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British-Ghanian TV Presenter and an Entrepreneur, Dentaa Amoateng has penned down an open letter to British Airways. She called on the British Carrier via her Linkedin post to revert all travellers to Ghana back to terminal 5 instead of the new terminal which is terminal 3.

This is what she said;

Dear British Airways, We, the undersigned, call for the use of terminal 3 at Heathrow Airport for flights to Ghana to be changed back to terminal 5. This is as a result of the appalling and unprofessional conditions Ghanaians and passengers to Accra are forced to face. We have experienced without improvement; severe delays, lack of permanent stands, bad customer service and severely understaffed teams. Serious concerns have also been raised about the types of aircrafts being used on our route which happens to be one of the most expensive in the world.

Open Letter To British Airways By Dentaa Amoateng
Dentaa Amoateng MBE – Image: Wikipedia

In addition, when delays happen, information flow has been very bad. The services we were offered at terminal five led to higher efficiency and productivity for those visiting Ghana and we wish for this to resume. Yours sincerely, GUBA On behalf of all travellers to Ghana @beccafrica @thevoicenewspaper @iam_nikky

@abeikusantana @abidivabroni @ama_k_abebrese @becksdonkor @iamhamamat @fuseodg @theanitaerskine @thenanaaba @idoghana @ghanafashionmarketing @britishairways_africa @british_airways


Some people will see this as a fun trip but those passengers involved will see it a complete nightmare.

According to Evening Standard, an Athens bound British Airways flight from London lasted for 33 hours on what supposed to be a 4-hour flight on Tuesday.

The epic event started at London Heathrow Airport on Tuesday, after a British Airways flight scheduled to fly at 1:15 P.M was cancelled owing to a faulty cockpit light.

The flight was rescheduled to fly by 5 P.M. At 5 p.m., the passengers were already aboard waiting for departure time but drama started when the airline realized the flight would put all cabin crew members over their maximum permitted working hours.

The pilot of that flight reportedly said, “[This is] the most embarrassing PA [public address] announcement I have had to make.”

Geoff Lye said, due to “Security Issues”, they had to wait for about an hour before alighting. The carrier gave them a voucher to spend a night in a hotel.

The next day [Wednesday], the already exhausted passengers all came out to board another flight. The plane finally departed but after some time, the plane starboard engine burst into flames.

One of the passengers Mr Geoff Lye told Evening Standard “We just took off and there was a bang and it was the engine next to me. There were this huge noise and a judder, and then there were about six more bangs. It was one bang after another.

“I’m an atheist but even I was praying. Our hearts were racing. Passengers behind me said they could see flames kicking out from the engine.

“The plane got to about 6,000ft and just levelled out and then all of a sudden just silence as they shut down the right engine. The captain then came on and said, ‘Everything is under control and we have had to shut the engine down, but I’m sorry, we are going back to Heathrow’.

“We landed perfectly safely, accompanied by a fire engine. At this point, we were just delighted to be alive.”
Another plane departed the same day with the passengers at about 7:40 after 6 hours delay but they arrived Athens the early hour the next day Thursday.

Mr Geoff described the whole event as an embarrassment. He said
“It makes me embarrassed to be British. We had Americans including a honeymoon couple… they just couldn’t believe it, they were shocked.

“There was no communication and it was unbelievable they could get so much wrong. I have been flying BA for nearly 40 years… I have been their most loyal passenger, but if I can avoid it now, I will.”

A British Airways representative has reacted to the incident as reported by Evening standard. He said:

“We fully appreciate how frustrating this experience has been and have apologized to our customers for the long delay to their flight.”

Recently, I published an article about a celebrity travel blogger who said he will thread his business or first class seat to anyone that spots him anywhere at the airport. Just as we promised to be updating you on the seat upgrade challenge, we are glad to inform you that the chase is still on.

According to Gilbert, British Airways gave him an exceptional 10 upgrades to give out to anyone that found him, on each of his flights from New York to London. But unfortunately, no one found him so he decided to get it out to people that looked like nice, tired, sad, or excited including a family of four on a honeymoon tour.

