonstop flight from 2 cities to Benin.

The Air Peace Flights To Benin

Air peace flies from Abuja and Lagos to Benin respectively.

Class of Service

Air Peace Flight to Benin has 3 classes of services.

  1. Economy Class
  2. Economy Flexi and
  3. Business Class

The economy class ticket is not refundable while the Economy Flexi and business are refundable. Passengers on Economy and Economy Flexi are entitled to 20 Kg baggage allowance while the business class is 40kg baggage allowance.

Air Peace charges for excess baggage. Maximum cabin baggage weight is 6kg, with pieces not exceeding 45cm x 33cm x 20cm.

Cost / Price / Fare Of Air Peace Flight To Abuja

The price or cost of a flight from either Lagos or Abuja to Benin is not specific. The price varies depending on the time, day and class of service you chose.

For instance, the economy class is the cheapest followed by the Economy Flexi while the Business Class is the most expensive. Monday may be cheaper than Friday. All the three factors listed affect the price. But to get the exact price, you can contact the airline or a travel agent.

Schedule and Time

Note that the flight time not exact, it changes anytime without prior notice. However, it is advisable you contact the airline or a travel agent to get the exact departure time and flight availability.

Best Time To Book

The best time to book is now. It is advisable to book at least a week or a few days before departure. Airfare is not 100% predictable, it fluctuates.

How To Book

There are two ways to book. First is by booking through the airline directly. You can go to Air Peace website and book by yourself or contact the customer care to assist you.

The second method is through a travel agent. All you have to do is to contact a travel agent and let them know your travel plan.

With Sagetravels.com, booking your Air Peace ticket to Benin is not something you should worry about. Contact us for assistance.

Plan your Benin Trip/Tour with Sagetravels for a great discount.

The Number one Nigerian Private carrier, Air Peace is set to resume their commercial daily flight operations from Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja to Akwa Ibom Airport, Uyo.

Air peace made this announcement via their twitter handle. Air peace disclosed that the flights from Abuja to Uyo will fly on Monday to Friday in the Afternoon while Saturday and Sunday will be in the morning.

From the information Sagetravels obtained from their twitter handle, the inaugural Abuja to Uyo flight would take off from Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja at 12:00 on 15th December 2017 and touch down at the Akwa Ibom Airport at 1:00 pm.

According to Air peace, the return flight will depart Akwa Ibom airport at 1:30 and land at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja at 2:30 Pm.

You called for it, we said yes to you… You can now experience the comfort of our Abuja-Uyo-Abuja flights…You are welcome on board.

Recall that, Air Peace recently launched their Lagos to Akure route on the 11th of August, 2017.


There was a little drama on Saturday at Perth Airport, Australia when a can of beer that was checked in by a man recognized as Dean Stinson arrived.
The airport staff tagged the can and put it on the plane in front of other luggage according to Unilad.

“My mate works at the airport and we hatched the plan as a laugh — I didn’t expect it to come out the other end,” the man, who identified himself only as Dean, told Unilad.
“But when it did, it was sent out well in front of the other luggage so the baggage handlers obviously appreciated it.”

Passenger Checks In A Can Of Beer As His Luggage In An Australian Plane
The beer can on the conveyor belt

The luggage arrived safely, unopened, tagged and was the first luggage on the baggage carousel after four hours journey from Melbourne to Perth Airport, Australia.

The passenger Mr. Dean Stinson told AFP news agency that the whole idea was a joke and he knew the luggage arrived safely when he saw passengers at the baggage claim area snapping pictures.

Passenger Checks In A Can Of Beer As His Luggage In An Australian Plane
It Made It. The lonely beer can check in as luggage

“Sure enough there she was, alone on the carousel, proudly making her way around,” he said of his beloved brew — adding that he had planned to file a lost luggage report had it not turned up.

“This guy’s done it and he’s won the internet for the day, so we’re happy to move on,” a spokesman said in a statement to the BBC.


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Qantas Airlines have warned passengers not to do the same thing Mr. Dean did.

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