Ebonyi state international airport that is billed to complete before the end of 2022 will now open before the end of 2021.

Governor David Umahi reassures Ebonyians that the Ebonyi International Airport he is constructing will now be completed before the end of the next year 2021 and no longer 2022 as planned.

The construction of the terminal, runway, hangers, control tower, Taxiway, Parking space, etc. is currently going on.

When completed, the terminal building for the airport will be the biggest terminal building in the country. The terminal building is like two and a half size of the Ebonyi state shopping mall.

The tarmac is a hundred metres width; it’s like ten-lane by 4 kilometres. The airport road is about 4 kilometres. The airport flyover is being set out for construction.

The International Airport is both passengers and cargo.

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The Nigeria international airports will resume International flights operations on the 29th of August as announced by the minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika. According to the minister, Lagos and Abuja International Airports will start while other international airports will join them later. The international flights will follow the same protocol domestic airlines followed.

In regards to the information, international flights operators in Nigeria have started making arrangements to resume flight operations.

The list below is a list of international flights airlines in Nigeria and their flights resumption date.

If the airline you want to fly with resumption date is listed, kindly contact us to check the country your traveling to if it is available for travel.

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What a beautiful way to celebrate valentine day. The Bayelsa state Governor, Dickson Seriake officially Inaugurate the Bayelsa International Cargo Airport, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.


Air peace was the first Airline to land at the international airport with the state governor and other dignities onboard the first flight.

First Flight Touch Down Bayelsa Int’l Airport In Style
Air Peace At Bayelsa Airport

This is a welcome development as travellers to and from Bayelsa state will no longer go to Port Harcourt International Airport or any other airport to board a plane.

You can read all the facts about Bayelsa International airport here.

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First Flight Touch Down Bayelsa Int’l Airport In Style
Bayelsa indigenes Welcome the first flight at Bayelsa International Cargo Airport

First Flight Touch Down Bayelsa Int’l Airport In Style
The second Flight at Bayelsa Airport

The Nigerian aviation workers will shut down all the airports in the country on Tuesday midnight. This is in line with the call by the Nigeria labour congress for an industrial action.

The industrial action is to press home their demand for increment of their minimum wage from 18,000 to 30,000. All aviation workers have been informed to shut down operations at the airport at 00:00 on Tuesday night.

We want to inform all travellers coming or travelling out of Nigeria and those travelling within Nigeria to reconsider either to cancel or reschedule their trip.

President Muhammad Buhari has commissioned the newly built terminal at the Port Harcourt International Airport, River State.

The Port Harcourt International Airport which was rated by aviation organization, Sleep in Airport, as the third worst airport in the world is gradually wearing a new look.

The new Terminal Building of Port Harcourt International Airport was among the previous administration Airport Remodeling Project (ARP), which they were unable to complete before leaving the office in 2015.

Photos Of The Newly Commissioned Port Harcourt Terminal
Port Harcourt Airport Terminal

President Muhammad Buhari while commissioning the new terminal building at Port Harcourt Airport today, described it as an example of government’s deliberate policy to sustain the development of infrastructure for economic growth in all geopolitical zones of the country.

More Photos


Photos Of The Newly Commissioned Port Harcourt Terminal
Port Harcourt Terminal

Photos Of The Newly Commissioned Port Harcourt Terminal
Port Harcourt lift

Photos Of The Newly Commissioned Port Harcourt Terminal
Port Harcourt Airport ticket Counter section

Photos Of The Newly Commissioned Port Harcourt Terminal
New Port Harcourt Airport baggage claim section


Photo Credit: Bashir Ahmaad

Earlier this month, it was reported that the Ebonyi State Government has concluded plans to build an airport in the state in order to ease the movement of goods and people to and fro the state.

The governor made his intention to build an airport known to the public after receiving investors for the state cement industry. The chairman of Ibeto Group led a team of foreign investors to the state to discuss how to reactivate the defunct cement industries in the state.

Everything You Need To Know About The Ebonyi State Airport
Ebonyi State Governor with Ethiopian Airlines delegates led by their traffic and sales Manager, Enugu Office

In order to make movement easier for investors and ebony people, the Ebonyi state governor, Engr. Dave Umahi decided to build an airport. Governor Dave umahi reinstated his statement to build an airport after receiving Ethiopian airline team led by the Enugu office sales and traffic manager, Solomon Mengistu.

