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If you are looking for a cheap flight from Lagos to Abuja or from Abuja to Lagos, search no more as Air Azman is here to accommodate your budget. The pocket friendly airline with it main hub at Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, kano state just announced the cheapest fare between Lagos and Abuja.

Air Azman is ready to take you from Lagos to Abuja or Abuja to Lagos for just N19,500.

How To Book

Booking this cheap fare is as easy as ABC; all you have to do is to follow the steps below.

Step One:

Visit Air Azman website

Step Two:

Fill in your destination (departure and arrival city e.g. Abuja and Lagos), travel date and select the number of passengers. Enter voucher code (if any).

Step Three:

Select an option (departure time) from the list of available flights and then click next.

Cheap Flight: Fly Within Lagos & Abuja For 19,500 On Azman
Air Azman Cheap Flight to Lagos and Abuja

Step four:

Enter your personal details (Name, email address and phone number) on the “Passengers Details” page.

Cheap Flight: Fly Within Lagos & Abuja For 19,500 On Azman
Air Azman Personal Details page

Step Five:

Select your method of payment and make payment.

Congratulations, you have just booked the cheapest domestic flight in Nigeria.

Things To Note:

  • As at the time of publishing this article, the 19,500 is still available and may change anytime without prior notice.
  • Air Azman has 3 flights between Abuja and Lagos daily
  • Air Azman departure time is 9 am, 3:00 pm and 5:00 Pm (the time may change anytime)
  • Use active email address and phone number when entering your personal details.
  • After booking, check your email and print your ticket.
  • Make sure you arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before departure.
  • Pack light, travel simple.

Safe Journey.

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An Instagram user with the name Onyilimba Stanley Stankovicss iamstankovicss has shared his experience of travelling with two different modes of transportations. It was indeed the most memorable moment in his life. He started with the train and thereafter, fulfils his dream of travelling in an aircraft by flying one of the domestic airlines in Nigeria, Air Azman.

According to Onyilimba, he enjoyed his Abuja – Kaduna train as he gives kudos to the management and the federal government. The flight experience was out of this world. He narrated how he was unable to use the lavatory because a beautiful lady sitting next to him.

His mind skipped when the plane hits turbulence. Since it is his first time, everything was like a dream to him considering how big an aircraft is.

From Train To Plane: A First Timer Funny Travel Experience
Abuja – Kaduna train seat

And I decided to travel by train 🚄  today for the first time in my life … Aswear RuGahhd it was Zagazaciously and Uvuguvaciously awesome….well organized, management was so on point…. The one wey sweet me pass na the A/C. Cold won kiiii me inside train. I have one thing to say…. This project should be executed nationwide… I don’t phorking care if it’s PDP, APC or any other party that is in government…. All I want is.. Do the right thing…… For Your Information… That train has CCTV cameras in it.

After experiencing traveling by TRAIN. I decided to shame my village people by trying the senior brother… Which is travelling by Air. Brethren I am not here to show off or intimidate anybody… But I want to tell you what happened to me today.

From Train To Plane: A First Timer Funny Travel Experience
Onyilimba Stanley Stankovicss on board Air Azman flight

It’s my first time traveling by Air… And I must talk…. God knows I have phobia for height, when I got to the Airport… As a JJC… 😂😂😂 I met one of the staff and told him… Sir this is my first time and he said don’t worry I will help you with everything (lesson to learn… Don’t be forming ITK when u know you don’t know shiiiingbain.

Immediately the plane commot from ground (i.e take off) I almost call one of the air hostels make she show me where toilet dey make I SHIT and piss because fear won kiii meee…. But brethren I could not… Because one fine Software (fine girl) sit down near me…. For my mind I say… I can’t disgrace myself in front of this fine babe.

I brought out my phone searched for HALLEYAH by Johnny drille Ft Simi. Even though we were told to turn off our mobile phone. Yet I was still filling very uncomfortable AF.

Where fear won come finish my destiny na when the plane start to shake and vibrate because of the cloud ☁..and then I began to sweat inside A/C the babe sitting close to me then turned and asked me, ARE YOU OKAY?…. and I replied YES with a fake smile. UMU NNEM, I never knew cloud could shake aero plane as big as it is…. As in it was As if I was in another planet…..u see this cloud you are seeing Eehhh… We pass am enter another place WEY I no fit explain. May be it’s even planet Jupiter ….Yinmu

Let me not even talk about when we were about to land….. that would be story for another day. But Las Las… It was an awesome experience traveling by ✈ ✈… Thanks to UNCLE P for making it possible … And thanks to airazman For the nice treat. Una coffee make sense.

Do you believe in travel? Share your travel experience here and get paid.

Congratulations are in order for Mr Mohammed Abubakar an Air Azman pilot who started his journey in the aviation industry as a cleaner, 24 years after he becomes a captain.

According to the tweet via Air Azman official Twitter handle, Mohammed Abubakar started his carrier in the aviation industry 24 years ago as a cleaner and today, he is been celebrated as a captain with Northern-based Airline

Azman tweet

He Joined the Aviation industry 24years ago as Aircraft Cleaner. Today He is getting the Fourth Bar to becoming a CAPTAIN. Congratulations Mohammed Abubakar from all of us @AirAzman

Nigerians have since storm Air Azman Twitter account to celebrate the new captain for his hard work, determination and his resilient spirit. Many see Mohammed Abubakar story as a source of inspiration believing that it doesn’t matter where one started from.

