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Ebonyi state international airport that is billed to complete before the end of 2022 will now open before the end of 2021.

Governor David Umahi reassures Ebonyians that the Ebonyi International Airport he is constructing will now be completed before the end of the next year 2021 and no longer 2022 as planned.

The construction of the terminal, runway, hangers, control tower, Taxiway, Parking space, etc. is currently going on.

When completed, the terminal building for the airport will be the biggest terminal building in the country. The terminal building is like two and a half size of the Ebonyi state shopping mall.

The tarmac is a hundred metres width; it’s like ten-lane by 4 kilometres. The airport road is about 4 kilometres. The airport flyover is being set out for construction.

The International Airport is both passengers and cargo.

We are monitoring the progress of the Ebonyi state international airport. We will be updating you as work progress. Kindly subscribe to our Blog for more update.

Following his arrival from Abuja, the nation’s capital on Sunday, His Excellency, Engr. David Nweze Umahi, FNSE, FNATE, visited the construction site of the Ebonyi State International Airport as the gigantic project is fast becoming a reality.

During the inspection of the project, Governor Umahi looked at the drawing of the prototype of the Ebonyi International Airport, consisting of the terminal, runway, hangers, control tower, Taxiway, Parking space, etc and said “This is my soon to become AIRPORT”, then everyone busted out in excitement in affirmation of the pronouncement of the Ebonyi International Airport by the Governor as the record has it that all his promises in project delivery and development of the state have been fulfilled.

Gov. David Umahi Visits Ebonyi State Int'l Airport Site
Gov. David Umahi Visits Ebonyi State Int’l Airport Site

This occurred at exactly 3:00 pm on Sunday as the Governor in company with a team of experts from Abuja arrived the site of the ongoing construction of the Airport in Ezza South, Ebonyi. Indeed, Ebonyians are happy as the International Airport which some people thought is impossible when it started is fast becoming a reality.

Ebonyi State International Airport site building
Ebonyi State International Airport site building
Ebonyi State International Airport site
Ebonyi State International Airport site

Earlier this month, it was reported that the Ebonyi State Government has concluded plans to build an airport in the state in order to ease the movement of goods and people to and fro the state.

The governor made his intention to build an airport known to the public after receiving investors for the state cement industry. The chairman of Ibeto Group led a team of foreign investors to the state to discuss how to reactivate the defunct cement industries in the state.

Everything You Need To Know About The Ebonyi State Airport
Ebonyi State Governor with Ethiopian Airlines delegates led by their traffic and sales Manager, Enugu Office

In order to make movement easier for investors and ebony people, the Ebonyi state governor, Engr. Dave Umahi decided to build an airport. Governor Dave umahi reinstated his statement to build an airport after receiving Ethiopian airline team led by the Enugu office sales and traffic manager, Solomon Mengistu.

Below are the things you need to know about the proposed Ebonyi State Airport.

  • When completed, the airport will be used to convey made in Ebonyi State goods to other states and countries.
  • The airport will complement the Ebonyi State mall
  • The airport will be built by a Chinese company. The Governor met with the Chinese company in China as they showed him different models of the airport they have.
  • The airport location is unknown but may likely be at the state capital, Abakaliki.
  • The airport workers will be mostly Ebonyi State indigenes and expatriates
  • It will be the 4th airport in South East – Enugu, Imo, Anambra and Ebonyi.
  • It will be one of the most functional airports in Nigeria.
  • The airport project will kick-start early next year 2019.
  • It may not be a big airport but certainly going to be one of the most beautiful airports in Nigeria.
  • The airport will be operated by standard aircraft as the governor complained bitterly about the substandard aircrafts some airlines send to Nigeria.
  • The Ebonyi State Government will partner with Ethiopian Airlines. The governor received Ethiopian airline delegates led by Solomon Mengistu, the airline’s Traffic and sales manager, Enugu Office, in his office as they presented an aircraft prototype to him.

What are your takes on the proposed Ebonyi State Airport? Do you see it as a viable project or a white elephant project?

Approximately 400 years ago, they were two hunters called Ekwna Chita and Uta Anoo who went out to hunt for bush meat. After some time they became thirsty and they began to search for water. Fortunately for them, they found one. A mysterious thing happened, after drink the water, they discovered that the water could not quench their thirst. They thought it was ordinary water. Immediately they made their findings public and that was how The Lake (Okposi  Salt Lake) that supplies the brine was discovered

Before the dawn of industrialized method of salt production in Nigeria, the traditional methods of salt production were already in practice since the discovery of Okposi and Uburu salt lake in Ebonyi State – about 400 years ago.

Approximately 400 years ago, they were two hunters called Ekwna Chita and Uta Anoo who went out to hunt for bush meat. After some time they became thirsty
Okposi Salt Lake – BestofNigeria

The salt production can only be processed by women via a rigorous process. This Salt made Okposi and Uburu famous in the pre-colonial era. Uburu and Okposi salt attracted people from all parts of Eastern and some parts of Northern Nigeria to one of the most famous markets at that time called Odenigbo Okposi market.

During the Biafran/Nigerian civil war (on 6 Jul 1967 – 15 Jan 1970) the Okposi and Uburu salt were used. The brine from Okposi Salt Lakes had the highest salinity among all lakes in Eastern Nigeria according to the Biafran scientists, after series of tests. They built an industry close to the lake and taught the local women new production techniques, including the use of “alom” to effect sedimentation of dirt before decantation and final filtration. Though the industry is dilapidated, it still stands as a monument till date. 

The Uburu and Okposi salt lakes are in Uburu and Okposi respectively; Uburu lake is the larger of the two. I believe by now you should know where Ebonyi State got its slogan “THE SALT OF THE NATION

Where To Stay (Accommodation)

The hotels in Uburu and Okposi, Ebonyi are quite affordable and inexpensive. The price range is between N4,000 and N8,000. Some of the hotels that are close to the salt lake are A – Z hotel in Okposi, Da Baze Hotel in Amasiri and Grace Court Hotel & suits in Abakaliki. You can check other hotel booking search engine for more hotels.

Uburu and Okposi Salt Lake: A Natural Endowment In Ebonyi State
Uburu salt Lake Ohaozara

Sage Travels Facts

The Uburu and Okposi salt lakes are both in Ohaozara Local Government Area, Ebonyi State. The salt lakes were indispensable during the Nigerian/Biafran Civil war. It takes 1:30 minutes to drive from Abakaliki (Ebonyi State Capital) to Okposi (Ohaozara Local Government Area)

Uburu and Okposi Salt Lake: A Natural Endowment In Ebonyi State
Ebonyi State Governor – Dave Umahi

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The Sage Travels Destination Icon is current governor of Ebonyi state who held from Uburu in Ohaozara Local Government Area. 

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