The Nigeria international airports will resume International flights operations on the 29th of August as announced by the minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika. According to the minister, Lagos and Abuja International Airports will start while other international airports will join them later. The international flights will follow the same protocol domestic airlines followed.

In regards to the information, international flights operators in Nigeria have started making arrangements to resume flight operations.

The list below is a list of international flights airlines in Nigeria and their flights resumption date.

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The aviation professionals have a contrary view concerning the commencement of the Nigeria Airways in December 2018. The Association of Nigeria Aviation Workers (ANAP) has described the commencement of the National Carrier as impossible and not feasible.

The secretary general of Association of Nigeria Aviation Workers (ANAP) Abdulrasaq Saidu told newsmen on Tuesday that the federal government is playing politics and there is no sign of seriousness from the government. He also noted that there is no how a new national carrier will be floated without pay off all the money the government is owing to the defunct Nigeria Airways workers. Mr Saidu, also when further to challenge the government to tell Nigerians how the defunct Nigeria airways were mismanaged and sold and also the amount it was sold.

“They are playing politics, to form a national carrier is not one day. You need technical partners are they going to take over Arik. They cheaply sold Nigeria Airways which we don’t know how much it was sold for and you want to float a national carrier. The airline was wrongly liquidated.”

“I challenge them. Nothing is working in the aviation industry today.”

“I challenge them to come out with facts on the proposed national airline and let us see how they will run it. They are chasing shadow without paying Nigeria Airways workers. First, they can’t succeed without telling us how Nigeria Airways was sold.”

“National carrier is not a motor park issue, it’s not something you just bring an aircraft and start flying, they need personnel to be trained. December is at hand but there is nothing on ground to suggest that national carrier is coming up.”

Recall that the National Union of pensioners and Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has also debunked the news citing the unseriousness of the minister of aviation as a reason why the Nigeria Airways cannot commence operation by December 2018.

What do you have to say concerning the Nigeria Airways? Is it not a shameful act that a country with over 180 million people, a country that prides itself as the giant of African does not have a national carrier?


Source: The Tribune online

I was aboard Dana Air flight from Abuja to Lagos one day and the captain announced that the flight from Abuja to Lagos will only last for 50 minutes and I quickly checked my boarding pass and I saw 1hr 10 minutes. I was wondering if the pilot was high or just ordinary mistake because the time did not correspond.

SageTravels your travel partner did some research and found out that the reason why the airlines’ flight time shared is different from how long a fight lasts in the air.

From our research, we found out that airlines do what is called “Schedule Padding” that is overstating how long a flight will last even when there is a delay, passengers will still arrive on time. Some airlines according to AirTran Airways pilot, adjust their arrival time just to have a better On-Time-Arrival record (OTA).

British Airways Spokesperson said, “We regularly review our flight plans and timings to ensure that we can meet our published departure and arrival times and customers can plan their journeys accordingly.” “The weather, type of aircraft, air traffic control restrictions, airport infrastructure and geopolitical considerations will all play a part in the decisions we make about whether to increase or decrease each route’s published flight time in our schedule.”

I know some passengers do not care to check the arrival time. Some passengers react only when there is a delay or cancellation. It is very important to stay abreast in the aviation industry.

Did You Notice The Time Difference Too?

Ethiopian airlines consultant Mr Ikechi Uko on Friday refuted the claim that the airlines is taking over the management of Nigeria largest private airline, Arik air.

Mr Ikechi Iko said this in a Facebook post which was obtained by Sagetravels.com

It was reported that Ethiopian airlines is negotiating with the Nigerian government to take over the management of Arik Airlines following the bid opened by the Nigerian government. It was also reported that Ethiopian airlines decided to take over Arik air in a quest to expand their presence in West Africa.

Uko, in the post, described the news as fake. According to him, the Nigerian government approached Ethiopian airlines sometimes this year to handle the management of Arik air but the was no agreement between the two parties.

He said, there is no way Ethiopian airlines will be taking over the management of Arik Air without the knowledge of the aviation minister and Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) since Arik air is under AMCON.

Ethiopian Airlines Is Not Taking Over Arik Air Management – Ethiopian Airlines Consultant
Ethiopian Airlines Consultant – Ikechi Uko (Facebook)

How Arik, Ethiopian Airlines rumour became fake news and made headlines.