Captain Mohammed Abubakar celebrated by Air Azman Pilots

A Twitter user who started small also thanked Air Azman for the opportunity they give to their staff to grow not minding the position as he also pleads to fly the Airline anytime he is travelling within Nigeria.

With this act alone, anytime I am travelling locally in Nigeria, I will definitely fly @AzmanAir and will encourage others to do also. Really love it when an organization gives staffs opportunity to grow not minding the level of entry. I am a product of such opportunity also

Air Azman which was established in 2010 and started operations in 2014 with its hub in Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, Kano serves majorly Northern Nigeria. At the last quarter of last year, Azman Air began to plan to fly from Kano to Dubai, Jeddah and China Routes Operations.

A domestic airline, is an airline that travels within a country, for instance, Nigeria. Domestic airlines in Nigeria are on the rise. The number of the domestic airlines in Nigeria is increasing as more airlines enter the Nigeria travel market.

The domestic airlines in Nigeria are competing among themselves in terms of service delivery, customer service, price and much more. Of cause that’s good for travellers as the competition lead to the reduction of airfare and improve service delivery.

Sagetravels.com your travel partner, has decided to look into the busiest routes in Nigeria to show you the airline that offers the cheapest fare.

In Nigeria, the busiest route is between Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos and Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja. Lagos is known as the center of commerce and Murtala Muhammed International, Lagos has the highest number of travellers daily. Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, on the other hand, is located at the capital of Nigeria and number of travellers that use Abuja airport is also large but cannot be compared to that of Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

There are over (twenty) 20 domestic airlines in Nigeria but for this article (This Is the Cheapest Flight from Lagos to Abuja), we shall be focusing on six (6) popular domestic airline in Nigeria – Air Peace, Arik, MedView, Aero contractors, Azman and Dana Air.

Why Six Airlines

The six (6) Airlines – Air Peace, Arik, MedView, Aero contractor, Azman and Dana Air were selected based on consistency. The six airlines are consistent and travel every day. So there is no day the above-mentioned airlines do not travel from Lagos to Abuja or From Abuja to Lagos.

Day and Time Used

In our article (5 major things passengers should know about Nigeria Domestic Airlines) we learned that most of the Nigeria domestic airlines maintain specific day and time for a long time. So in this article, we used 27th June 2018.

Trip Type

The trip type used is ONE WAY. That is Lagos to Abuja only

The Airlines and Their Fare

Below are the six airlines selected and their price from Lagos to Abuja on 27th June 2018

Air Peace is NGN 23,000 (Twenty Three Thousand Nair)

This Is The Cheapest Flight From Lagos To Abuja
Air peace Fare From Lagos To Abuja

Dana Air is 25,200 (Twenty Five Thousand, Two hundred Naira)

This Is The Cheapest Flight From Lagos To Abuja
Dana Air Fare from Lagos to Abuja

MedView Airline is 24,244 (Twenty Four Thousand, Two Hundred and Forty-Four naira)

This Is The Cheapest Flight From Lagos To Abuja
Med-view Airline flight Fare from Lagos to Abuja

Air Azman is 21,500 (Twenty-one Thousand, Five Hundred Naira)

This Is The Cheapest Flight From Lagos To Abuja
Azman Air Fare From Lagos to Abuja

Aero Contractors is 20,000 (Twenty Thousand Naira)

This Is The Cheapest Flight From Lagos To Abuja
Aero contractor Fare from Lagos to Abuja

Arik Air is 22,524 (Twenty Two Thousand, Five Hundred and Twenty Four Naira Only) Note: only in the evening as the morning Flight is more expensive.

This Is The Cheapest Flight From Lagos To Abuja
Arik Air Flight fare from Lagos to Abuja

The Cheapest Airlines from Lagos to Abuja

From the information above, it was observed that Aero Contractors Is the cheapest airline from Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos to Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja.

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On Tuesday, Azman Air gave their passengers travelling from Lagos to Abuja or Abuja to Lagos route a reason to smile in this festive period with their cheap daily flight to Abuja or Lagos.

Passengers will have to act fast to take advantage of this sales slash while it last.

Azman Air will fly daily on a non-stop service from Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja to Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos or the reverse.

All passengers aboard the flight are also entitled to complimentary meals or snacks.
To enjoy this cheap fare, passengers have to book on Azman Air website and also note that the N18,500 fare displayed is subject to availability.

Sagetravels.com is hoping other airlines will join Azman to reduce their price in this festive period. If other airlines join the competition, airfare will be cheaper than ever.

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Imagine that lovely moment as a pilot when one of the passengers aboard your aircraft is your own mother. Aah c’mon the joy is unspeakable especially if that was the first time she is flying with you.

Formal Air Azman pilot Moha Madugu who is now a first officer with Air Peace shares lovely photos he took the day he flew his mum for the first time on Air Azman Flight from Lagos to Kano.

#ProudMummy: Moha Madugu, Air Peace Pilot Flies Mum For The First Time
Air Peace Pilot flies mum for the first time. (African Aviation Group)

The proud Mum who could not contend her joy was spotted in the cockpit smiling to the camera. The pilot son who shared the pictures disclosed that his Mum shed tears of joy as he went over the moon to describe the moment in a Facebook post as the “Best Flight Of My Life”.

Just had the best flight of my life. Had the opportunity to fly my Mum from Lagos to Kano! She actually cried.” I really love this. This is one of those moments when you are really very proud of being a pilot. Can anyone relate? If I ever had to fly my Mum, the whole world would hear it. No be small thing! Moha said

Credit: African Aviation Group

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