Below are the things you need to know about the proposed Ebonyi State Airport.

  • When completed, the airport will be used to convey made in Ebonyi State goods to other states and countries.
  • The airport will complement the Ebonyi State mall
  • The airport will be built by a Chinese company. The Governor met with the Chinese company in China as they showed him different models of the airport they have.
  • The airport location is unknown but may likely be at the state capital, Abakaliki.
  • The airport workers will be mostly Ebonyi State indigenes and expatriates
  • It will be the 4th airport in South East – Enugu, Imo, Anambra and Ebonyi.
  • It will be one of the most functional airports in Nigeria.
  • The airport project will kick-start early next year 2019.
  • It may not be a big airport but certainly going to be one of the most beautiful airports in Nigeria.
  • The airport will be operated by standard aircraft as the governor complained bitterly about the substandard aircrafts some airlines send to Nigeria.
  • The Ebonyi State Government will partner with Ethiopian Airlines. The governor received Ethiopian airline delegates led by Solomon Mengistu, the airline’s Traffic and sales manager, Enugu Office, in his office as they presented an aircraft prototype to him.

What are your takes on the proposed Ebonyi State Airport? Do you see it as a viable project or a white elephant project?

In just a few days after installing CCTV cameras at the airport, many passengers are now relying on the CCTV for their missing luggage. Last week a Facebook user, Dayo Adedayo narrated how he lost his bag and went to the security unit where the CCTV reviewed how his bag was picked up by a Chinese group.

Not long after that, a couple was unable to leave Nigeria for their emergency medical trip to the United State of America because of their mysterious missing passport. Mrs Tourism United Nations World, Ebele Enemchukwu shared this on her Facebook timeline. The couple also relied on the CCTV camera to fish out the perpetrator.

Extract from the CCTV footage

The first picture from the CCTV Footage showed the passport, the actual owner of the passports and the lady that took the passport.

CCTV Caught A Lady Taking Another Passengers Passport At Abuja Airport
CCTV Footage showing the passport, the owner of the passport and the lady that took the passport

The second picture showed a man asking the lady that took the passport if the passport is her own.

CCTV Caught A Lady Taking Another Passengers Passport At Abuja Airport
A man asking the lady that took the passport if the passport is her own

The third picture showed when another passenger was saying the passport belongs to the passengers over there while the lady that took the passport was looking back.

CCTV Caught A Lady Taking Another Passengers Passport At Abuja Airport
A man pointing at the actual owners of the passport while the Lady looked back

The fourth picture showed when the lady came back, took the passports that are not her own while the man that looks like her husband wait for her.

CCTV Caught A Lady Taking Another Passengers Passport At Abuja Airport
The lady took the passport while the man that looks like her husband wait for her

The next picture showed when she took the passport and looked at the passport. I guess she saw that it is not her own. The question is why did she take the passport when she has confirmed that the passports are not her own.

CCTV Caught A Lady Taking Another Passengers Passport At Abuja Airport

The next picture reviewed where the real owners of the passport were while the lady walks away with passports with boarding passes that is not her own.

CCTV Caught A Lady Taking Another Passengers Passport At Abuja Airport
The owners of the passport pictured at the counter while the lady left with her passport

The owner of the passports came back to take her passport but could not find it.

CCTV Caught A Lady Taking Another Passengers Passport At Abuja Airport
The owner of the passport came back to check take her passport

The footage reviewed how the owner of the passport was looking lost and could not pinpoint how her passport got missing.

CCTV Caught A Lady Taking Another Passengers Passport At Abuja Airport
the owners of the passport pictured at the counter while the lady left with her passport


What she said


Three days ago (June 29, 2018), our family friends (husband and wife) got checked into British Airways, en route to USA through London Heathrow for the husband’s medical checkup and were at the boarding gate at 7:30am waiting to board the aircraft at the departure lounge of Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja when their passports disappeared ‘mysteriously’. Thankfully, CCTV footage revealed that a female passenger who was travelling with a man suspected to be her husband took them 😮. Reasons for this are still unclear. What is clear however is that the woman picked up 3 passports which had 2 boarding passes in them, looked at them, confirmed they weren’t hers, but took them anyway. Abuja Airport security and BA staff notified UK security immediately, and announcements were made on board. The case has been formally reported to the Abuja International Airport DPO.

