There is no better reason other than it’s just the best place to celebrate and enjoy Christmas with family and friends. Ask me why again and I will say the town is stress-free, secured and tranquil.
The most concrete reason I’ve got is that Badagry is a Home of tourism. Its people are hospitable, its attractions


are unique in nature. There’s more to say but let’s talk about the suntan beach for now.
The sight of the beautiful coconut trees and traditional African huts, the golden sand that decorates the environs, the swelling of the water body stylishly, the horse riders showcasing their skills and advertising for a ride, honey mooners holding hands and playing around, children and adults alike swimming.

funtime at the beach
funtime at the beach

Activities to engage in are quit inexhaustible. Fishing is highly permitted, football games are allowed, any kind of party at all is welcomed. breathtaking, hiking and watching the sunset are all inclusive.


Just book your ticket at the tool-gate with little money and get in for your fun. but in case you need help for flight booking, accomodation and tourguide just call 08167650848 or 08135146188
Suntan Beach is located at Km 67, Seme Border express way, Badagry., Lagos.
Accommodation :
Sycamore Hotels Ltd
Whispering Palms Resort
Zino Hotels International
La’Nova Continental Hotel
Paradise Guest House
De Julie Hotels
Crystal Guest Lodge
MB Hotel Porto-Novo
Attraction: other places you can visit are;
French Village
Agiya Tree monument
Mobee museum
Slave Trade Museum
Point of No Return
Vlekete Slave Market
First Primary School
First Storey Building.

Despite the fact that the beaches listed below are the best in Nigeria, none of them is among the top beaches in Africa. This is not because there are not good but because Nigeria is not known for its coastlines. Nigeria is blessed with beautiful beaches with golden sand and beautiful seashores that are good for a picnic, sunbathing and other activities. The best time to visit any of these beaches is during the dry season when the water has reduced.

So sit back and relax as we unveil the top 8 best beaches we have in Nigeria. So if you’re looking for a scenic environment, a nice place for a beach party or beach wedding, cool spot for a picnic, sunbathing, swimming etc. search no more as I will be unveiling the top 8 beaches to have all your beach need to be met. The major challenges facing these beaches are the lack of infrastructures, accessibility, security etc.

Top 8 Romantic Beaches In Nigeria, No 3 Is The Most Expensive
Unwana Beach

Unwana/Ndibe Golden Sand Beach, Ebonyi State

Unwana and Ndibe golden sand beaches are located in two different places but both are under one local government which is Afikpo North Local Government Area, Ebonyi state. One thing that is common among the two great beaches is the Golden sand. This place is an ideal center for relaxation and other recreational activities. If you’re looking for a beach for picnic, shells exploration, Sports fishing, sunbathing, boat cruising, canoe racing this beach is for you.

Patigi Beach, Rivers Niger

The patigi beach is another beautiful beach in Nigeria. The beach is situated along River Niger and is not all that classic but the beauty lies in the landscape and other activities that one engages on the beach. This is an ideal place to watch fishermen.

Top 8 Romantic Beaches In Nigeria, No 3 Is The Most Expensive
Elegushi Beach Lagos

Elegushi beach, Lagos State

If you are looking for a beach with adventure, enough partying, enough groove. You no Lagos na *Wink*. This is the beach for you, my dear. But if you’re the type that loves to be alone, you don’t want disturbance seriously don’t make this beach your top priority. Elegushi Beach is located around Ikate, Lagos. It’s is on the peninsula. The beach is the most expensive beach in Nigeria. If you are going there make sure there is enough money in your pocket or go with your ATM.

Calabar beach, Cross Rivers State

When we talk about tourism in Nigeria, Calabar is one of the destinations that will come in our mind. Calabar is indeed a tourist haven. And one of the coolest sea shores in Nigeria is Calabar beach. The beach is large and good for family-friendly. You can also go with your children. There are plenty of meals on sale, and you can also walk around and enjoy the serenity. The beach has enough parking space. You can go on boat cruising, swimming, and other activities.

Asaba beach, Delta State

Delta state is not left out. The beautiful scenery of the Asaba beach is wow. The beach is fascinating as it is surrounded by coconut and palm trees, creeks, rock formations and clean beach sand etc. If you’re looking for a beach for picnic, shells exploration, Sports fishing, sunbathing, boat cruising, canoe racing this beach is for you. There is also local grilled fish in the evening.

Top 8 Romantic Beaches In Nigeria, No 3 Is The Most Expensive
Bonny Island Beach

Finima (Bonny) Beach, Rivers State

Located in Bonny Island is the Finima Beach. The beach is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Bonny is an Island in Rivers State. Just like the Calabar beach, there is also a parking space in Finima beach though the parking space is small so if you arrive early enough you will see space. Apart from the swimming, there are other activities that one can engage. Bonny is an Island filled with expatriates so the beach is usually patronized by expatriates working in Nigeria NLNG plant and locals for picnic, relaxation, and refreshment.

Top 8 Romantic Beaches In Nigeria, No 3 Is The Most Expensive
Ibeno Beach in Ibeno, Akwa Ibom

Ibeno Beach, Akwa Ibom State

One of the Longest Beach in West Africa is the Ibeno beach in Iben Akwa Ibom State. The beach is eye-catching sea coast which stretches to James Town on the Atlantic. Ibeno beach is perfect for relaxation and recreational activities as there are facilities for water sports. There are a growing number of visitors to the beach every year.

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