Aviation journalists in Nigeria sweated a lot last week over fake news about the takeover of Arik by Ethiopian Airlines. After CNN and Reuters turned rumour into news the Editors wanted the journalists to do their job. The Aviation journalists knew the news is fake but the editors believed in Almighty Reuters and CNN.

Sometimes this year the Federal government approached ET to handle management of Arik but the discussion didn’t progress. A mischievous Nigerian journalist kept pushing the rumours that it was done. When his paper wouldn’t publish it he gave it to Sahara Reporters to publish. An unsuspecting Nigerian Ambassador believing this to be true recently gave an interview to an Ethiopian Journalist claiming that the Nigerian Government has given ET the Airline. AIN a respected Aviation journal lifted the story believing the Nigerian official has clout as an Ambassador.

I guess Reuters and CNN then lifted the story and added background info using the rumours earlier promoted by the Nigerian Journalist. TheCable published it and mayhem broke out yesterday. Because the Aviation journalists have sources in AMCON and the Ministry of Aviation they knew the story is not true. Arik is under AMCON so it cannot be taken over without the Ministry of Aviation and AMCON involved. This is why a journalist should not be doing part time propaganda for politicians. He can carry it over to tralee news. Now Donald Trump is right about CNN it seems.ooops.



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First Nation Airways has reacted to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) suspension on their regular services. NCAA suspended the carrier regular services for two main reasons. The first is because the airline has not paid the N33.5 Million sanction. First Nation was sanctions N33.5 due to safety negligence. The second reason why First Nation Airline was suspended is because of the number of Aircraft in their fleet. First Nation has only one aircraft in their fleet for scheduled services.

“Yes, they use one aircraft and they were on schedule services, but the present status now is that the certificate of the airworthiness of the status has been changed to non-schedule service, which is charter service,” Usman explained.

According to NCAA regulations, a minimum of three aircraft is required for any airline to operate scheduled commercial operation.

In a reaction to the suspension, Rasheed Yusuf the airline representative “said the carrier was undergoing a fleet management program. The AOC was successfully renewed for charter operation and we have contracts for sales distributions. We thus remain committed to the highest level of safety standard in line with global industry best practices. First Nation is currently working on a fleet expansion program and we are confident that we will expand to schedule operation during the fourth quarter of 2017’’

Pilots and passengers were excited when they found out that there was an unaccompanied 5-year-old girl on Southwest Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Orlando.

One of the pilots showed little Aisley Schatz love when the Airlines crew found out that she was hungry. During the layover, the pilot went to the food court at Eppley Airfield and bought some KFC chicken strips and potato wedges for the 5-year-old.

Aisley Schatz’s mother Natasha Schatz said “He went above and beyond,”

5-Year-Old Girl Travels Alone on A Long Flight
5 Year Old girl on a solo travel poses with Southwest pilots

According to proud mom, she said her daughter was returning home after visiting her grandparents.

The southwest Airlines policy allows minors to travel alone, even on a long flight, but it must be a nonstop flight or a layover flight that does not require changing flights.

The pilots were not the only ones that assisted the little girl. When Aisley Schatz wanted to call her parents but was unable to reach them, one of the cabin crews gave her personal phone to make a video call via Facetime during the layover.

The happy mom thanked the pilot and crew for showing a kind gesture to her daughter via a Facebook post.

Capt. Wes Huston, disclosed to newsmen in an interview on Wednesday, tthat he’s a father of two boys, and when he found out the girl was hungry, his dad instincts kicked in.

He said he’s flown into Omaha many times over the years and knew there was a KFC in the food court — he also knew that kids love chicken strips.
“That is always a sure hit,” he said.

Schatz said it was the first time her daughter had flown by herself. Schatz said it made her feel good that the crew treated her daughter like she was their own.

“It made me happy there were people who would take care of her,” she said.

On Saturday, a spirit Airlines flight scheduled to depart Las Vegas to Oakland, California was delayed because of the incident that occurred while boarding. The officials said one of the passengers removed all their clothes and approached a flight attendant while boarding.

Medical responder’s team took the passenger for observation says McCarran International Airport police.

According to police Lt. Carlos Hank, the passenger received treatment after the medical incident.

KTNV reports the flight was delayed by about 30 minutes and arrived 20 minutes behind scheduled.