As we speak, July 2, 2018, both husband and wife have been deprived of their medical leave by this act of …….??? For now, all that is needed is for the lady to be identified. Hopefully, she took them with the intention of returning them. Or what use is a person’s passport to another? Beats me! Wonders shall indeed never end. Please let’s be extra careful at Airports and other public places. Please feel free to share this post. If you know something that might help, please share. Thanks and God bless you.
Ebele Enemchukwu.

One of Linda Ikejis blog reader who witnessed the event said he saw the couple looking as if they were mad. He also said it was announced onboard calling on the perpetrators to return the missing passport.

My family was on that flight we were almost the last to board and saw them frantically looking for the passports and boarding passes. We all thought the lady was crazy. They announced a few times on the flight for anyone who mistakenly took the passports. So sad I thought they made the flight …the man looked ill …sad…why would she do that???

As at the time of posting this report, nothing has been said concerning the missing passport. Though, the security agents both here in Nigeria and abroad are working to fish out the lady and the man that involved in this act.

PS: Sage traveller, be extra careful at the airport. Travel light and make sure all your baggage are with you at all time. At the airport, everyone is a suspect.

Have you misplaced any of your property before at the airport? If yes how did you find it?

Air transportation is the fastest means of transportation but the rigorous process involved before one can travel by air is tiresome. Booking cheap and affordable flight is not the end of the journey. The arduous process passengers pass through at the airport is the real deal especially the screening process.

To worsen the whole issue, there is this mysterious code tagged SSSS that can keep you at the airport for another thorough searching. If the code appears on your boarding pass, don’t panic just get ready for additional screening at the airport.

In a statement sent by TSA spokesman to Business Insider, ‘’The SSSS stands for Secondary Security Screening Selection and it appears on a passenger’s boarding pass when they’ve been selected by TSA’s Secure Flight system for enhanced security screening,”

When the code SSSS appears on a passenger’s boarding pass, it means that the passenger has been selected by the TSA for further screening after the normal full-body pat-down scrutiny and luggage inspection.

TSA further stated that the mode of selection is done randomly. The programme used to select the passengers gathers passenger’s basic information like full name, date of birth, and gender, “necessary to conduct effective matching,” the TSA told us. In addition, Secure Flight is also used to prevent those on the No Fly List and the Centers for Disease Control’s Do Not Board List from getting on planes.

“Secure Flight is a risk-based passenger pre-screening program that enhances security by identifying low and high-risk passengers before they arrive at the airport by matching their names against trusted traveller lists and watchlists,” the agency said.

Passengers that have SSSS on their boarding pass won’t be able to print out their boarding pass online but they can do it at the airport. For those that like going to the airport late, the moment SSSS code appears on your boarding pass, it is advisable you arrive at the airport early enough to go through the additional screening process.

If you want to get the SSSS of your boarding pass, all you have to do is to apply for a Redress Number.


Punta Cana International Airport in the Dominican Republic is set to launch their outdoor swimming pool. The pool will be added to the VIP lounge and will be accessible to only participating airlines elite status fliers, Priority Pass members and passengers who are willing to buy a lounge pass.

Apart from watching Television at the lounge, there is nothing really important one can be doing at the airport to wait for a flight. The addition of this outdoor pool would be a welcome development. You don’t need to stir at the clock again waiting for your departure time.


It is believed that the pool would open to passengers in December 2017. The price for lounge day pass has not being fixed. Travellers that are using Punta Cana International Airport, I guess will not complain again because of a flight delay.

Would you love to see outdoor swimming pool at your favourite airport?

On Saturday, a spirit Airlines flight scheduled to depart Las Vegas to Oakland, California was delayed because of the incident that occurred while boarding. The officials said one of the passengers removed all their clothes and approached a flight attendant while boarding.

Medical responder’s team took the passenger for observation says McCarran International Airport police.

According to police Lt. Carlos Hank, the passenger received treatment after the medical incident.

KTNV reports the flight was delayed by about 30 minutes and arrived 20 minutes behind scheduled.

As we all know, Airport is a place for commercial air transport. There are two different types of airport – Domestic and International airport. Some airports are always busy in a country and there are always open for business 24 hours daily.