It all got crazy on his way from London to New York after British Airways told passengers to look out for a strange man who is ready to thread his seat.


“My twitter feed started exploding with “where are you?”, “we’re trying to find you”. Minutes later- there was a group of people literally running through the terminal, in the chase. “It’s you, it’s you- are we too late?” The chase was on, and when all was said and done, ten people found me in the airport and got upgraded to Club World business class. There were a buzz, a rush and just a great feeling all around.” – He said



A blogger at MillesFromBlighty also found him at the airport and he narrated his experience. He said

“About ten days ago I was flying from JFK to London Heathrow. Having spent a pleasant few hours in the Concorde Room I went to the gate ready for boarding. I quickly noticed someone who I thought I recognised – celebrity, journalist, and no wait – blogger.

Could it be him?

Well, after a couple of minutes, I noticed him approach someone, wrangle their boarding card from them and then pass to a member of BA staff. A second later a new boarding card appeared and a smile of delight crossed the face of the passenger. It was him!

‘It is you, isn’t it’, I approached him. ‘Yes, it is!’. I introduced myself as MilesFromBlighty and we had a short chat.”


Business Class Seat Upgrade Challenge: Gilbert Ott Stopped at the airport
British Airways – Credit BoardingArea

So Don’t Forget, This Contest Runs All Year, And I’ve GOT LOTS OF FLIGHTS COMING UP, So It Really Could Be you…

More Of His Picture

Spot This Guy At The Airport Or In Your Flight and he will give you his first-class or business class seat
Gilbert Ott On Plane Review
Spot This Guy At The Airport Or In Your Flight and he will give you his first-class or business class seat
Gilbert on a tour
Spot This Guy At The Airport Or In Your Flight and he will give you his first-class or business class seat
See Gilbert in the business class seat

Recently, Air New Zealand released their safety video and today Britsh Airways has followed suit with their own excellent safety video featuring lots of UK stars.

The video features the like of Mr. Bean, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Thandie Newton, Sir Lan McKellen, Warwick Davis, Jim Broadbent, Asim Chaudhry and others. It seems British Airways selected all the Oscar winners for the hilarious 6 minutes Video as all the stars explain the different stages of the British Airways safety routine.

Watch The Video

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“It’s extremely important to us that customers engage with our safety video, and involving some of the nation’s most well-known personalities has given us the chance to create something fun that we hope people will watch from start to finish – and remember,” British Airways chairman and CEO Alex Cruz said in a statement.

“We’ve worked with Comic Relief since 2010 and our customers have already helped us generate £16.5 million for great causes. We hope the new video will enable us to exceed our goal of raising £20 million by 2020.”

Chiwetel Ejiofor – Credit: British Airways

British Airways will debut the new video in September


Jim Broadbent and Comedian Asim Chaudhry – Credit: British Airways
Actress Thandie Newton – Credit: British Airways




So If you need help, feel free to comment and I will answer them as soon as possible.

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After a sagetravels reader shared his experience on what supposed to be a long-haul flight turned to a long-suffering flight, I came to realized that every little space counts on a long-haul flight. I was excited when I read an article written by Telegraph travel writer Hugh Morris on how he discovered a button that can give passengers more space on plane seats on a British Airways flight.

The Secret button on British Airways CREDIT: HUGH MORRIS

According to the writer, this secret button is located under the armrest at the aisle seat. Literally, what it does is to allow passengers to put armrest which is usually locked in place – down.

The Secret Button That Can Give Passengers More Space On Plane Seats Has Been Discovered
Passenger using the secret button

The pros of this secret button are, it gives passengers more room and it makes it easy for a passenger to get out of the seat fast. While the con (disadvantage) is, every passenger that walks down the aisle will smash you.

Sorry to disappoint you, this secret button is just for the aisle seats only. It’s not like the large button that is found on every seat, it can only be found under the armrest, not by the side.

Have you used this button before? Does it really give more space?

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