Ghana aviation ministry has concluded plans to scrutinize all the proposals the ministry has received from the general public for the re-establishment of a new national carrier after the collapse of the Ghana airways in 2010. Sources close to Aviation Ghana learned that the proposals were received from airlines in Africa, Latin American, North America, Middle Eastern and Europe. The source also disclosed that top aircraft manufacturers also submitted their proposal.

Recall that in 2010, Ghana Airways shut down after 7 years of operation. Sagetravels learned that the airline faced series of challenges within the 7 years of operation.
Due to economic difficulties, some of the domestic airlines like Citylink, fly540, and Antrak suspended operation in 2012, 2014 and 2015 respectively.

Aviation analysts commend the Ghanaian government for the new development as they laud the government to dominate Africa before extending the extend their routes to the international market.

They also call on the government to support local airlines like AWA with IOSA certificate to extend their routes to other regions in other to create jobs and develop the aviation industry.




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The leading Chinese airlines Hainan Airlines introduced its new cabin crew uniform designed by Laurence Xu at the Paris Couture Week Fall/Winter 2017 held at Paris InterContinental Hotel on the 4th of July, 2017. Apart from the Ettore Bilotta design uniform introduced last year by Etihad Airways, there has never been such beautiful, stylish and elegant in-flight couture like the new Hainan Airlines cabin crew uniform.

Hainan Airlines’ new uniform show in Paris

Since the inception of this airline in 1993, this is the fifth (5th) time the Airlines is restyling their uniform. The last time the airlines redesigned their uniform was in 2010. This latest uniform conglomerates a Western-style suit and the traditional Chinese dress, Cheongsam the women normally worn on formal occasion.

Hainan Airlines cabin crew

According to the airline, “Laurence Xu and Hainan Airlines went through 1,000 sketches and tried more than 100 samples before deciding on the final design.”

“Hainan Airlines and Laurence Xu seem to be a natural fit, and the styling is inherently elegant. Stylish, sophisticated, with a hint of fun, the airline uniform feels like it’s been taken out of the Jet set era and plunged into the modern world.” The Airlines added.

Hainan Airlines new uniform designed with aesthetic and modern elements

At the World Airline Awards held at Paris Air Show On 20th June 2017, Hainan Airlines was rated the ninth (9th) best airline and 10th in the cabin staff ranking category. Hainan Airlines is the fourth largest fleet and the largest private-owned air transport company in China.

Hainan Airlines Cabin crew

Is this The Most Beautiful Cabin Crew Uniform Ever In The Aviation Industry?
Hainan Airlines new uniform

The question is how practical the Hainan Airlines uniform is for the crew to perform their duties and services.

Do you think this uniform is a Hit or Miss?

Photo Credit Hainan Airlines

One of the African leading airlines, Kenya Airways is on the verge of starting a direct to the United States after securing the first set of licenses from the United States Department of Transportation (DOT), reports The Star.

The Kenya national carrier has received “exemption authority” from the DOT, allowing it to commence flights to the US provided it secures clearance from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other applicable State agencies.

According to the report, the DOT has also tentatively granted Kenya Airways a Foreign Air Carrier Permit (FACP), which is again subject to clearance from several US security, aviation, and border agencies.

The FACP is the more permanent license, with a duration-tied bilateral aviation agreement between the US and an applicant’s homeland or a minimum of five years if such a pact does not exist.

The processing time for the permit request usually takes a long time, and as such airlines simultaneously apply for the two-year exemption authority allowing them to commence operations as the FACP is finalized.

Kenya Airways submitted its application for direct flights to the US in late April 2017, targeting June 2018 for the inaugural flight.

Following the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 with 239 passengers on board on March 8, 2014; the airline has become the first carrier to embrace a satellite flight-tracking system.

According to BBC report, the soon-to-be-launched satellite network will be used by the airline to monitor its flights in areas where there is currently no surveillance, including Polar Regions and remote areas of the oceans.

In a statement to Bloomberg, Malaysia Airlines Chief Operating Officer Izham Ismail said “Real-time global aircraft tracking has long been a goal of the aviation community. We are proud to be the first airline to adopt this solution,”

The airline reached a deal for the service provided by US-based Aireon, FlightAware, and SITAONAIR.

Planes deviating from a flight path will be able to be identified more quickly with the system, SITAONAIR’s portfolio director Paul Gibson told the BBC.

“With access to up-to-the-minute reporting, Malaysia Airlines will know the location, heading, speed and altitude of all aircraft in its fleet, at all times, and be alerted to any exceptions,” he said.

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