Despite the fact that there are diverse types of an airport, there are 10 Different Types of people you will always meet at Any Airport either domestic or international airport. I fall under one out of the ten. I will tell you when we get there.

Man Running – Pixabay

The late comer

In everything, you must see late comers so the airport is not exceptional. They always believe it’s better to be late than never. You see the late comers run into the airport with their luggage and they usually create chaos at the check-in counter when you don’t let them in. When cutting the queue did not work, you will see them trying to bribe the airport staff.

The pervert

Every airport has a pervert, not just the international airports alone. I call them Sidon the look. They usually sit and stare at people tremendously, possibly making lewd gestures. And also they have they eyes glued to a pornographic magazine or watch a porn movie loudly without minding the environment. They are the type that also asks crazy questions and starting an unnecessary conversation.

The tourist

This is my category. You can identify them by the way they dressed. Most times you see them wearing fur coats, winter jackets or flowery shirts, depending on the destination they are heading to. They are always concerned about their destination and above all, they are the best travelers. hehe

Celebrity at the airport – Pixabay

The celebrity

The celebrities, both the local and international celebrities pass the airports on a daily basis. When we talk about celebrities we include those that false themselves to be a celebrity. You usually see those wearing sunglasses, always demanding special attention and someone carrying the bag.

First timers

These sets of people are the novice and clueless. They don’t know where to go, what to do and they have no idea what is going on. They look nervous and keep asking a lot of questions. You see them going around the airport looking lost. I was once in this category and even some of you reading this post. It’s always good to assist them with information that will help them.

The Parents

These set of passengers usually have a baby or children. You often see them looking exhausted from struggling with marshaling the children. Sometimes passengers feel sympathy for them and carry their baby.

4 ways to protect your company while traveling
Business Meeting

The business men

The usually look co-operate and take a lot of phone calls. They usually let everyone know how important they journey is. You know normally it’s not proper for passengers to answer phone call aboard but you see them yelling into a phone over some dilemma after the flight attendant has asked everyone to switch off their mobile devices

The gadget slaves

This is my category again lolz. I can’t stay idle without touching my gadget. Normally you see these passengers with earphones plugged in their ears, and always pressing their laptop, iPad or mobile phones. Most times they don’t even look around not to talk of interacting with people.

See The Reasons Why She Don’t Want To Travel With You
Couple Travelling Together

Romeo and Juliet (The lovebirds)

When I call them Romeo and Juliet I guess you know what that means. Those that are always gummed together, sit together, feed themselves, and laugh loudly at each other’s jokes and if you allow them they don’t mind going through security together. Most times, they wear the same clothes and take an endless selfie together. They can even make you uncomfortable.

Women Sleeping at the Airport – Pixabay

The sleepers

These set of people eh, they case is in the hands of God. They are always careless; they are not bothered about their luggage being stolen, and some of them even snoring at a public place. They don’t care about things happening around them.

Oya pick your number

There was a little drama on Saturday at Perth Airport, Australia when a can of beer that was checked in by a man recognized as Dean Stinson arrived.
The airport staff tagged the can and put it on the plane in front of other luggage according to Unilad.

“My mate works at the airport and we hatched the plan as a laugh — I didn’t expect it to come out the other end,” the man, who identified himself only as Dean, told Unilad.
“But when it did, it was sent out well in front of the other luggage so the baggage handlers obviously appreciated it.”

Passenger Checks In A Can Of Beer As His Luggage In An Australian Plane
The beer can on the conveyor belt

The luggage arrived safely, unopened, tagged and was the first luggage on the baggage carousel after four hours journey from Melbourne to Perth Airport, Australia.

The passenger Mr. Dean Stinson told AFP news agency that the whole idea was a joke and he knew the luggage arrived safely when he saw passengers at the baggage claim area snapping pictures.

Passenger Checks In A Can Of Beer As His Luggage In An Australian Plane
It Made It. The lonely beer can check in as luggage

“Sure enough there she was, alone on the carousel, proudly making her way around,” he said of his beloved brew — adding that he had planned to file a lost luggage report had it not turned up.

“This guy’s done it and he’s won the internet for the day, so we’re happy to move on,” a spokesman said in a statement to the BBC.


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Qantas Airlines have warned passengers not to do the same thing Mr. Dean did.

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